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Earth Spirit Tarot's Monthly Newsletter 

Welcome September 2018

"By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather
And autumn’s best of cheer."
- Helen Hunt Jackson, September, 1830-1885

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Faery Guidance for September 2018

The Lady Of Faith


A fitting message for this month where our faith may be tested. The Lady of Faith keeps and guards the belief in oneself. She is armored against the criticism of others and holds firmly to the belief that she is of worth. When you feel the difficulty of trusting your judgment, believing in yourself and what you stand for, ask this lady to be present. She will lend you her armor and her self-faith.

Notice that, though her head and shoulders are protected, she leaves her heart exposed. To armor the heart is to close oneself off from experience, and that is something she does not wish to do. You can be open to the opinions, beliefs, and needs of others. You can open your heart to them while donning protective armor to deflect harmful energy, and not allowing it to undermine your confidence in yourself. Like the Lady of Faith, you must believe in and value yourself while keeping your heart open to others around you. 

From The Heart Of Faerie Oracle - Brian & Wendy Froud.

Celtic Tree Month September 2018

September 2nd begins the Celtic Tree Month of Muin (Vine) - This time represents the powers of earth and resurrection. It has long been used to make wine for ritual purposes, and therefore possesses qualities of intoxication, joy, and lust. The vine is associated with learning lessons, and with changing thought patterns and life processes. It also evokes the richness of the harvest.

Vine people are the instinctive organizers of life always ahead of the field when it comes to contingency plans, and it is a great mistake to underestimate them. For People born in the first two weeks: Their emotions and energies are more openly expressed. Their weak points are related to the inherent imbalance of the sign, an inability to come to terms with certain aspects of their lives.

Their positive traits are shown with their natural enthusiasm and support of partners. For people born during the last two weeks under the waning aspect of the full moon this imbalance is corrected at the time of the Autumnal Equinox and they have the ability to forgive with true compassion. They are, however, rather more difficult to comprehend and are prone to over-indulge their sensuous nature. Generally speaking, people born under this sign can help to create harmony and stability, but they can also become some-what parasitical or totally dependant on the good nature of others.
Astro - Days to watch for your sign -  September 2018

Rewarding Days: 25, 26
Challenging Days: 10, 11

Rewarding Days: 1, 27, 28
Challenging Days: 12, 13

Rewarding Days:  2, 3, 29, 30
Challenging Days: 14, 15, 16

Rewarding Days: 4, 5
Challenging Days: 17, 18, 19

Rewarding Days: 6, 7
Challenging Days:  20, 21

Rewarding Days: 8, 9

Challenging Days: 22, 23, 24

Rewarding Days: 10, 11
Challenging Days: 25, 26

Rewarding Days: 12, 13
Challenging Days: 1, 27, 28

Rewarding Days: 14, 15, 16
Challenging Days: 2, 3, 29, 30

Rewarding Days: 17, 18, 19
Challenging Days: 4, 5

Rewarding Days: 20, 21
Challenging Days: 6, 7

Rewarding Days: 22, 23, 24 
Challenging Days: 8, 9
Void of Course Moon Schedule for September 2018

It is said that when the Moon is void of a course it can cause delays, false starts and unexpected hassles. When the Moon is void of course it means that it is in the process of moving between two signs and is not quite sure how it feels yet. And since the Moon rules our emotions, we don't know how we feel either! The effects can last from a few seconds to a day or two. Energy can feel off balance and this is not a good time for making major decisions, signing contracts, or doing anything based on emotional decisions because our perceptions are a bit out of whack. The Void Moon begins at 27 degrees in one sign and ends at 3 degrees in the next sign.  Times given are for GMT.
Date Void Begins Date Void Ends
September 2nd 06:56 September 2nd 19:02 Gemini
September 4th 07:37 September 4th 13:04 Cancer
September 6th 13:43 September 6th 14:54 Leo
September 8th 14:31 September 8th 15:29 Virgo
September 10th 16:12 September 10th 16:20 Libra
September 11th 23:58  September 12th 19:15 Scorpio
September 14th 09:54 September 15th 01:45 Sagittarius
September 17th 00:15 September 17th 12:07 Capricorn
September 19th 18:10 September 20th 00:52 Aquarius
September 21st 18:13 September 22nd 13:27 Pisces
September 24th 06:26 September 25th 00:04 Aries
September 26th 11:28 September 27th 08:16 Taurus
September 28th 23:56 September 29th 14:26 Gemini
September 30th 16:37 October 1st 19:00 Cancer

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What's New This Month 

Happy September everyone! We are just weeks away from the official start of autumn.  We return to school, university and work after our summer holidays and get ready for the days becoming shorter and the nights longer. We also celebrate the harvest festival of Mabon, which is all about harvesting all that we have planted and nurtured through the year so far, and getting ready for the darker days of winter.   

My special Mabon/Autumn Equinox tarot reading is on offer in the  Monthly Specials section this month along with a few other inspirational readings to help bring balance into your life, such as the Spiritual Journey and the Fool's Journey readings for those who are looking to start off in a new direction. So be sure to stop by and have a look at this month's Specials! You can have a browse through the many specialized readings I offer on the  Tarot Readings page.  Tarot's Life Path & Personal Growth section is a good place to start!  Or take a wander through the various Oracle readings on my site, like Rune, Angel, Faery and Animal Totem readings.  All of these categories can be found on the main Reading Room page.  Don't forget to check out the other areas on the Readings page, like the Oracles, Rune and Animal Medicine Cards sections.

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If Astrology is your cup of tea be sure to stop by my Astrology section where you can order some insightful Natal charts, Compatibility reports and Transit reports to see what will be affecting you in the months ahead. Each persons Birth Chart can show how the positions of the planets and stars at the exact time of their birth can influence their life. Learn how each planetary position has determined your physical, personal, psychic and spiritual characteristics! These charts are a great gift for birthdays or just as a special way to treat someone to a bit of astrological insight.

