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Welcome June 2020

"If a June night could talk,
it would probably boast it invented romance."
- Bern Williams

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Faery Guidance for June 2020

Bright Spark



A little flash of inspiration or a bright spark is sometimes needed because it can be so difficult to figure out what's going on. Life is a total mystery. People who are close to you may seem to be speaking another language. Or you just can't understand how they could possibly do or say the things they do. So you need a key.

You need that little bit of brightness to illuminate the miasma of confusion surrounding you. Let the Bright Spark light up your life. It's only a flicker, but it's just enough to let you glimpse the direction you should take when trying to understand a seemingly incomprehensible situation. So often it only takes a tiny amount of understanding to turn a situation around, and once you can see the way ahead, you can help others to understand as well. Only one person needs to have a spark of inspiration in any given situation. Let it be you!

From The Heart Of Faerie Oracle - Brian & Wendy Froud.

Celtic Tree Month June 2020

June 10th begins the month Duir (Oak) - The oak is the most revered of all Celtic trees, bestowing great power and breadth of vision. The oak engenders self-confidence and optimism, the ability to cope with danger and difficulty, and high standards of morality and the determination to tell the truth. Uncontrolled, the oak’s powerful energy can lead to being overly demanding or interested in the pursuit of glory.

Oak people are robust, courageous, strong, unrelenting, independent, sensible, do not love changes, they keep their feet on the ground, and are people of action. Their greatest personal asset is a sense of optimism and the ability to speak the truth no matter what the consequences may be. A lack of discretion can, however, be their weak point. Even when faced with overriding stressors, the oak person comes out on top better and stronger and more grounded than before. Instead of bending under stress and hurts, Oak people adapt and grow until they overcome the hurts, pains or stressors.

Astro - Days to watch for your sign - June 2020

Rewarding Days: 14, 15
Challenging Days: 11, 12

Rewarding Days: 16, 17, 18
Challenging Days: 13, 14

Rewarding Days:  19, 20
Challenging Days:  18, 16, 17

Rewarding Days:  21, 22
Challenging Days:  18, 19

Rewarding Days:  23, 24, 25
Challenging Days:  20, 21, 22


Rewarding Days:  26, 27
Challenging Days:  23, 24

Rewarding Days:  1, 2, 28, 29
Challenging Days: 25, 26, 27

Rewarding Days: 3, 4, 30 
Challenging Days:  1, 28, 29

Rewarding Days:  5, 6 
Challenging Days:  2, 3, 4, 30

Rewarding Days:  7, 8
Challenging Days:  5, 6


Rewarding Days:  9, 10
Challenging Days:  7, 8

Rewarding Days:  11, 12, 13 
Challenging Days:  9, 10
Void of Course Moon Schedule for June 2020

It is said that when the Moon is void of a course it can cause delays, false starts, and unexpected hassles. When the Moon is Void of Course it means that it is in the process of moving between two signs and is not quite sure how it feels yet. And since the Moon rules our emotions, we don't know how we feel either! The effects can last from a few seconds to a day or two. Energy can feel off balance and this is not a good time for making major decisions, signing contracts, or doing anything based on emotional decisions because our perceptions are a bit out of whack. The Void Moon begins at 27 degrees in one sign and ends at 3 degrees in the next sign.  Times given are for GMT.
Date Void Begins Date Void Ends
June 2nd 11:40 June 2nd 17:06 Scorpio
June 4th 12:36 June 4th 18:17 Sagittarius
June 6th 05:10 June 6th 20:44 Capricorn
June 8th 19:05 June 9th 01:54 Aquarius
June 10th 15:35 June 11th 10:31 Pisces
June 13th 13:45 June 13th 22:03 Aries
June 16th 01:49 June 16th 10:35 Taurus
June 18th 13:02 June 18th 22:00 Gemini
June 20th 22:48 June 21st 07:02 Cancer
June 23rd 08:20 June 23rd 13:33 Leo
June 24th 06:34 June 25th 18:05 Virgo
June 27th 21:02 June 27th 21:16 Libra
June 29th 14:02 June 29th 23:48 Scorpio

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What's New This Month 

June Blessings everyone! Hard to believe we are almost midway through 2020. As usual, I will be celebrating my birthday on the 3rd and will be taking a break for the first week of June. We also celebrate Father's Day, Litha/Summer Solstice, and start a cycle of 3 Lunar Eclipses.

