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Please read through this page as there is important information answering questions regarding what is needed for readings, time frames, etc.

Please be sure to read the Terms Of Service, Code Of Ethics, Reading Guidelines, and FAQ sections before booking a reading.  By making a purchase you are agreeing to the information given in these areas.  Be aware that by booking a reading with me you take full responsibility for any decisions you may make as a result of that reading.

Time Frames:  My client base has grown over the years and my usual 24-72 hours, from ordering, turn around time just doesn't work anymore.  I also do a freelance column for an astrology site, teach an online class, and am a single Mom.  So I had to re-vamp how I schedule readings without killing myself or having the quality of my work suffer.  Here is how it works:

  • Once I have received your payment and the details needed to do your reading I will book your reading in the next available slot I have.  So if you pay for your reading and then take a few days to get your details to me, your reading will be booked in at the next available slot from the time you sent your details, not from the time you ordered.

  • So, for example, if my next available slot is 3 days from now and you book your reading and get your details to me that day, your reading will go into that slot.  From that point on, depending on the size of the reading and my current workload, it could be about 2 to 3 days for your reading to be completed (total turn around of 4 to 6 days).  With smaller readings and the 1 to 3 card readings you may be looking at a 24 hour turn around time from the time of booking.  Larger readings take more time, smaller ones go quicker.  I tend to leave mornings open for the one to 3 card readings for those "emergency" situations.  I do try to let you know the time frame for your reading when I receive your details and will keep you updated in case there are any emergencies that will change that scheduled time frame.
  • I do not count weekends in the booking process.  If you get a slot on a Friday then your reading could be with you by Tuesday or Wednesday. 

  • I book no more than 3 readings a day and 2 Reik/healing sessions per evening.

Details Needed For A Reading

  • Name and Date Of Birth

  • A working e-mail address to send your reading to when it is complete (Or your postal address if you have ordered your reading for posting)

  • The question of area of life you wish me to focus on (most of my readings are meant for one question only!  Some allow for more than one question and others require none)

  • You may also send a photo if you wish as this can help in connecting to your energies during a reading, but it is not mandatory.  

  • You may also give any details about your situation and it's background that you feel is necessary and helpful to the reading.


I currently accept payments via Pay-Pal (now setup for credit card transactions without having to have a PayPal account!) and postal orders or bank cheques.


Readings are sent via e-mail or by post if requested.  Posting is free within the United Kingdom and £1.00 outside of the United Kingdom. 

You can read more about me and my work in the Bio section.

If you have any questions regarding a reading or pricing please contact me at

Please send all details for your purchased readings to

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