Week Ahead – Monday, April 9th through Sunday, April 15th

  • Posted on April 8, 2018 at 7:30 am

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope the weekend finds you all well. Today, we are under the influence of a Capricorn Moon, making it a good one for getting plans into place and structuring how we want to do projects. Its a good energy for those projects that require patience and discipline. Let’s see what this coming week has in store for us.


Monday starts off with an early dawn Void of Course Moon that will then shift into Aquarius as we are rising to begin our day. Its a good energy for spending time with friends and enjoying social events because the Aquarius Moon urges us to be friendly and outgoing. The Moon in Aquarius can bring blessed relief from too much emoting. It allows us the distance to see the big picture. The mood takes us down tangents of thought or brings exciting flash ideas. It’s a great time for tuning into the collective currents. It favours social networking via the net or experimenting with other technologies that keep you connected. It’s time for embracing the new, the futuristic and innovative.


Tuesday is similar to Monday with us still being under the Aquarius Moon’s energy. We also have a square between Venus and the Lunar North Node. Under this transit, we may start noticing that the people in our lives are not giving us the encouragement and support we need where fulfilling our life purpose is concerned. We could run into situations where someone who was giving us support suddenly backs away. Or we find that their actions interfere with what we are trying to do. Disagreements and upsets with others at this time could make us feel less positive about our lives and if this is the case, we need to look a bit more closely at what it is that we are disagreeing about. We need to step back and ask ourselves if our responses to these things mirror our true values, or do we need to tweak our values at this time. Renegotiating our priorities in order to create balance may be needed as well. Venus also rules finances and resources so we could run into issues around possessions, resources and finances that call for adjustments now. This isn’t a very long transit, lasting only a few days. So the things we come across may not be major issues. But if something significant does rear its head at this time, it could be a sign that we have something that needs to be looked at more closely.


Wednesday is a bit more complicated for us. We have a challenge between the Sun and the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto. So today will call upon our inner strength as we find our desires clashing with our current circumstances and the demands of others. It can definitely be a time of challenge, feeling our sense of purpose, direction, and identity blocked in this way. We may feel that we are being overpowered by the powers that be and everything seems out of our hands. Some of us may find ourselves faces with difficult people and situations that mean we have to muster our strength and stand up for what we truly believe in. The trick here is to become centred in our own empowerment rather than in power alone. Venus and Mars are in a favourable transit today as well, where we will find it easier to balance out being assertive as well as receptive. Its a good time for initiating those relationship conversations that can take us to a more vulnerable and deeper level. Life does seem to flow easier at this time but don’t let that put you off your guard because it will only last a few days. Since this transit can assist us in getting what we want right now, we need to be careful as we try to identify what exactly it is that we want. This transit brings a sensual energy, a time to be loved and to love back. Lastly, the Moon will go Void of Course in the mid-afternoon before moving into Pisces in the early evening, bringing an almost mystical and dreamy mood to the evening.


Thursday continues under a mystical Pisces Moon. When the Moon is in Pisces, we swim in imaginative currents that go beyond the normal limits of space and time. It’s a mood when symbols, music and images convey the messages of the soul. This happens through art, dance, film, photography, theatre and play. A gesture or wise look tells another what words can’t. We’re wrapped up in the mystery that has infinite meaning, and never try to grasp too tightly to its form. It’s a great time to nourish the imagination. We also have a sextile between Venus and Neptune going on today, which also opens up the flow of artistry, romance, creativity and faith. It’s a great day for being inspired and inspiring others. This is a transit that is considered to be a time of blessings and abundance in all areas of our lives. However, there is also that risk of overspending, overindulging, or being overly optimistic which can lead to disappointments if we aren’t careful.  Our own natural beauty and warmth is often brought out by this transit. Use this to enhance your own natural gifts rather than waste it on creating an outer façade of something we think other people want. This is the time to let the essence of your own inner beauty and spirit shine!


Friday is a quiet one for us with a Void of Course Moon just after Noon. So it’s a quiet one that is good for tackling those humdrum tasks. Its the 13th as well, and a day of superstition that revolved around ill luck. There are many versions of why and when this became an unlucky day, going as far back as the middle ages. One theory is that it relates to Jesus’ last supper and crucifixion, with the last supper having 13 individuals and being on the 13th day, the eve of Jesus’ crucifixion. Another theory links it to Friday the 13th of October 1307, when Philip IV of France arrested hundreds of the Knights Templar. Personally, Friday the 13th has never been more unlucky or lucky for me than any other day of the year.



Saturday will be the opposite of Friday’s quietness. We have the Moon moving into active Aries in the early hours of the morning. This means that physical project, such as yard work, gardening, exercise and cleaning are favoured. The problem with Aries though, is that it has a reputation for leaving projects half done because something more interesting came along. So try not to tackle projects that are too big. We have a sextile between Jupiter and Pluto happening as well, adding extra energies to what is normally released, which can enhance our intuition and mental faculties. Adding to this is a sextile between Mars and Neptune, a transit that can pleasantly stimulate our intuition, compassion and idealistic impulses. Its a good time for creating, taking in a film or just enjoying our downtime. We tend to find it easier to let go of anger as dispositions become softer under this transit. Sunday continues with these energies.

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