June's specials include some Faery readings, a Midsummer's Dream tarot readings, and a Summer Solstice Tarot reading to celebrate Mid Summer.  So be sure to stop by and have a look at the  Monthly Specials section.  You can have a browse through the many specialized readings I offer on the  Tarot Readings page.  Tarot's Life Path & Personal Growth section is a good place to start!  Or take a wander through the various Oracle readings on my site, like Rune, Angel, Faery and Animal Totem readings.  All of these categories can be found on the main Reading Room page.  Don't forget to check out the other areas on the Readings page, like the Oracles, Rune and Animal Medicine Cards sections.

If you have a website or blog that you need some creative content writing for, I offer my services as a freelance writer. You can check out my basic prices at Faery Scribe. I've written for several sites, such as Natural News, Jules of the Earth, Hirewriters and a number of private clients.

If you're looking for some unique handcrafted items, come visit, Faery Trinkets where I will have my Barefoot Sandals, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and crochet items on display for sale. I'll be adding some crocheted items as well soon, and you can also find these items in my Etsy shop.

In the Reiki/Energy Work section, you can find reiki and energy work to help give you a bit of a boost. You can find Reiki sessions, Chakra Healing and Attunements, Violet Flame healing, and the Avalon Crown of Success healing. Reiki is great for flushing out the old energies that may be lingering both in our own energetic bodies and the environment around us.

If Astrology is your cup of tea be sure to stop by my Astrology section where you can order some insightful Natal charts, Compatibility reports and Transit reports to see what will be affecting you in the months ahead. Each persons Birth Chart can show how the positions of the planets and stars at the exact time of their birth can influence their life. Learn how each planetary position has determined your physical, personal, psychic and spiritual characteristics! These charts are a great gift for birthdays or just as a special way to treat someone to a bit of astrological insight.

Come and check out my Blog that at   I hope to be writing on a variety of topics from Tarot to general spirituality topics once we get into the New Year.  But for now, you can catch my weekly Astrology updates there. 

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And now to announce the May 2020 raffle winners:

 I. Sanchez and P. Smith

Congratulations to you both! I'll be sending you two an email to tell you how to claim your prize shortly! For those who haven't entered the raffle yet, each month I select 2 random people from entries submitted to win a reading of your choice worth up to £15.00 from any area of my site. For more details, and to enter June's raffle, stop by and visit the Raffle Entry page! Good luck!

You see, the lightness of this month is asking us to stay focused in the here and now, but also to use it as a foundation for the future. We must all remember that everything is connected, and it is in the here and now that we create the foundation for the lives we want to live in the days and months to come. We are all being asked to let go of what is standing in the way of us claiming all the strength, all the talent, and all the connections which are out there for us. We have to gracefully surrender to that which is changing, and not let what is good stand in the way of us finding what is better, what is best for us.

This is also a time for making connections on all levels. Call upon your power allies and your totems as well as your advisers and the support of your loved ones. We are all being reminded of the vast potential and resources which are around us, if we would only reach out and make use of them. We are on our Spirit-filled paths. We are being given a chance to walk with purpose. We are on the threshold of our authenticated lives. If we would just embrace the gifts that we are being given, and go where we are being led, then we cannot help but be successful. That's what real magic is all about.

Until next month, be blessed, and don't hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can do for you. I'm here to help.



  June 2020 Celebrations

FATHER'S DAY - June 21st

The United States is one of the few countries in the world that has an official day on which fathers are honored by their children. On the third Sunday in June, fathers all across the United States are given presents, treated to dinner or otherwise made to feel special.

The origin of Father's Day is not clear. Some say that it began with a church service in West Virginia in 1908. Others say the first Father's Day ceremony was held in Vancouver, Washington.

The president of the Chicago branch of the Lions' Club, Harry Meek, is said to have celebrated the first Father's Day with his organization in 1915; and the day that they chose was the third Sunday in June, the closest date to Meek's own birthday!

Be sure to let your father know how much he is loved and appreciated this Father’s Day. I would like to honour the Dad's in my life who have inspired me as well: My Dad, Tim, for his wicked sense of humour (which I have inherited), his ability to view things in a different perspective, teaching me how to never giving up, and still letting me be “Daddy’s little girl” at 40. My Step-Dad, Joe, for teaching me and getting me started on my spiritual path when I was young. My ex-Dad in law who passed from this world a few years ago – Geoff you had the patience of an angel, even if you were a bit quirky!