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And now to announce the August 2018 raffle winners:

Y. Kim  and L. Wright

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"A Bit of Kitchen Witchery
September is upon us, and with it, thoughts turn to harvest festivals, and autumnal activities. This is the month for when many of us are turning our thoughts to the arrival of the cooler weather, as the nights draw in, and the air starts to lose that hazy feeling of summer.

As well as being a harvest season, this is also a great time to start thinking about protecting your home for the winter. Anyone who has ever watched horror films will know that they often sprinkle salt in a circle to protect them against the bad forces out to get them. There's a reason for that. Salt is protective, purifying, and preserving. A little salt magic can go a long way! Sprinkle it around your doors and windows to help stop negative energy from entering your house. You can add a pinch of it to your bathwater to help to protect yourself, too!


Sugar is another kitchen item that has its magical uses. We have a 'toffee spell' over the house to help keep unwanted guests--physical as well as non-corporeal--away from the property. In magic, sugar sweetens, the same as it does in cooking. Often if people are wishing to do you harm, they'll get so caught up in the sweet stickiness of the sugar spells that they'll go find an easier target for their mischief.

Don't for get the garlic! It also is protective and purifying. Garlic--and onions, for that matter--can be hung over doors and windows to prevent negative energy from entering. A clove of garlic cut in halve and rubbed onto the skin is said to help to remove sickness. Wiping magical tools across half a clove of garlic will purify them before ritual, too.

There are many other things in the kitchen that can help you to provide some protection for your home. The main thing, though, is to have a confident and a positive attitude. It's far harder for negativity to find you when you're upbeat and happy than it is when you're down in the dumps!

More information is available through my website, where I can offer you a personal report of what herbs and other everyday items can help you to live a magically empowered life. I hope to hear from you soon, and wish you a great month.




  September 2018 Celebrations

September 3rd - Labor Day US

Labor Day is seen as the last long weekend of summer. It's a celebration that is more than 100 years old. But it didn't start out as a celebration to mark the end of summer. It was originally a celebration and parade in honor of the working class by the Knights of Labor in 1882 in New York.

To learn more about labor Day, click here:   Labor Day

September 21st- Mabon (Autumn Equinox)

This is the time of the second harvest before winter truly takes it’s hold on the land. Some ancient customs for this celebrated time of year are offerings to the land, preparing for cold weather by bringing in the harvest, cutting willow wands (Druidic), leaving apples upon burial cairns & graves as a token of honour, walks in the forests and connecting with nature, gathering seed pods & dried plants. The moon at this time is referred to as the wine moon so fermenting grapes to make wine is another practice. Symbols celebrating the season include various types of gourd and melons. Stalk can be tied together symbolizing the Harvest Lord and then set in a circle of gourds. A besom can be constructed to symbolize the polarity of male and female. The Harvest Lord is often symbolized by a straw man, whose sacrificial body is burned and its ashes scattered upon the earth. The Harvest Queen, or Kern Baby, is made from the last sheaf of the harvest and bundled by the reapers who proclaim, 'We have the Kern!' The sheaf is dressed in a white frock decorated with colourful ribbons depicting spring, and then hung upon a pole (a phallic fertility symbol). In Scotland, the last sheaf of harvest is called the Maiden, and must be cut by the youngest female in attendance. Don’t forget your wishes, prayers, and spells for prosperity and inner work.

For more information on this celebration, click here:   Mabon
Star Transits For  September 2018


The Sun has been in Virgo since August 22nd    
Our focus shifts to the pieces of the puzzle--the little details of our lives. It is now time to take care of practical concerns. Tending to the details of everyday life may not sound like loads of fun, but it can certainly free us from unnecessary stress that results from "collecting" odds and ends of unfinished business. This is an ideal time to get organized, to do detail work, and to improve communications on the job.

The energy of this signs transit brings about some playful and friendly activities. When the Sun is in Virgo, details take on an enormous importance. An intellectually stimulating time, the Virgo Sun hones our logic and sharpens our sense of stability and value. Only the best will do right now -- from clothing to food to interpersonal communication -- anything that seems low in value will fall by the wayside. This Earth Sign also connects us to our physical selves through a sharp awareness of health and hygiene as well as a keen sensuality. Practical to almost a fault, Virgo energy will motivate us to enforce order onto whatever chaos the past months may have wreaked. Once comfortable with the nervous tension that this astrological influence can create, there is pleasure to be had at this time. It comes in the form of an acute appreciation of aesthetic beauty and the arts..

The Sun in Virgo is a good time for:

  • Hunkering down with our most meticulous and detail-heavy tasks or responsibilities
  • Taking a more active interest in your health -- quitting smoking, starting new fitness routines
  • Enjoying detail-oriented games and crafts

The Sun then moves into Libra on September 22nd  

Later this evening the Sun will be shifting into the sign of balance. It's also the Autumn Equinox/Mabon - so Blessed Mabon/Autumn Equinox!

Libra symbolizes relationships with others as mirrors of ourselves. Meeting others halfway, compromise, and negotiation come under the rule of Libra. The focus is now on balance--finding balance and harmony through relationships with others and through art. Libra is the sign of the peacemaker. However, life is not always peaceful with Libra in its attempt to restore balance. Decision-making can be more challenging while the Sun is in Libra. Libra weighs both sides of any situation, and sometimes this process seems endless! In Libra, the Sun is concerned about not rocking the boat and not rubbing others the wrong way. Tactfulness, style, tolerance, and sociability are some of the keywords for Libra. On the shadow side, Libra can be self-serving, indecisive, passive-aggressive, and superficial. Libra, the scales, represents that perfect balance between day and night that comes with the equinox. It brings an awareness of where we stand within ourselves and with others. So this can greatly affect relationships of all kinds.

