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Code of Ethics

I take this very seriously and do hope you will take the time to go over these guidelines as well as the code of ethics I adhere to!

I subscribe to the following set of ethics and reserve the right to refuse to read for anyone who is underage, or who asks me to do anything that contravenes this code.

* Your personal information and your reading are entirely confidential. I will not share any information about clients or my services for them with any other person, for any reason - except your comments about my services on my testimonials page - with your permission.

* My readings are based on a thorough knowledge of the divinatory methods used (such as Tarot) and their symbolism, and 35+ years of experience. The purpose of my services is to empower my clients and to positively address their needs. My readings will be honest and I will report what I see in the reading and will do my best to provide helpful interpretations of any card which may come up, good or bad.

* All of my clients are treated equally and with respect.

* As a reader, I will be open-minded, and honest and remain non-judgmental.

* A reading is not a substitute for professional advice. Please do not ask for readings that warrant health and legal outcomes (i.e., will I go to jail, will I win the trial, do I have cancer, am I pregnant, etc..) I do not give legal, medical, investment/financial advice, nor any professional advice for which I am not qualified. These matters are best left to professionals in those fields. If I feel your problem is out of my realm of experience, I will not venture to assist you.

* Any payment will be discussed prior to the reading and will be reasonable and within the client's means.

* I am NOT a fortune-teller and I don't claim to be. I also do not claim 100% accuracy and am not, in any way, responsible legally or otherwise for a person's thoughts, choices, and/or actions based on the content of your readings. The Tarot speaks of "trends" and the client can change the trends by changing his/her behaviour and/or choices. Your life is not set in stone - it is not "predetermined". You are the only one in control of your own life and can change the energies that surround a situation at any time based on your own unique free will.

* I will always use Tarot and any other oracle responsibly, eg. I will not offer to remove or place curses.

* I will not perform readings for minors (under the age of 18). I will not provide readings for third parties (anyone other than the client), or any other reading which violates another person's right to privacy.
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