For some Father’s Day facts and origins, click here: Father's Day: Father's Day

Mid Summers Eve (Summer Solstice) Falls on the 21st of June this year, but this was not always the longest day of the year!

Midsummer, or Litha as it was known by the ancient Germanic peoples, refers the period of time centered upon the summer solstice and the religious celebrations that accompany it. Also called "Midsommar" in Swedish, Midsummer-related holidays, traditions and celebrations, many of which are non-Christian in origin (apart from the designation "St John's Day"), are particularly important in Finland and Sweden, but found also in other parts of Northern Europe, Britain and elsewhere.

Solstitial celebrations still center upon June 24, which is no longer the longest day of the year. The difference between the Julian calendar year (365.2500 days) and the tropical year (365.2422 days) continue to move the day associated with the actual astronomical solstice forward approximately one day in approximately every seven centuries.

For more information on Midsummer click here: MidSummer
Star Transits For June 2020


The Sun has been in Gemini since May 21st    

Knowledge and diversity motivate us with the Sun in Gemini. We are more sociable, intellectual, and insatiably curious under this influence. We tend to scatter our energies as a result of this curiosity and awareness of all of our options. We are more communicative and versatile, but we can also be unreliable. Picture it as sunbeams shining in many directions at once. 

When the Sun is in Gemini, communication of all sorts becomes an effortless, instinctive and enjoyable activity, even for those of us who would usually feel reticent about speaking up or sharing our feelings. This Air Sign instils in us a restless energy and a thirst for new knowledge and experiences. Love initiated at this time will certainly be based on an intellectual connection; sparks will fly as freely as witticisms and ingenious ideas. While thoughts will flow easily, the Gemini Sun also brings with it a keen scepticism. This isn't cynical scepticism, though -- it's motivated by an urgent need to know the truth. The Gemini Twins are curious seekers. Gemini's influence also grants us some much-needed flexibility and a playfully realistic attitude about ourselves. Careful not to get irritable if everyone's not moving as quickly as you -- and watch for idle gossip! 

The Sun in Gemini is a good time for:

  • Getting your point across, writing letters or speaking in public
  • Initiating flirtatious new friendships
  • Taking short trips

The Sun then moves into Cancer on June 21st  

The Sun's entry into Cancer marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of Winter south of the equator. It's a major turning point of the year in which we grow more conscious of our roots and the family patterns that continue to shape our lives. The point, however, is not to reinforce fearful habits by constructing barriers to the world. It is, rather, a reminder to give birth to ourselves, to connect the past and present and create a future appropriate for tomorrow instead of clinging to the limits of yesterday. 

When the Sun is in Cancer, things may get a little moody and emotional. While Cancer motivates us to reflect on our pasts, to draw our loved ones near to us and to nurture others without asking for nurturing in return, this Moon-ruled Water Sign can really make us grumpy. That said, Cancer could be a time of heightened emotional sensitivity, a time when the cerebral connections forged under the Gemini Sun move to a more intimate plateau. Flirtatious affections take on a greater gravity during this time as the Cancer Sun exposes our emotions and lays bare our vulnerabilities. Socializing takes a backseat to nostalgic memories and quiet nights at home. Food and family become very important at this time, as they provide us an opportunity to nurture one another and give us the most basic and unconditional of loves -- the very thing we need most right now. 

The Sun in Cancer is a good time for: 

  • Taking personal relationships to more substantial, serious levels
  • Staying in and looking through old photo albums and scrapbooks
  • Perform nurturing, domestic activities like cooking or gardening


On June 5th we have a Sagittarius Full Moon

Full Moon's are great times for releasing, harvesting, and letting go. The Full Moon part of the moon's cycle brings about the culmination of plans to maturity. It is also believed to be the time for ending or letting go of many situations in our lives. In this instance, we are asked to let go of old dreams before pursuing new ones.