When the Sun is in Libra, don't expect decisions to be finalized. Libra Suns mark a time of deliberation, of hemming-and-hawing, of going over and over your options with a fine-toothed comb, weighing the pros and cons. The symbol of Libra is, of course, the Balance. This celestial situation bestows upon us a natural diplomacy and a sense of fairness, and yet we're never really quite sure if we're making the right choice. We'll be in the research stage, so to speak, investigating the possibilities and potentialities. While you're puzzling over a conclusion, you'll also be very persuasively arguing the side you most support. Libra is just as convincing as it is indecisive and tactful and cautious. With this inclination toward harmony, Libra Sun also turns our thoughts to aesthetic beauty and the wonder of interpersonal relationships. This Air Sign desires companionship -- especially romantic love bonds! Anticipate charming suitors and appeasing partners.

The Sun in Libra is a good time for:

  • Visiting art museums or bookstores
  • Making your personal relationships and partnerships top priority
  • Romance


On September 10th we have a Libra New Moon

New Moons are a time for new beginnings and in Libra creating order is the focus, not necessarily through tidying or organizing as was the case while the Moon was in Virgo, but rather through pleasing interactions with others and aesthetics in our environment. We tend to solve problems through diplomacy, and we are more able to put aside our own emotions in order to achieve the peace we crave. The tendency now is to avoid direct confrontations. Decisions do not come easily. Seeing both sides to any given situation is the main reason for hesitation. Fear of losing others' approval is another. 
The Moon in Libra creates this feeling of harmony and calm. We find we more easily connect to people, compromise is more likely and conflict less so. Its a time when we find it easier to understand and relate to others. We tend to be polite and diplomatic, and would rather avoid arguments.

Under this Moon, we especially enjoy being pampered. And we're more apt to dote on a friend or mate. The mood is that of mutual devotion, so we seek to draw out the best in others. We enjoy conversation, and even arguing to prove a point. An idea may come that brings balance to a situation, or has the potential to. These are power days for speeches, and offering your big idea. It's also the right mood to make amends or compromise. 

Creating order is also the focus, not necessarily through tidying or organizing as was the case while the Moon was in Virgo, but rather through pleasing interactions with others and aesthetics in our environment. We tend to solve problems through diplomacy, and we are more able to put aside our own emotions in order to achieve the peace we crave. The tendency now is to avoid direct confrontations. Decisions do not come easily. Seeing both sides to any given situation is the main reason for hesitation. Fear of losing others' approval is another. 

Refinement and relationships are the keys to emotional satisfaction for you now. Harmony and beauty are deeply satisfying - and the lack of them can be emotionally unsettling. Close personal ties to other people are a focal point for your feelings - marriage and other partnerships could be a key arena for this. 

Things to do under a Libra Moon: mediating, negotiating a fair deal, restoring balance with a friend or family member, taking it easy, beautifying your home space, meditating, decorating, de-cluttering, throwing a dinner party, attending a lecture, visiting a museum, writing or editing, experimenting with fashion, indulging in luxury. 


On September 25th we have an Aries Full Moon

The Full Moon is the best time for doing work on letting go of the old and releasing the negative. When the Moon is in Aries we're motivated by a strong desire to start fresh. A gut instinct to start something new is with us now, as well as the gumption to do so. Our pioneering impulses are strong, and we feel energetic, spontaneous, and enthusiastic. We may also be tactless and impulsive now. Excess energy is best channelled into physical activity. 

We now enter a phase of emotional directness and impulsiveness, one marked by forceful and powerful feelings. Emotional beginnings, a fresh start, perhaps the establishment of new habit patterns - make sure they're good ones, because they'll set the tone for you for quite some time to come! 

An Aries Moon tends to bring conflict more than most times, with emotional tensions growing, people becoming short-tempered and impulsive. Some may show a rediness and fearlessness to act in an extreme situation. Even the sweetest tempered person can become a bit mean under this moon. However, it becomes easier to shake old problem and the weight of tiresome responsibility. We want to free ourselves from everything that bothers us and makes our lives feel uneasy. 

An Aries Moon can bring emotional vitality and the drive to act on our feelings. With the Moon in Aries we're motivated by a strong desire to start fresh. We get this gut instinct to start something new, as well as the motivation to do so. Our pioneering impulses are strong as well under this influence, and we tend to feel more energetic, spontaneous, and enthusiastic. 

We do run the risk of being tactless and impulsive however, so we need to think before we speak. Many also feel restless during an Aries Moon, finding it hard to settle at night, being unable to sleep, or feeling like we can’t just sit for too long. Excess energy is best channelled into physical activity. The Moon in Aries speeds up instinctual reactions, and might put us in an edgy, punchy mood. We're restless to start something! It's a good time for firsts that mean facing your fears. That butterflies in the stomach feeling let's you know you've stepped outside of your own comfort zone. 

As we enter this phase of emotional directness and impulsiveness, one marked by forceful and powerful feelings, we tend to gravitate towards emotional beginnings, a fresh start, perhaps the establishment of new habit patterns – so make sure they're good ones, because they'll set the tone for you for quite some time to come! 

This can be an emotionally cathartic few days. Instead of sidling up to a problem, you can attack it head on. If you've been bottling up righteous anger, this Moon gives you the courage to let the truth fly. It brings out the "fight" in everybody. Getting into it with others is always risky, but it provokes change, and sometimes for the better. 

It's a great time to have an opening for an art show, a business, or to sell your house. It supports you if you've got to be dynamic, for a job interview or on a date. You can go ahead and start that project or try to sell your idea to others. Quick short activities are favored, rather than doing any tedious footwork. You can encourage a friend, work on self-promotion materials, or throw a party. 

There's urgency with this Moon that can lead to impulsive acts. You might do some soul searching on what you'd do if you could do anything. Aries is an invincible energy that has an innocent belief that anything is possible. 

