Week Ahead – Monday, July 23rd through Sunday, July 29th

  • Posted on July 22, 2018 at 7:30 am

Happy Sunday everyone! Here we are on the last week of July already, and its a fiery start with the Sun moving into Leo and the Moon moving into Sagittarius. We don’t want to do boring things under these influences so use the day to have an adventure or do something creative and playful! Let’s have a look at what this week has in store for us!


Monday is a quiet one for us, but we still have that Leo and Sagittarius energy to work with. Some of us may feel a bit restless if we are stuck doing hum drum and boring tasks today. Try to add a bit of playful fun to your routine if you can. Tuesday morning starts us off with a Void of Course Moon that will be in play until the late evening. The day may feel a bit spacey as well due to an opposition between Venus and Neptune. It can be a tricky transit because we can be more prone to getting lost in our daydreams. It’s not a good day for making any big decisions, big or important purchases, starting new relationships, or signing contracts and financial agreements until this rose coloured veil lifts. In the late evening, the Moon moves into the more practical sign of Capricorn, a lunar mood that puts the focus on real-world ambitions and lets us make structural changes that make life more efficient.


Wednesday brings us a trine between the Sun and Chiron, and a square between the Sun and Uranus. The Sun/Chiron aspect helps us to see any recent efforts we have been making to mend and heal the chronic struggles in our lives. It gives us the confidence we need to try out new solutions or see different angles to these issues. The Sun/Uranus aspect is challenging in that it can bring us some shake-ups as the Universe decides its time for change and time to make things a bit more “interesting.” This is our wake-up call folks and it is designed to loosen us up from old habits and cycles that keep us stuck or inhibited in life.


Today is the day Mercury starts it backwards motion and this cycle will be around for about 3 weeks, ending on August 19th. For nearly a week before and a week after today, Mercury will be moving at a snail’s pace or pausing entirely. At this time we can experience confusion, intensity, frustration, lots of miscommunication or we may feel we are getting bogged down with any progress we were making. It’s not all bad though! This is a great time for doing research, fact-finding, investigative work and anything else necessary to prepare us for major decisions, which we can put into play after this retrograde cycle. Mid-afternoon sees the Moon go Void of Course.


Friday sees the Moon move into Aquarius just before noon, and then the Moon enters its Full lunation in the early evening. This is also a lunar eclipse and its a bit of a complicated one. Our emotional Moon is aligned with warrior planet Mars, which has been moving through its retrograde cycle, as well as with Mercury, which also just started its retrograde cycle. We need to give ourselves a bit of time to examine where our heart is engaged and where in our lives we feel we are just going through the emotions. Our focus needs to be on doing more of what engages, opens and nurtures our hearts, and less of the things that no longer hold value for us. We have an opposition between the Sun and Mars, making it a time where we need to pause and ask ourselves what we have been investing our time and energy in over the past six weeks of Mar’s retrograde cycle. Use these next few weeks to check over your plans, kick the tires, make sure all of your t’s are crossed and I’s dotted. It’s all about honing things and buffing the sharp edges. We also have a trine between Venus and Pluto, so if you have been wanting to deepen or renew a previous commitment in a relationship, now is a good time to do so.


Our weekend is fairly quiet, We do have a conjunction between the Sun and the Lunar North Node. When the Sun dances with the North Lunar Node it is usually seen as a favourable energy where we are more likely to have important or prominent people coming into our lives. For a couple of days before and after this aspect, we will notice that our sense of self-purpose is much sharper and in better focus. Transits are never without a challenging side though and with the Sun conjunct the North Node we are challenged to discover and fulfil our potential in a much broader context. Take a step back and look at your vision of your future on both a personal level and a wider level.  Something to take note of is that New and Full Moons that occur just before and after this transit are usually Eclipses. It can be helpful to check if these Eclipses are forming any major aspects in your own natal chart. It will help show us the direction of things for the next few months. This Sun/North Node transit will help us to focus on those changes ahead. Sunday morning brings a Void of Course Moon that will be with us for the entirety of Sunday.

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