The Moon is at her most optimistic and upbeat in Sagittarius. We are motivated by a need to seek the truth, and we are ready to pursue a new vision. We are not interested in details just now. Instead, we focus on the big picture. New experiences and adventures satisfy a deep emotional need. Spontaneity is the key. We may also be inclined toward overdoing and overstating. We don't want to plan ahead, and prefer to "wing it".
The Fiery energy of Saggitarius will give us the courage that we need, to be honest with ourselves, as well as with others. It gives us a boost of confidence that can help us face our truths head-on, and then move on from them. It helps us to let go of past trauma so that we can evolve into our true selves.
Things to do under a Sagittarius Moon: philosophizing with friends; making travel plans or travelling; socializing; making new friends; creative improvisation; inspiring yourself and others; watching comedies; riding horses; walking dogs; trying new exotic cuisine; working out vigorously; making love gymnastically; do some strength and endurance training

On June 21st we have a Cancer New Moon

This morning starts the New Moon lunation in the sign of Cancer, where we crave connections, a good system of support and strong bonds. It’s also a creative energy, one where we are seeking stability and some structure. Cancer is a water sign and we could use some earthy energy to ground things a bit. This is also a Solar Eclipse when the New Moon and Sun are in the same sign. It makes that Cancer energy more focused and potent. For those who do energy and spell work, the New Moon is the perfect time for setting intentions for the things you wish to create, cultivate, manifest and develop. Its energies differ from the Full Moon in that the New Moon looks inward. It is the void empty space between letting go of the old and waiting for the new, and this can be frightening for some. A Void is meant to be filled though and we need to not fill it with frightened and uncertain energies, but rather fill it with hopes, wishes and desires.

New Moons are a good time for new starts but we also need to make sure that we aren’t holding onto old issues. So if old issues or difficult emotions arise, don’t hide….let these things flow freely through you so that the healing process itself can be sped up. This New Moon is a time for refreshing ourselves and for focusing on what our needs are. The Moon is at home in Cancer and can help us to connect with the Divine Mother. Some may notice Mother issues rising to the surface as well that need to be tended to.

Things to do under a Cancer Moon:  Take a long bath, hydrate, irrigate, potter around the house; daydream; make your living space more homey; connect with your heart ties; mother someone or be mothered; nurture children, animals, the elderly (or any vulnerable thing); put protective gates around your garden; get a security alarm system or locks; talk to you Mom; spend time with women; bring treats to your co-workers; go to bed early; keep a dream journal close by; be near the ocean or waterbody; paint, draw, sing, act or write.


June 2nd - Venus square Mars (Venus in Gemini, Mars in Pisces)
Venus will be in a square aspect with Mars, making our diplomatic and receptive side a bit argumentative with our more decisive and assertive side. We may feel a battle of wills between our yin and yang sides here, or we could find a way to harness both of these energies creatively. We may see this transits energy manifesting as problems in our relationships, financial struggles, arguments centring around control issues, or finally taking action on ideas and plans that you have had bubbling away on a back burner for some time. 

Those who are more comfy with their Yin side (diplomatic and receptive energies) could end up feeling backed into a corner or feel they are being forced into negotiations under pressure. Those who are more comfy with their Yang side (action-oriented and assertive energies) could end up feeling compelled to sheath Mars’ sharp sword, or at least blunt it, when dealing with the “enemy”, rather than just fighting. In the end, it’s all about finding a balance between these two sides of ourselves as well as finding a happy medium that works for both sides.

Social blunders are a possibility now and we need to be wary of making impulse purchases. Those who are prone to drama and attention-seeking could very well stir up problems in order to fulfil a need for excitement.

June 3rd - Sun conjunct Venus (Both in Gemini)
Under this social transit's energy, we want to be seen and get noticed, mainly for our natural qualities. This desire to be social opens up doors of opportunity for us to reach out and connect with others today, as well as allows us to express ourselves with ease, charm, and grace. Whether you find yourself spending time with others or on your own, pursuing the things you love and enjoy comes easily now.

This is also an energy that helps us to play the role of moderator and peacemaker because we can see both sides of a situation and how all of the little pieces fall into place. If contentment has been an elusive thing for you, take the time today to recognize the areas of your life that bring enjoyment since they will be more apparent now. Creating harmony in your life can begin today and last beyond tomorrow.

This transit can also make us feel a bit on the lazy side and self-indulgent side so we need to be careful in how we plan the day. Try to keep it as low key as possible, avoiding filling your schedule with hectic and demanding tasks. Take the time to appreciate the beauty of nature all around you. Take a stroll through the park, visit an art museum or attend a social gathering. Don't be surprised if a love interest is revived today or you seem to attract love and money situations your way.