Things to do under an Aries Moon: Quick actions that yield immediate results. Undertakings that involve the self and the personality. (Staying power may be lacking). Self-assertion, taking on challenges, beginning short-term projects. 


September 3rd - Mercury sextile Venus (Mercury in Leo, Venus in Libra)
Mercury is in this beneficial aspect with Venus today which brings us the possibility of benefiting from our social connections, a more open awareness, and harmonious communication. It doesn’t mean that it will all just fall into our laps though! We still need a bit of effort to make all of this happen.

Venus is all about pleasure, beauty, and sensuality and under this transit we get to appreciate these things a bit more. It’s a good opportunity for getting closer to someone we have an interest in, or that we want to build a stronger foundation with. We are more able to give and receive and with mercury this means listening well and speaking gently. Creativity also gets a boost as our ideas are more able to find a route to expressing them.

One thing we do need to be careful of with this transit is trying to manipulate a person or situation to our own advantage and vice versa. If you keep your communication clear and to the point, as well as throwing in some diplomacy, you will find that you can deal with anyone who may be using manipulative tactics.

September 6th - Mercury enters Virgo
When the communications planet, Mercury enters the analytical sign of Virgo, precision in speech, thought, and process becomes important to us. This is a time when we analyse and decide what is useful and what we deem to be impractical. Mercury feels right at home in Virgo, one of the signs that it rules. Dealing with details is natural and easy now. But we can also become too nit-picky as well. So we need to be careful that we don't lose perspective if we find ourselves lost in details. We should also be aware of the possibility of expressing ourselves in a too factual manner, so much so that we come across as dry, critical, or unimaginative.

This is also a time when those more neurotic tendencies can reign supreme so we really need to keep our wits about us. While Mercury in Virgo encourages us to edit, refine and perfect our processes, that doesn't mean that we should get obsessively or compulsively stuck going over the same details of a problem or situation in our mind. So much so that we make ourselves ill. Sometimes the best way to gain some clarity in these situations is to just let it go, walk away for a bit, and then get back to it when an answer becomes clearer. Although this is an excellent position for Mercury when it comes to problem solving, it’s a proverbial nightmare when it comes to shutting off the brain. It may be helpful to put all of that mental energy into writing, working or serving others. Those of us who struggle with detail oriented tasks have a chance to hone those editing skills.

September 6th - Ceres enters Libra
The asteroid Ceres enters the balancing sign of Libra today. Ceres represents the nurturing we received in our early years as well as how we tend to nurture others. It also rules the areas of clothing and food believe it or not! Where our natal charts are concerned, where Ceres falls in the signs will show, not only our nurturing styles, but those things which make us feel nurtured.
Where Ceres falls in the houses of one’s chart shows where we are more likely to express that nurturing side as well as where we can best receive nurturing from others.

With Ceres in Libra it is beauty that nurtures our souls. Libra loves the small, subtle things in life so this is a chance to look at those small things in our lives that bring us joy, balance, and a feeling of comfort. We may also feel drawn to doing small things for others, random acts of kindness for example, just to make someone smile or feel better.

Libra is the 7th house of astrology (not necessarily your 7th house in your own natal chart though). The 7th house is that of relationships, partnerships and public relation work. So on a broader scale this is where Ceres’ energy will be focused. It’s about bringing balance into all types of relationships so that there is an equal amount of give and take. Without this balance we get co-dependant relationships and resentment forming.

It’s a good energy for anyone who works with the public, especially in nurturing roles like healing, therapy, and counselling. We can approach these areas in graceful and diplomatic ways. There may also be some grief related issues that arise at this time such as grief over losing a partner. Some may notice rising feelings of disharmony and dislike of people who are rude and use crude language. Some may feel a power struggle where finding one’s identity is concerned, especially in relationships where one person has been over powering the other. With these issues rising from the shadows we get a chance to right what is wrong and focus nurturing on these areas to heal and balance them.

September 7th - Mercury trine Uranus (Mercury in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus)
Today we start to feel a shift as mental Mercury trines mind expanding Uranus. Under this transit we can experience unusual ideas, flashes of insight and seeing unexpected possibilities. It's much easier to be open-minded right now, especially about insights that have eluded us. Our ability to see beyond our normal horizon of perception can bring visionary brainwaves, "Aha!" moments, as well as a fun side to our sense of humour. You might be inspired to experiment with something new or do something out of character at this time. An impulse to break free of old habits, cycles, and constraints give us that push we may need to make the changes we long for. This can be a very liberating transit that opens your mind to new possibilities and ideas. However, we do need to be careful that we don't become so liberated and spontaneous that we become erratic, hyper or reckless. Words may come tumbling out of your mouth before you've had a chance to consider their wisdom, or you might find yourself talking non-stop and interrupting, creating a bit of awkwardness in those around you. On the other hand, you might also find the clarity and vision that gives you the words to speak your truth with new conviction. This is a great time to do some writing or other form of self-expression, especially if it's spontaneous or involving technology.

September 7th - Mercury trine Saturn (Mercury in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn)
This transit is the opposite of mercury's trine with Neptune so it may help us to balance that airy, dreamy energy a bit more. While it is an excellent transit for mental work that involves accuracy and precision, these things may be a bit dulled down.

We will be able to better convey something significant or serious at this time and responsibilities could lighten up a bit. It may be best to look at ways you can bring closure to any finished goals and perhaps map out some plans for new ones. Blending this transit with Mercury's trine to Neptune can also give our imagination a boost that will help us think outside the box.

Under this transit it may be easier to take a more practical, logical approach to any goals that need a problem solving approach. We can better convey something significant or serious at this time and responsibilities may not feel so heavy due to this grounded and calming energy. Focusing on work that revolves around the logistics of getting from point A to B can be beneficial where pursuing our goals is concerned. We may also find that some goals can be bought to closure now. Looking back at past achievements can also help us now to support our current and future goals as we learn from the past. It’s all about bringing structure to how we think and communicate.

