Week Ahead – Monday, June 25th through Sunday, July 1st

  • Posted on June 24, 2018 at 7:30 am

Happy Sunday everyone! We are heading into the last week of June and this month seems to have flown by! Today, we are under the influence of a Void of Course Moon, which makes it a good one for keeping a low profile and tending to those humble, quiet tasks. Try to have a chilled out day if you can! Let’s see what this week has in store for us.


Monday starts us off with the Moon moving into Sagittarius in the early morning, which can bring us a sense of peace, stability, calm and order. We don’t mind following the routines and the rule so much, and this energy can see an increase in our interest in our social lives. It’s an optimistic vibe but we do need to be careful that we don’t over-commit ourselves. Adding to this is a challenging square between Venus and Jupiter. This is a transit that pushes us to want to take pleasure in doing things in a very big way. So we see more generosity now and this, added to the Sagittarius energy, is where we need to be careful with spending our money now. Don’t let the budget go out the window!


Today is the day the Mars begins its retrograde cycle. Mars has been slowing down for a few weeks now and this retrograde cycle will last until the end of August. Mars represents our actions, assertiveness and ambition. It will start its retrograde at 10 degrees Aquarius and will move backwards to 28 degrees Capricorn. People who have natal planets in those degrees will feel this retrograde energy more. This retrograde cycle means its time to look at our ambitions and determine if we need to make any adjustments. Since Aquarius is associated with friends, groups and organizations, it can be a good time for connecting with old friends or reaching out to explore new groups. The Moon will also go Void of Course in the early afternoon and remain there for the remainder of the day and evening.


The Moon enters Capricorn on Wednesday afternoon, as it gets ready for its Full lunation tomorrow (BST). Capricorn tends to decrease our emotional charge, which can make it easier to focus on our responsibilities a bit more fully. These days are great for pushing past difficult obstacles. We’ve got extra discipline and patience. And we’re able to forgo the satisfaction of short-term gains for longer-term achievements. use this for the next couple of days to get those important jobs done. We also have an opposition between the Sun and Saturn today, and this can feel quite draining for many, making us feel a bit weighed down and somewhat less than optimistic about any challenges or blockages we are facing that delay our progress. This can feel like a really low point for us but we need to remember that these things are now happening for a reason. It’s not all bad though! Many will find they are finally able to move forward on a goal or project, especially with the help of our Capricorn Moon.


Just after Noon today the Moon will enter its Full lunation. This Full Moon brings mixed energies our way. We have Warrior planet Mars having just turned retrograde, which can have us pulling back for a bit or recharging. Then we have the Sun in Cancer that wants us to draw us out in order to raise the nurturing energy in our lives. But then there’s that Capricorn Moon energy, which is now aligned with disciplined Saturn, pushing us to take care of business stuff. Meanwhile, the Sun is moving into a harmonious aspect with Jupiter, which pushes us to open ourselves up to a new and much larger expression of our spirit. While we are being pushed and pulled by these energies, the Full Moon is now setting us up for 3 eclipses that will begin next month. So how do we deal with all of this crazy energy? Well, rather than trying to bring balance to all of these contradicting energies, we can try to allow them to show us some different aspects of our lives and our future goals. it’s ok if some areas in your life are a bit out of whack or messy right now because these things will shift by the end of the summer. Allow yourself and the Universe to help you readjust.


Our morning starts with a Void of Course Moon as we begin the workday. We have asteroid Ceres moving into Virgo right now, which allows us to focus on nurturing through the services we provide for others, and teaching those around us how to nurture themselves and others. We also have communications planet Mercury moving into Leo today, and because it turns retrograde on July 25th, it will be in this sign a bit longer than usual. So use this energy to make time to play over the summer. Let yourself be creative and have a good look at where your heart is engaged, or not in some cases. Its a time for thinking positively and showing enthusiasm. By doing this we can inspire others around us to keep going even when the going gets tough. It’s a time for enjoying the playful delights that life has to offer us through games, humour, fun and children (or allowing ourselves to see through the eyes of children.)



The Moon moves into Aquarius in the early hours of Saturday morning, making it a great energy for social activities. The Moon in Aquarius can bring blessed relief from too much emoting. It allows us the distance to see the big picture. The mood takes us down tangents of thought or brings exciting flash ideas. It’s a great time for tuning into the collective currents. It favours social networking via the net or experimenting with other technologies that keep you connected. It’s time for embracing the new, the futuristic and innovative. We also have Mercury in a square with Uranus, where we can experience some flashes of insight that bring fresh clarity our way. Mercury will also be trine Chiron, which can open up the doors to positive and healing communication with those around us. its a more nurturing and thoughtful vibe that can bring people closer through understanding. Just before midnight on Sunday the Moon will be in its quiet Void of Course stage.

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