June 5th - Mercury sextile Uranus (Mercury in Cancer, Uranus in Taurus)

Under this transit, our thoughts are inventive, original, and we may secretly enjoy shocking those around us with some of our more outrageous opinions and insights. It's all in good fun though! This is a time when we enjoy making connections, especially with people who bring something different and unique to the table. We want to stay busy and be on the move. Any plans that revolve around creating something new and fresh gives us that motivation and excitement we need to create the time and space for them. It's a good day for stimulating the mind with new and interesting things.

For those who are used to a predictable lifestyle, you may suddenly feel inspired to do something new, out of character, or to experiment with new ideas. And those of us who tend to be impulsive normally, we may find new ways to express this. This transit helps us to think outside the box and expand our vision and perspective. New realizations and answers to old questions may seem to suddenly appear in a burst of light.

We also may feel a bit mentally restless now and feel it is hard to slow our thoughts down, making it hard to focus and apply ourselves seriously where our responsibilities are concerned. Our attention span is short and we get easily …….(Ooh shiny!)
…what was I saying?

June 5th - Mercury  square Chiron (Mercury in Cancer, Chiron in Aries)
With Mercury squaring off to Chiron we may find that our mental focus and perceptions feel a bit strained. We may find ourselves sitting on the fence and feeling unable to make choices and decisions. It may also be difficult to stay objective and balanced in our perspective and views, but by working with this we could find a new mental focus that gives us increased clarity. It may be tempting to sink into cynicism as a way to deal with what seems like a no-win situation. On the other hand, this transit could bring your mental perspective to a kind of "healing crisis" that forces you to get a better grip on the ideas, communication, and frame of mind that have been problematic for you.

June 6th - Sun square Mars (Sun in Gemini, Mars in Pisces)
The Sun square Mars tends to bring out a competitive "me first" mindset, even for those who are not normally like this. We may aggressively pursue our desires, or be faced with others being aggressive to get what they want. Tempers may flare when faced with resistance so it is important to find some constructive outlets to help relieve that stress. It may seem that others are quick to challenge us and we, in turn, are quick to react...usually on the defensive. Thankfully Mars is in the sign of Libra which helps to temper the Warrior planets rough and aggressive edges.

This can be a good energy to tap into if you need a bit of courage to stand up for yourself. it allows us to focus on ourselves and our own needs, which is great if you have been focusing so much on others that you have neglected yourself. 

June 11th - Sun square Neptune (Sun in Gemini, Neptune in Pisces)
This is a transit that can bring confusion our way with a bit of turmoil that can lead to self-doubt. We may find that objects, people, names, and directions get lost, forgotten, or misplaced. Our hopes, ideals, and wishful thinking tend to be inflated to the point of causing disillusionment and disappointments. In some cases, we may want a dream to happen so badly that we disconnect ourselves from any reality that seems to stand in our way. However, we may soon come to discover that the “obstacle” in question really had a positive purpose in the end.

Our imagination is extremely active under this transit and may feel out of balance and out of control. It’s a time where we may feel that our hold on life is being undermined and many may feel drawn to escaping the chaos. However, we would do better to accept that chaos rather than trying to run away or avoid it. Accepting it will help to reduce or eliminate the distortion of whatever reality we are dealing with.

For some, energy levels may feel a bit low and some may experience disappointment or feel unusually discouraged by any obstacles that pop up now. Distinguishing between what is fact and what is fiction can be a real challenge so, make sure that if you agree to anything at this time, you are doing so with your eyes wide open.

It isn’t all bad though. This can be a very creative time for those who are able to harness their imagination and direct it towards something productive. Our longings run especially close to the surface now too which can bring a chance for us to learn a bit more about the hidden forces which drive us. On a spiritual level, this could be a time when we discover that our yearning for enlightenment isn’t so straight forward as we thought. However, the path can be just as valuable to us through discovering what “isn’t” the best path forward. There really is a tremendous opportunity for spiritual, creative, and healing to be discovered.