September 7th - Sun opposite Neptune (Sun in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces)
This is an idealistic and impracticable transit, where we come face to face with the boundless universe for a few days. This energy can come to you in several ways, for example as creative inspiration, magical encounters with the great mysteries of life, or really vivid dreams. We can feel this tension between infinite vision and clarity of purpose. For some it can feel like a pull between feeling centred within ourselves and feeling connected to the great unknown of the universe.

The effect can make us feel as if we are losing sight of our boundaries, creating feelings of depression, confusion and lethargy. Some may find that their dreams, expectations and longings are rooted in wishful thinking rather than in reality, and this can lead to feelings of disillusionment and disappointment. So its really important to take time for some reality checks during this time. Get a trusted friend to help you out with this, especially if you are faced with having to make an important decision right now.

On a positive note, this transit can help us to see our dreams, hopes and illusions with more clarity. Use this time to express your feelings, perceptions and experiences in creative, artistic, poetic and non rational ways.

September 8th - Venus square Mars (Venus in Libra, Mars in Capricorn)

Venus will be in a square aspect with Mars, making our diplomatic and receptive side a bit argumentative with our more decisive and assertive side. We may feel a battle of wills between our yin and yang sides here, or we could find a way to harness both of these energies creatively. We may see this transits energy manifesting as problems in our relationships, financial struggles, arguments centring around control issues, or finally taking action on ideas and plans that you have had bubbling away on a back burner for some time. 

Those who are more comfy with their Yin side (diplomatic and receptive energies) could end up feeling backed into a corner or feel they are being forced into negotiations under pressure. Those who are more comfy with their Yang side (action oriented and assertive energies) could end up feeling compelled to sheath Mars’ sharp sword, or at least blunt it, when dealing with the “enemy”, rather than just fighting. In the end, it’s all about finding a balance between these two sides of ourselves as well as finding a happy medium that works for both sides.

Social blunders are a possibility now and we need to be wary of making impulse purchases. Those who are prone to drama and attention seeking could very well stir up problems in order to fulfil a need for excitement.

September 9th - Venus enters Scorpio
The love planet dives into the steamy waters of Scorpio today. They say that the planet of love is not so comfy in steamy Scorpio. Scorpio likes to plunge to the depth of the inner workings of our partnerships and is not interested in the pretty and sweater side of love. Jealousy and mistrust are downsides of this transit, yet a more honest examination of what we need and what we’re willing to give in exchange adds maturity to personal interactions. Reviving failing personal and professional unions or recognizing when it’s time to end them reflects the range of this powerful process.

But Venus can strut her stuff through Scorpio with attitude as well! As a result, we may experience sensuality, sexuality and intimacy in a more intense, in-your-face kind of way. You might feel the need to establish a better balance of power with others that is pleasant and even-handed on the surface but also deals with the more gritty or intense energy that tends to lurk under the surface. It may be easier to attract what (or who) you want now, by focusing your intent and interest on the object of your affection and desire. However, there can also be a danger of becoming manipulative, controlling or devious to get what you want. Strive to become centred in your deepest heart's desire through steadfast self-honesty. Aim to avoid becoming obsessed with power, wealth or lust so that you lose sight of your true light inside. This is a good transit to take joy in your instinctive nature.

There can be this tendency, under this transit, to be overly aware of loss. This can increases unwarranted jealousy and economic uncertainty. This can also create a danger of becoming manipulative, controlling or devious to get what we want. The whole point of this transit is to find balance though, so if we can keep this in mind, we can make the best of this transits energy.

September 11th - Mars enters Aquarius
Today Mars shifts into Aquarius where we tend to feel less motivated about going after traditional goals, and more motivated to pursue spiritual or emotional drives.

We dislike confrontation during this trend. Our output is variable rather than straightforward, and our energy is similarly up and down. We may put others' needs ahead of our own, and our more idealistic side comes to the fore. During this cycle, going after what we want becomes less straightforward and more complicated!

Dynamic yet erratic energy levels, achieving our goals through hit or miss tactics, and impersonal expression of anger are characteristics of Mars in Aquarius. We are team players--cooperative and less concerned about personal power. We are attracted to unconventional methods, and tend to approach problems from an intellectual, detached perspective.

September 11th - Sun sextile Jupiter (Sun in Virgo, Jupiter in Scorpio)
Under this transit our ideas and plans become infused with clarity and optimism. We can better understand the “Big Picture” and what our place is in the big grand scheme of it all. This can result in our self-esteem and confidence getting a boost. We may find that our insights to the world around us, to life itself, becomes more inspired, optimistic, and bright under this transit.

We are more able to project our long term goals and the potential our plans have. We can the possibilities and new opportunities much more clearly. For some, this can give a feeling of being “lucky”. It truly is a feel good energy that we get from this mingling between the Sun and Jupiter. Because our sense of Self feels much freer, we are able to expand. Our conversations may turn to educational or philosophical subject, and sharing ideas and opinion because easier as we are more open to hearing the other person's side of things.

Some may find that they can now take those next steps in a project, expand current projects, or take action that will really show progress. We seem to get a burst of faith in ourselves and what we are able to achieve, knowing in our hearts that the outcome will be a good one. For some, it will bring a feeling of being spiritually connected.

Some may feel a bit restless under this brief transit but finding activities to satisfy our wandering minds shouldn’t be too hard. We do need to be careful however that our boosted feelings of self assuredness and just “knowing” doesn’t backfire on us because we overestimated how much we thought we knew. We could also underestimate the reaction of those we share with too. We may become a bit self indulgent with this transits energy so the best advice here is to make sure you don’t over do it or go overboard. Other than that, this is a transit we should all tap into and enjoy!


