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About Me

My name is Sherry (or Shae to some). I'm a single Mom, and breast cancer survivor, and have been a practising Pagan for about 45 years. I started reading tarot cards when I was 13 and continued to work with my gifts while learning how to use runes, oracles cards..pretty much anything that I felt drawn to.  Part of my path drew me to Reiki healing, and I worked to become a Reiki Master in my early 30s. I've been working to help others for many years.

My path of learning has taken me down some very interesting roads and given me incredible experiences. I have had the opportunity to work with several paranormal investigative groups as both an intuitive medium and a sceptic! I have experienced the awesomeness of the Native American culture and practices and danced with Faeries in the moonlight, and ancient history has brought me in touch with my Celtic/Norse roots.

I never really stop learning and come across new ways of helping people wherever and whenever possible. I also enjoy hobbies such as archaeology, ancient history, an occasional game of bingo, gardening, and lots of reading!!!!

About My Work

My experiences have included learning from generations of my ancestors, learning from and working with a Native American Shaman, working with a paranormal investigation team, reading at fairs and in tarot shops in America and the United Kingdom, writing horoscopes and doing tarot readings for a well known Astrology and tarot site, and successfully completing my Reiki Master's training.

My readings are honest, done by myself, and done with care and attention to each individual, with no gimmicks or false claims. I won't sugarcoat a reading or just tell you what you want to hear. It is my intention to help you in whatever way I am able by assisting you in helping you to discover your own gifts and inner light, helping remove fears and blocks that are keeping you from living your true potential on your own Life's path, helping with healing the past, making sense of the present, and lighting a way for the future. 

I have been doing readings face to face for others for 35+ years and I have worked with online and e-mail readings for the last 13 years, giving guidance and help to those that ask. My main reason for taking on readings via e-mail is that it allowed me to reach out to and help more people. After I struggled with health issues, it became a necessity. My other skills include freelance writing, astrology, web design, and customer care.

Tarot Readings and all other oracle readings:

My goal is to provide an empowering and helpful reading. I offer specific reading types as well as custom spreads that I create for your particular situation. From time to time I may use two divinatory tools for a reading (for example, adding a tarot card to an angel reading to gain a more clear picture of your situation).

I don't "word count" in my readings - in other words, I don't charge by how many words I used in a reading. The purpose of the work I do is to help you, the client, whether it takes 200 or 2000 words. If you require something I do not have listed, please feel free to contact me and ask. If it is something I can not do, I will tell you honestly!

I don't consider the readings I do "predictive" by nature. No one can be 100% accurate in this area due to one unchanging factor in life; “Free Will”. I strongly believe that there is never just one future outcome in any given situation because we can always make a choice. Sometimes those choices go against one's destiny, or they affect the free will of others. So, as you can see, the future is always changing. I predict the most probable future or outcome at the time I do a reading and get the information from you.

If an event or outcome that is destined to happen is changed by a person’s free will then oftentimes it will transpire either in a different way but with the same result, or perhaps just be delayed; this is also one of the reasons many psychics have difficulty with timing. Time is ever-changing, as are future events.

I sometimes find that readings tell a person not what they wish to hear, but what they NEED to hear. Spirit always looks at the bigger picture so you can trust that you will always get what you most need from your reading. I listen to what my guides and Spirit tell me, the feelings they pass to me and any vision I may get. I don't change the message given. The information does not come from me, but from Spirit. I am merely the messenger.

One thing you should keep in mind is that, with ANY reading, it is a guideline for you and not written in stone. You are faced with many paths in life, and my wish is to help guide you on the path appropriate to you.

Astrology Reports (Natal, Numerology, Compatibility)

I have always had a fascination for the stars and planets, and learning to work with astrology really broadened my experience. Seeing how the energies of the planets, transits, and our own star sign attributes create our day-to-day experiences has helped me to understand the nature of others. My astrology reports use details specific to each individual. I use the Tropical Placidus in calculating them. I have had such wonderful feedback on how reports like the compatibility report have helped a person understand themselves or a relationship.

Reiki and Energy Work

Distance Reiki: It is believed that Reiki can help on many levels. It can help with stress and anxiety, give an added boost for healing during surgeries and illness, and can help with your own clarity and confidence. There is so much more to reiki and what it can do! It is also helpful for the transition of dying pets or loved ones. I have been asked to send Reiki energy to court hearings, special events, and prayer groups for major disasters, surgeries, and much more.

Energy Work: Much like Reiki, the energy work I do utilises a blend of methods I have found most beneficial over the years. Sometimes old energy gets blocked within our aura or chakras due to a past illness or emotional upsets that we have not let go of. Energy work helps to soften and shift this old energy so that it may flow and be transformed into positive energy.

Please keep in mind that neither Reiki nor any alternative practice should be used in place of needed medical attention.

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