On an emotional level, we may feel discouraged and overwhelmed by this energy. But we also get a chance to examine our inner depths, those which tend to be camouflaged by our day to day life. It’s ok for some harmless escaping such as going to a movie or enjoying something distracting. But we need to make sure we avoid being totally irresponsible too. Some may feel their imagination is being stimulated but when it comes time to actualise those ideas they become stuck. Another thing to watch for is deceiving others in an attempt to avoid confrontation. Too often those white lies will be revealed when we least expect them too. Try to avoid wallowing in regret and guilt over what you feel are “inadequacies” at this time too. Focus on things that can help boost your self-confidence and work positively on the things we feel we are lacking now.
June 11th - Venus sextile Chiron (Venus in Gemini, Chiron in Aries)
This is a short but friendly little aspect which can give us the opportunity to harmonize difficult relationships and make some progress in our efforts to heal and rebalance. This not only affects relationships but social interactions, our values, finances, health, and spiritual connection. It becomes a bit easier to negotiate with others as well as with our circumstances so that we can achieve a fair and balanced compromise that benefits all involved.

As always, there are a few things to watch out for. We tend to want to avoid any kind of conflict that we risk negotiating beyond what we are really comfortable with. It’s important to stand strong for your values! If you give in without thinking, you sacrifice your personal integrity. Worst case is that you allow yourself to become a victim.

When we become aware of our suffering caused by unrealistic expectations, it leads us towards growth, greater consciousness, true individuality, and a greater capacity for unconditional love. We have a brief moment with this transit to facilitate change in those situations that we feel are still within our control, and to accept and adapt to situations that are out of our sphere of control.

June 13th - Mars conjunct Neptune (Both in Pisces)
With Mars and Neptune both in Pisces, things can get a little strange. We may experience some lethargic confusion or uplifting inspiration, or even swing between both! As a positive, we can feel really motivated as new creative and spiritual ideas come in. The downside though can have us feeling less focused than normal, making our actions feel blunted or blurred somehow.

We could find that trying to take direct action right now is a bit of a challenge and ineffective. So we need to be careful that we don’t lapse into feelings of powerlessness, discouragement, and lethargy. There could be a few instances where you need to take a leap of faith and be flexible. This transit usually initiates a new cycle for us and the events and issues that come up now will more than likely have much more going on under the surface. These deeper levels will unfold and develop more through this cycle.

June 18th - Mercury goes Retrograde in Cancer
Yes folks, its that time again! Mercury starts its backwards motion and this cycle will be around for about 3 weeks. For nearly a week before and a week after today, Mercury will be moving at a snail's pace or pausing entirely. At this time we can experience confusion, intensity, frustration, lots of miscommunication or we may feel we are getting bogged down with any progress we were making.

Mercury retrograde cycles make an ideal time for reflection, re-thinking, going over plans and tying up those loose ends before we get started on any new projects and ventures. Later in Mercury's retrograde cycle, it is typical to receive new info and insights that we may not have been expected or be prepared for. And this can end up changing how we see situations, causing us to have to tweak plans here and there as we consider this new barrage of intel. This is why many astrologers advise not to make any permanent or final decisions during Mercury's retrograde cycle, and even as far as two weeks after Mercury finally turns direct.

It's not all bad though! This is a great time for doing research, fact-finding, investigative work and anything else necessary to prepare us for major decisions, which we can put into play after this retrograde cycle.

So, try to stay flexible, give yourself a lot of time when setting up your schedule for any unexpected changes and, most of all, flow with it with. Do things that tap into your creative, intuitive and non-rational mind until Mercury turns direct.

June 18th - Mars sextile Pluto (Mars in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn)
Under this transit, we can experience a period of intense focus and determined action. We know exactly what we want and won’t let anything stop our progress now. So much so that some may not be above using very persuasive tactics to convince other people, but our obvious level of passion will often be enough.

We may also experience more intense conversations and will be attracted to exploring the deeper levels of our relationships, or may have stimulating conversations about the mysteries of life. We may find we are drawn towards investigating or exploring underground for hidden resources or initiate financial projects that have hidden potentials and profits. In some instances, we may even be able to persuade someone to aid us with their own resources.

Our physical energy levels are heightened at this time and we may discover that we can work very hard for long periods of time. This means that we really need to pay attention to our body during this time; remember to eat and rest when you need to and avoid burning out.

June 19th - Sun conjunct North Lunar node (Both in Gemini)
When the Sun dances with the North Lunar Node it is usually seen as a favourable energy where we are more likely to have important or prominent people coming into our lives. Financial matters tend to improve and positive discoveries are made. For a couple of days before and after this aspect, we will notice that our sense of self-purpose is much sharper and in better focus. We could come into contact with individuals who seem to understand us more or are on our “wavelength”. We could also find that courage needed to let ourselves shine brightly.