September 11th - Sun trine Pluto (Sun in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn)
Whether you're clearing out your closet or flushing out your brain, this transit is the time for getting rid of whatever has become unnecessary or outworn in our lives. And this can be anything from an unhealthy relationship to old and outworn beliefs that are holding you back. Or you just may need to chuck the rubbish out of your work space. We get to see what's below the surface in order to see things very clearly so don't be surprised if you discover, or re-discover, something lost, hidden, or forgotten during this process either.

The focus turns towards progress and self improvement that could help us make some important changes in our lives. We area able to tap into those deeper levels of determination by reconnecting with what motivates us. We ask ourselves "What do I want, and what changes do I need to make?" Pluto is the great transformer here so if Pluto can't fix the problem then that means it is time to tear it down and start fresh! And we often find the courage now to stand up and assert ourselves in situations that may have felt overwhelming or discouraging up till now.

One thing to be careful with is that our personalities can become a bit forceful under this transit. And this is fine if you are needing to make a strong impression. But it can be a bit too much in those situations that need a bit of subtlety. Using this energy for ruthless or selfish purposes is not the way to go either. By doing so you could end up setting into motion some powerful forces that will drag you down in the end. If the corrections that Pluto have guided you to make aren't benefiting those involved, then improvements will not be successful. Remember, Pluto only forces those changes that will be good for all. It's all about owning your own power!
September 12th - Jupiter sextile Pluto (Jupiter in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn)
Jupiter represents our expansive qualities as well as our abilities to improve ourselves. It is a planet of abundance and seeks insight through knowledge. It's the planet of possibilities and a well aspected Jupiter is normally associated with good luck. The negative associations with this aspect is blind optimism, overindulgence and excess. In our Natal charts, Jupiter reveals how we express our sense of giving and tolerance and how we go about improving our lives.

When Jupiter is sextile Pluto it adds extra energies to what is normally released, which can enhance our intuition and mental faculties. We tend to have a positive and optimistic outlook on life under this influence. The way we can benefit from this is through exploring elevated ideas, philosophies, religions and higher ideals.

It points us in the direction we want to be travelling towards for both a from of unfoldment and self discovery. It is also a medium through which we can eventually express our insights and understanding back into the world for the use of others. The potential is there for us to serve as a spiritual channel and transmitter, provided we ensure that we truly work for the good of humanity.

Pluto supports any of our efforts that we make to communicate a unified vision to the world, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of our influence. This is a time where we want to make creative changes in our life that allow us to reform our surroundings in a way that allows us to gain greater freedom in our life.

September 12th - Venus opposite Uranus (Venus in Scorpio, Uranus in Taurus)
Our interactions with others may be full of surprises under this transit. Very sudden changes in agreements can happen or we may see erratic actions from those involved in a project. This can make us feel unwilling to just follow along with the crowd however, choosing to stand out and get noticed for the distinctive individuals that we are. We tend to crave excitement and want to break free from our every day routines. Be careful around financial situations under this transit because they can be more erratic and unstable at the moment. if at all possible, put off any serious agreements and decisions for a few days, or until this energy passes. it's too easy to attract unstable financial partners and compromising can be quite difficult.

With the right people however, this is a time of sharing unusual experiences that can open us up to a new perspective-one we would not ordinarily consider. Seeking pleasure is often a risk worth taking. What you attract and what you like can appear different than your typical preferences.

September 12th - Venus sextile Saturn (Venus in Scorpio, Saturn in Capricorn)
This is a day for romantic yearnings, fantasies and longings. It makes the perfect time to ask yourself if there is a dream of yours, perhaps one you had to shelve for awhile, that you can now take down, blow off the dust, and make it come true.

Our interactions with others become more serious under this transit’s energy and we feel more able to solve problems by working through the details. It is also possible to find stability in both our finances and relationships now, especially those where we feel more inclined to negotiate realistically and fairly. We find that structured and committed approach (Capricorn) comes easier than taking risks.

Where our funds are concerned we have a stronger ability to use discipline regarding our spending habits and our budgeting system. Some may even decide to work a bit of overtime or a bit harder to increase their earnings and make things work in the best way possible. This transit gives us that ability to really grasp the true and solid facts needed to choose investments wisely and to interact with others where relationships of all kinds are concerned.

Another aspect of ourselves that this transit effects is our self worth, which can really benefit now because we are less likely to let ourselves give in to mood swings. However, for those of us who suffer from depression, we may want to take a bit of extra care that we don’t let ourselves become so stable and grounded that we totally lose touch with our sense of hope and potential.

This really is a good time for making solid progress though in matters that Venus rules; love, harmony, beauty, balance, finances, values, and material things. The blend of these Capricorn and Scorpio energies lets us get under the surface and to the deeper issues as well as lets us be more responsible and productive in fixing things.

Many of us may feel less than social at this time and steer away from conversations that seem frivolous or gossipy. But discussing financial matters and relationship responsibilities can go well under this transit. We tend to be more concerned at this time with the practical side of any creative ventures. We may not feel a great deal of inspiration right now but we will feel more organized which will allow us to manage those little details involved in projects. To get the most of this transit, try keeping your pleasures humble and simple.

September 13th - Mars sextile Chiron (Mars in Aquarius, Chiron in Aries)
Swords, scalpels, knives, and words can all be used with pinpoint accuracy and dexterity during this transit. Even if brandishing swords isn't exactly part of your daily routine, you can still benefit from this energy boost. Energy can be a tool you can use with extreme precision, accomplishing exactly you need to do. Nothing is too difficult or too much work now; get the job done.

It also brings a chance to take action that can bring about some healing resolutions to long standing, ongoing problems you have been dealing with. Extra get up and go, extra confidence, and some empowerment that allows you to help others are all benefits of this transit. You could find yourself in a position to help others to find some releif from chronic struggles, or at least lend a hand in empoweringthem to face them. Its a time when all types of problem solving can benefit. We just need to take a proactive attitude, take care of what we are able to and release the things we can't do much about. That doesn't mean giving up or turning our backs on those things we can't do anything with. It just means to stop draining your energy trying to push something that isn't ready to budge yet. Instead, turn that focus towards what you can shift and give it 100%.

