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Answers from the Planets and Stars
Astrology reports are both informative and fun. All reports will be delivered via email and are usually completed within 2 to 3 days. 

What I need for your reading:

Your name, date of birth, Place & Time of Birth. You should be taken to a form after checkout that allows you to send this information.

Natal Charts - Each person's Birth Chart shows them how the positions of the planets and stars influence their lives. Learn how each planetary position has determined your physical, personal, psychic, and spiritual characteristics! These charts are a great gift for newborn babies as well. 

Basic Natal Report - £15.00

Consists of your Natal Wheel Graph, Personality Scores, and Natal Chart Interpretation.   

Natal Report Plus - £25.00

Natal Chart Plus includes the above plus a one-year Transit Report! 

Natal Report Deluxe - £40.00

The Natal Report Supreme is the Plus package with the following additions:  Numerology Report, Major Life Theme Report, Vedic Natal Chart, and a Lunar Moon Report.  

Personalized Asteroid Chart - £10.00

Astrologers have studied the asteroids for aeons but they tend to go unrecognized in most Natal Charts. Where each asteroid falls in the signs and houses can bring some eye and important aspects to our nature. For example, Ceres rules our nurturing styles and needs and focuses on our early years. Where Ceres falls in the houses of one’s chart shows where we are more likely to express that nurturing side as well as where we can best receive nurturing from others. Where Ceres falls in the signs will show, not only our nurturing styles but those things which make us feel nurtured. This report will cover the main asteroids in your natal chart; Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta and Chiron. 

Chinese Astrology Report - £10.00

Have you ever wanted to learn about your Chinese Astrology sign? This report will give you all the information you need as well as how this Chinese New Year's energy will affect you.

Vedic Natal Report - £10.00

Vedic astrology is an ancient system of astrological analysis practised by many thousands of astrologers over the centuries. Your Vedic Astrology Report consists of 4 sections: an interpretation of the Moon Nakshatra and Moon sign, an analysis of yogas, a third section that describes various specific astrological influences in your chart, and an appendix of technical details.

Compatibility Report - Discover how the stars and planets affect your relationships! 

Compatibility Report - £10.00

Each Compatibility Report looks at the charts of two people to see how each person's planetary aspects will affect each other either in a positive or negative way. Each report also contains a list of compatibility scores showing where your best areas are.

The personalized Compatibility reports are about 7+ pages long. Please send me the name, date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth of both yourself and your partner


Numerology Report - £10.00

Each Numerology is like a journey of self-discovery. Find out how your name and date of birth affect who you are! This is a fairly basic report to get you familiar with numerology. It explains your: Soul, Personality, Destiny, Career, and Missing (weakness) Numbers as well as the significance of the meaning of your initial and first vowel of your name.

Transit Reports - Each person's personal transit report can show how specific major planetary transits affect and influence areas of your life. It's very similar to a day-by-day horoscope report but outlines the most influential times during the month. It's a great way to have a heads-up on how the planets will be affecting you!

Transit Reports are available for monthly and yearly
Transit Reports

These reports are not computer generated. I go over the charts myself and find the transits and aspects that are relevant to you personally.  This is great for when you want to have a look at a specific day or week (Wedding, job interview, house move) to see what the stars' effects will have on you!

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