Transits are never without a challenging side though and with the Sun conjunct the North Node we are challenged to discover and fulfil our potential in a much broader context. Take a step back and look at your vision of your future on both a personal level and a wider level.

Something to take note of is that New and Full Moons that occur just before and after this transit are usually Eclipses. It can be helpful to check if these Eclipses are forming any major aspects in your own natal chart. It will help show us the direction of things for the next few months. This Sun/North Node transit will help us to focus on those changes ahead.

June 20th - Mars sextile Jupiter (Mars in Pisces, Jupiter in Capricorn)
We find that our spirits are high during this transit which brings the potential for cheerfulness, optimism and increases our energy. We do, however, need to go after what we want rather than expecting it to just fall into our laps. It's a time for enjoying some healthy competition and we find that we feel stronger and are more straightforward than ever. This can also make us crave a bit of adventure which can help us to try something new that we have wanted, but perhaps out off.

Work and career matters work out well now, particularly where cooperation and teamwork are required. Successful collaboration on a project, coordination with other agencies or companies, and successfully reaching agreements on plans and goals are likely to occur now. Partnerships or agreements entered into now will work out well for both parties.

We need to be careful that we don’t become so caught up in the pursuit of feeling good that we ignore our own rationality, common sense, and cautious side. It’s a time for making changes that will allow our own behaviour to be brought into alignment with our ideals, aspirations, and beliefs.

June 23rd - Neptune goes Retrograde (In Pisces)
Today, Neptune begins its retrograde cycle, which will last until the end of November. During the Neptune Retrograde cycle, illusions are stripped away, which can have us internalizing our anxieties and fears. The fantasy world we may have created comes crumbling down and the harsh realities we sought to avoid are what we are now faced with. The further we have travelled from reality and the truth, the more shocking this retrograde cycle will feel.

This is a time when a new relationship or some critical event can trigger an old painful memory. It works to show us the source of that pain. We need to be careful not to let self-pity, social anxiety, or depression spiral out of control now. We may see things like paranoia, phobias, and hypochondria becoming more noticeable at this time. This is a good time for spiritual development though, and we can gain a lot from counselling, self-help books, and meditation. It becomes easier to discuss some of these issues.

On a larger scale, we may see the veil pulled away from major happenings in the world, from governments being exposed to the truth coming out about situations that others have tried to paint a rosy picture of. 

June 25th - Venus turns Direct 
While Venus was going through her retrograde cycle we experienced shifts and some wake-up calls in the areas of love, money, and desires. Venus had provided us with lessons regarding how to evaluate the real worth and value of the people and things in our lives at this time. Now that Venus starts her forward motion, we are able to start taking some action to change the things we now know need changing. We can start implementing practical and structured plans to get these areas of our lives back on track and in balance.

Bear in mind that for up to a week before and after this date, we could experience or feel this shifting of energy which can affect areas like love, relationships, finances and resources, our values, balance and harmony, and pleasure and beauty. Whichever of these areas has had your attention over this 7 week period could now have a breakthrough or turning point. Now is the time for taking action and making some necessary decisions.

An example here would be if you have been having difficulties in a relationship, this is now the time to make a firm decision to either compromise, adjust, or renegotiate things. And if these things are just not possible, then it may be time to choose to let it go. With any situation related to Venus’s influence, we will need to decide if we wish to keep things as they are and continue with them in your life or not. Where our finances are concerned, we may experience a change that either has us reverting to how things were before or having us make changes that will improve things for us.

June 26th - Mars square North Lunar Node (Mars in Pisces, North Node in Gemini)
This is a transit that we can feel for a couple of weeks. It may seem as if the actions that we are taking to deal with our current situations and circumstances is at cross purposes to what we perceive as our higher purpose or our best direction on our life’s path. We may feel as though we are at odds with those around us now, or feel as if we are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There can be some good in this though. Being forced to take a minor detour off the path we have chosen can often present us with opportunities to gather new information, resources and insights that could very well help us out in the long run, as opposed to just sticking to the main path. What we do need to ask ourselves, when faced with that detour, is whether moving off our main path is an excuse for avoiding something we really need to face. Or have you been resisting stepping off the main path even though you know the detour will bring you those added resources and a fresher perspective? The best way to deal with this is to try to balance our passions and impulse with a bit of mindful awareness.