September 13th - Mercury opposite Neptune (Mercury in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces)
Inspired thinking, mental fantasy, imaginative ideas and lucid dreams are likely during this transit. This can result in enormous creativity that sees inspiration and magical ideas in the world around you (be sure to write them down to develop later). Your communication may be unusually intuitive and inspiring now. However, it can also be a time when your perceptions about reality are a bit off and coloured by wishful thinking and irrational conclusions. Doing a reality check with a trusted friend or advisor is a good idea, especially if you are trying to make important decisions right now. But be sure to explore any non-rational or irrational thinking, since the veil between the conscious and unconscious mind is thin now and you can learn much by observing your thoughts and perceptions. 

September 15th - Mercury trine Pluto (Mercury in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn)
With Mercury and Pluto in this positive trine we know how to get to the heart of things. It's a great time for mental activities which involve research, concentration and investigation. We want to explore what’s under the surface and won’t be satisfied by superficial explanations. It's a good energy for focusing on ideas that require stages of development to be planned out. This is also a time when one can experience a breakthrough if they have been trying to understand the dynamics and deeper motivations going on in their lives. It’s like having that sudden light bulb moment that sheds light on the dark corner where those answers where hiding away. We also have the chance to shed and leave behind all of those outworn perception and forms of communication that have been ineffective for us up till now. During this transit it may be a good idea to write down our thoughts and ideas so that we can review them again once this transit has slipped by.

September 16th - Mercury sextile Jupiter (Mercury in Virgo, Jupiter in Scorpio)
Under this transit we find that we not only have loads of ideas but also have the words needed to express them. Putting all of those facts, ideas and thoughts into one cohesive stream becomes much easier and we may also find that we understand the big picture, the overall patterns in life’s everyday situations.
Our minds flow with the possibilities before us and we have that sense of optimism needed to bring these ideas into the real world, if we apply ourselves and make a bit of effort. We tend to be more talkative than usual under this transit because we want to share our new insights, ideas, knowledge and inspiration that is coming to us now. It may be a good idea to write down your ideas at this time, especially those that can be further developed at a later time. Now is the time for playing with those ideas and having a bit of fun as we do.

This is a favorable influence for short trips, writing, teaching, studying, mailings, interviews, advertising and promotion, submitting applications and forms, and accurate observations. We are more inclined to think positively and with growth in mind and find that others tend to cooperate with us more readily, and perhaps seek out our advice. It's a time when interesting news can come to us as well. A clear-minded insight into our own plans and methods becomes more available and this transit can make it a very good time to communicate our goals and put them into words.   Just make sure that you don’t go overboard by coming across as overbearing or as a bit of a know it all.

September 16th - Venus square Lunar North Node (Venus in Scorpio, Lunar North Node in Leo)
With Venus in this challenging square to the North Lunar Node we may start noticing that the people in our lives are not giving us the encouragement and support we need where fulfilling our life purpose is concerned. We could run into situations where someone who was giving us support suddenly backs away. Or we find that their actions interfere with what we are trying to do. Disagreements and upsets with others at this time could make us feel less positive about our life and if this is the case, we need to look a bit more closely at what it is that we are disagreeing about. We need to step back and ask ourselves if our responses to these things mirror our true values, or do we need to tweak our values at this time. Renegotiating our priorities in order to create balance may be needed as well. Venus also rules finances and resources so we could run into issues around possessions, resources and finances that call for adjustments now.

This isn't a very long transit, lasting only a few days. So the things we come across may not be major issues. But if something significant does rear its head at this time, it could be a sign that we have something that needs to be looked at more closely.

September 18th - Mars square Uranus (Mars in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus)
Impatient Mars in conflict with unpredictable and explosive Uranus, oh my! Some really erratic action and unpredictable impulses can surface under this transits energy. We have more active energy to tap into now but be careful because it can be very hard to control it's direction, intensity, and predictability. Unconscious and suppressed emotions like anger, frustration, and fear are all bubbling away under the surface and can pop up when we least expect it. It's also a time when we are more accident prone. This energy can help us to release inhibitions, and find courage to propel forward or break free from old habits and cycles. The problem here is that there is no real guarantee that our actions wont turn out to be destructive and counter productive. We may feel tempted to take bigger risks now which can break us out of a rut if used wisely. It's important to use your best judgement when faced with this kind of potent yet volatile energy.

September 20th - Sun conjunct Mercury (Both in Virgo)
We tend to have a lot to say when the Sun conjuncts Mercury. We are compelled to communicate; letters, memos, phone calls, texts...messages of all kinds have a stronger impact under this aspect than usual. We may find that we acquire and distribute information quite accurately. Some may be choose to take some short trips now to keep themselves, and their minds, busy. However, because of the varied interests we have right now, we may find it hard to rest, or find the time to do it!

Many may find that they express their confidence through their plans and ideas now. We may choose to initiate new activities that involve sharing our ideas, teaching others, or writing. Whatever information comes our way at this time, we will surely be physically up for the challenge of sorting through it all.

September 22nd - Mercury opposite Chiron (Mercury in Libra, Chiron in Aries)
Under this challenging transit misunderstandings in our communications that occur can often stem from taking things too personally. It can be hard to read the intention behind the words used to communicate. Doubting our ability to make a clear cut decision can come from a feeling that opposing viewpoints hold the same weight, thus causing us an inability to choose sides. There can be a sense of shooting ourselves in the foot when we present our ideas or opinions, and a feeling of misrepresenting ourselves when we communicate can figure strongly now.

The best way to deal with these types of scenarios is to make sure we take the time to think about what it is we wish to communicate beforehand, don't over think things and stick to what you feel is right in our heart.

