Reading Guidelines

Please review the Code Of Ethics and Terms Of Services before requesting a reading!

Reading Request Guidelines

I am an intuitive, not a fortune teller. My purpose is to help people find guidance and help them to make decisions or choices when they feel stuck or at a loss. Do not expect or ask me to make life changing decisions for you. The whole point of ones life path and learning process is to make mistakes necessary to grow and move on.

The Following are some guidelines to help you phrase your question to get the best results for your reading:

1. Please avoid questions that only need a "Yes" or "No" answer. For example, asking "Is my relationship good?" is not designed to give you any positive advice for the future. It is a severely limiting question because there are only two possible answers: yes, or no. A slightly better question would be "What do I need to know about my relationship?" or "the issue is my relationship" are probably the best forms for this particular request.

2. Avoid questions starting with "will I" if the matter is a choice you have to make. A lot of people ask "will I marry (someone)?", and they will be told that it is really up to them whether they get married or not. Tarot reading can easily answer "who is the best husband/wife for me?" or "why can I not find a good husband/wife?" but "will I" tends to cause problems. Of course, "will I get a promotion?" is a valid question because that is up to your employer, not you. When the choice is yours, do not use the "Will I" form.

3. Keep your options open. Asking "when will I find a new lover?" is a restrictive question because it rules out the possibility of an old lover returning. A better question would be "when will I find love?" or maybe "when will I find love, and with whom?" Of course, all of these are time questions, so the best form would be, once again, the "tell me about..." form which assumes no answers or time periods.

Questions I will not answer: 

"Am I or do I have (insert medical condition)?"

Reason: I am not a physician. If you are wanting to know if you are pregnant or have a disease then you need to go to the appropriate medical advisor or take that pregnancy test! 

What I can do: I can help you to be more aware of blockages or other areas/therapies that may be of help to you. 

"What will my next job be?" 

Reason: We are meant to follow a path and learn life's lessons as we go. If I tell you "I see you being a (insert job here) then you will shut out any opportunities or paths that may lead you to the job of your dreams! For example, someone tells you that you will work abroad. An opportunity comes to you to work in a job that does not look to lead you there, so you refuse it! A few months later you find that company has expanded abroad and you just lost you chance. 

What I can do: I can help you if you are at a crossroad in life and help you to try and see where you feel your calling is, or look at the energies around certain careers or jobs you may be interested in. 

"What does my future partner look like and where will I meet him/her?" 

See last question - same thing applies here. I tell you your future love is blonde with blue eyes. So you only focus on meeting you have with blonde blue eyed men/women. What if the man/woman of your dreams dyed their hair? You would reject that meeting because it did not fit a specific description! 

What I can do: I can look at current relationships and see what energies are working at that time. I can also make suggestions about what you may need to do within yourself to draw love to you. 

"What is my life's purpose" 

I cannot tell you your purpose. That is not my place. Each individual needs to find their path and purpose on their own. Otherwise you miss important life lessons that would give you the skills you need to live to your fullest potential! 

What I can do: I can help guide you back on your path if you are feeling lost or try to help you find a direction that resonates with you.