June 28th - Mars enters Aries
Today Mars starts its 6-week journey through the sign of Aries. Mars is in his own sign while in Aries, which can stoke the fires of passion, enthusiasm, and Aries' pioneering spirit. This is a time when assertive, decisive action comes more easily to us...but so can anger and conflict so we need to be careful how we come across and try to push ideas with others. This is a good time to initiate new projects and activities, and move old projects forward, taking advantage of the courage and daring that is in the air now. However, the results will be better if you are able to channel this energy through a focused goal, rather than going on impulse alone. The tendency to take risks is a bit high right now, which can be a mixed blessing. It's best to avoid complications and problems that can arise from being reckless or irresponsible but do use this energy to muster the courage to take well-planned action.

Mars racing into its fiery home sign is another boost in this season of starting over. It joins the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, making a quartet of racehorses that can run over obstacles and people without looking back. Normally, this transit increases physical energy and spurs enterprising efforts. However, Mercury's retrograde period in Aries is a reminder that even the fastest runners, brightest thinkers and bravest warriors benefit from a moment's reflection every now and then.

June 28th - Mars sextile Saturn (Mars in Aries, Saturn in Aquarius)
This is a good time to appreciate determined effort and actions. Our work projects will run more smoothly if we combine a patient and disciplined approach with confidence and courage. We become more aware of this process at this time which gives us a sense of responsibility and sense of purpose. We can use this time to harness the energy of our own willpower through practical discipline.

We may feel that our energy levels are a bit more toned down right now but this will be helpful for the detailed work we may have to do now. Our physical and mental energy becomes more stable and allows us to endure, or by applying sustained effort and focus they can become that way.

Our conversations take on a more serious and sober vibe under this transit and we may find that we can express a sense of authority much better, as well as be clear and to the point in our dealings with others. It’s a great transit if we need to be more productive or we need to make more progress in a goal that we have been working towards. Just keep in mind that Mercury goes direct in a day and the next two weeks may still show slow progress, but progress that is finally shifting forward.

What we do need to watch out for is any tendencies for being overly cautious to the point where we end up getting ourselves stuck in the planning stages and end up not getting much done in the process. Or, some may try to push and rush into the production phase of a project before they have fully formed their plans. The best way to make use of this transit’s energies is to bring these two things into balance.

June 29th - Mercury sextile Uranus (Mercury in Cancer, Uranus in Taurus)
Under this transit, our thoughts are inventive, original, and we may secretly enjoy shocking those around us with some of our more outrageous opinions and insights. It's all in good fun though! This is a time when we enjoy making connections, especially with people who bring something different and unique to the table. We want to stay busy and be on the move. Any plans that revolve around creating something new and fresh gives us that motivation and excitement we need to create the time and space for them. It's a good day for stimulating the mind with new and interesting things.

For those who are used to a predictable lifestyle, you may suddenly feel inspired to do something new, out of character, or to experiment with new ideas. And those of us who tend to be impulsive normally, we may find new ways to express this. This transit helps us to think outside the box and expand our vision and perspective. New realizations and answers to old questions may seem to suddenly appear in a burst of light.

We also may feel a bit mentally restless now and feel it is hard to slow our thoughts down, making it hard to focus and apply ourselves seriously where our responsibilities are concerned. Our attention span is short and we get easily …….(Ooh shiny!)

…what was I saying?

June 29th - Sun square Chiron (Sun in Cancer, Chiron in Aries)
When these two planets come together in a challenged position we tend to find our patience and confidence feels a bit strained as we feel a need to break free of chronic constraints. Motivation and self-esteem can drop but remember we have that energy from the Sun and Uranus to help us out here too. So it won’t feel as bad as normal.

Use this time to take a fresh approach to situations that have you feeling stuck. A new perspective is probably needed as well as a need to let go of how you think things “should be” or how they manifest in your life. Don’t put restraints on your outcomes or try to control every aspect of them now. It’s best to be open to getting what you want in a way you didn’t expect. You may also find other opportunities along the way that were not available to you with the route you were taking before.

What to watch for in July 2020!

Mercury turns direct mid-month, Saturn moves into Capricorn, Choron goes Retrograde, and we have another Lunar Eclipse.

Well my darlings, this wraps up our June 2020 newsletter!  Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter! Pass it on to anyone who may be interested! And feedback is most welcome so if there are ideas or things you would like to see in my future newsletters, let me know!

Sherry - Earth Spirit Tarot 


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