September 22nd - Mercury enters Libra
Messenger Mercury can see both sides of any situation in fair-minded and balancing Libra. Our thinking benefits from the refined clarity and communication skills of Mercury, inviting new connections to be made. But we do have a bit of a hiccup here as well as Mercury follows the same course as Venus and the Sun. So expect discussions to diverge, darken, or break down from time to time. 
September 23rd - Sun opposite Chiron (Sun in Libra, Chiron in Aries)
Today we have a challenging opposition between the Sun and Chiron, where we tend to feel a challenge between our sense of personal purpose and those visions of possibilities that go beyond our sense of self. We can experience the effects in several areas of our life, such as our spirituality, career, our general life direction, or in the areas of emotional and physical healing. We may feel pulled in two directions between what we wish to achieve on a personal level and what we feel we are more capable of achieving on a much higher level.

A problem that many face here is that, if you want to reach for those greater possibilities, you need to be able to step out of your comfort zone to do so. We need to keep in mind that in any form of growth there will be some sacrifice or risk that we must take. The purpose of this transit is to help us find that balance between what is and what may be. Taking action is not important for the moment, but rather tackling the dynamics of our current situation in order to bring ourselves to a decision when the time does come to take action.

September 23rd - Mercury square Saturn (Mercury in Libra, Saturn in Capricorn)
Getting from point A to point B can be a challenge during this transit due to obstacles and delays. Communications may be blocked or delayed, and negative thinking could dominate at this time causing feelings of irritation. Projects we thought were complete may need revision, and others could appear overly critical, insensitive, or sarcastic. In truth we are likely being more efficient that we actually feel right now because we tend to really pay attention to detail and feel a real need to be accurate and precise in all that we do. The trick is to not take everything so seriously that you end up looking for problems where there are none.

It's important to keep things in the proper perspective in order for us to get the necessary stuff done. By concentrating on learning one thing well today, you will retain it. You may be critical-especially of yourself-as you tend to seek perfection from everything you encounter. Words spoken may challenge what you have long-accepted, causing you to deny their significance. Stay focused yet listen carefully; important information is available.

September 23rd - Mercury trine Mars (Mercury in Libra, Mars in Aquarius)
Under this transit we can experience enthusiasm and energetic communications. Our productivity levels seem to increase and some may find it soothing to be busy now. We may find that we learn more through hands on activity rather than being a passive observer. So if there is something you have wanted to learn about and the opportunity arises, go for it! This is a time for honing those skills by putting them into practice.

Normally this would be a good time for making plans but keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde. This means you need to leave some flexibility in your planning and extra time in your schedule. Don't finalize any plans just yet. This transits energy is high volume and it is too easy to get caught up in rushing around to get things done. Again, Mercury retrograde...slow it down a bit and mind the traffic when you are travelling.

September 24th - Mercury sextile Lunar North Node (Mercury in Libra, Lunar North Node in Leo)
Mercury represents our rational mind. Its the planet of everyday communication and expression. It signifies our curiosity and what areas of life we find stimulating and appealing on a mental level.

The Lunar North Node symbolizes a forward motion point in our lives, what our overall lesson is. Some believe it shows us our destiny. When Mercury interacts with either of the Nodes, it promises an highlight on movement. In this case it focuses on how we communicate and plan our destiny. If you have something you need to tell the world, now is the time to do it!

September 25th - Sun square Saturn (Sun in Libra, Saturn in Capricorn)  
The Sun's transits to planets in a person’s natal chart represents brief influences that usually last around a day. So today we have the Sun making a square with Saturn which will highlight those areas where we need to accept our own limitations, boundaries, and expectations. We may find ourselves faced with the consequences of avoiding some task or obligation, or at least receive a warning of what could happen should we continue to avoid them. Another possibility could be having to accept a situation that means accepting responsibility that we don’t want, or that restricts our freedom in some way.

There are positives with this transit too, if we take the time to understand the nature of the situation. For example, an area of our lives may be pruned back in order to keep things under better control, or as a way to make room for something new to grow. How stressful this feels to you will depend on how well you deal with hard work, restrictive limits, responsibility, and authority. Those who have issues with authority for example could find themselves butting heads with someone who is in charge.

We are also challenged, at this time, to take some action or make that decision that revolves around taking more responsibility on. We are faced with having to find better ways in dealing with our own personal boundaries either by accepting the boundaries of others or learning how to assert our own boundaries. The best way to get through this day long transit is to find constructive ways to work with this energy rather than trying to throw ourselves against it. This is the kind of day/transit that usually has a very important lesson for us to learn about ourselves.

September 27th - Sun trine Mars (Sun in Libra, Mars in Aquarius)
Under this transit we find it easier to lead rather than follow. Our confidence is higher, our instincts seem more in tune, and once we feel motivated to take action, success isn't too far off. We tend to have a better idea of where we are going and feel confident about our path. There is a tendency though to want to get there quickly..so much so that we may miss some important detail that we will need later on.  

We may also find a bit of healthy competition lifts our spirits now and we feel ready to face any challenge thrown our way. Challenges won't trip us up as much today because we know that any obstacles are just temporary conditions that we can change. All of this extra energy we will be feeling needs to be burned off somehow, so taking part in some physical activities can help. Just be sure that you don't over do it. You may have loads of energy today but you will feel the effects of it all tomorrow!

What to watch for in October 2018!

We have a lot of planetary and asteroid movement in October. Pallas and Mercury will be moving into Virgo, Ceres enters Libra, Saturn ends its retrograde cycle, Venus enters Scorpio, Mars moves into Aquarius, Vesta moves into Capricorn, Mercury joins Ceres in Libra followed by the Sun, Chiron moves into Pisces, Juno moves into Gemini, and Pluto turns direct.

Well my darlings, this wraps up our September newsletter!  Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter! Pass it on to anyone who may be interested! And feedback is most welcome so if there are ideas or things you would like to see in my future newsletters, let me know!


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