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Terms and Conditions/ Privacy Act

Please read the full Terms and Conditions/Privacy Act before purchasing a reading or service! By making a purchase, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

The readings I provide are meant to be a gentle and loving guide, not written in stone, or a blueprint for life, and certainly not to make decisions for you. They are not meant to be predictive in nature. My Code of Ethics states that I believe nothing is written in stone and we all have the ability to change a future outcome by the choices we make.

Please be aware that by booking a reading with me, you take full responsibility for any decisions you may make as a result of that reading. By reading these Terms and Conditions, you agree:

For reasons of legality, all services offered by Sherry and Earth Spirit Tarot are deemed as for ‘entertainment purposes only’. My readings are aimed at giving you advice. Please treat them as such. Your reading is subject to your own personal interpretation. How you act upon the advice is entirely your decision. I suggest you always use common sense and always seek the appropriate specialists if required, such as a solicitor, a medical practitioner, a professional guidance counsellor, or any other professional body that can help you in specific matters. The information contained within your reading should NEVER be regarded as legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial fact. Any actions taken by you, the customer, are solely your choice and your responsibility.

Email Delivery:
Upon authorization of payment, please allow up to 4 days for delivery of all email readings and forecasts.

I will confirm by email all bookings and due delivery times once I have received your details and payment has been accepted.


Any information of a personal nature that is held temporarily by Earth Spirit Tarot on behalf of you, the client will be protected as much as it is in my power to do so, and will be deleted from my files after one month. I undertake to do all in my power to protect you, the client and your sensitive information.


I can accept or refuse an offer to purchase a service from my site at my discretion. This will usually be in a rare case of me feeling unable to provide the service for you, or feeling that your question needs a professional answer outside of my services. No agreement will exist until I have accepted your payment, and even then, if I feel that I do not wish to continue with the transaction, I will fully refund your payment via my payment system ‘PayPal’. Full refunds in the case of dissatisfaction with work or goods received by the client are given at my discretion. I will deem any contract between us to have been concluded in the United Kingdom. English law will apply and the English courts will have total jurisdiction.

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