Week Ahead – Monday, April 2nd through Sunday, April 8th

  • Posted on April 1, 2018 at 7:30 am

Happy Sunday everyone and Happy Easter/April Fool’s Day! This week we bid farewell to March and make room April, which should bring us some interesting energies. Mercury will be retrograde will the 15th, so we still have to try to keep things in balance. We also have Saturn and Pluto going retrograde, meaning we will need to be a bit more organized and disciplined. We also have a solar eclipse and lunar eclipse this month, turning our attention to a new 18-year cycle, where the Universe will support new ventures and changes. The Lunar eclipse looks to bring some positive changes financially. For today we have some balancing Libra energy and a sensuous vibe from Venus in play. Its a good day for sharing with a loved one. Now let’s take a look at what the first week of April has in store for us.


Monday brings us a conjunction between Mars and Saturn, a tricky little transit that challenges us to discipline ourselves and apply our energy in practical and organized ways. The problem is….we don’t feel like doing that! We would rather plunge ahead, throw caution to the wind and act without a plan…sometimes as an act of defiance. Unfortunately, our circumstances won’t be playing ball with us now, being less than cooperative and tossing frustrating delays, obstacles and anything else that interferes with our plans and slows us down. By staying focused on what is meaningful, we will find that we can make noticeable progress. We also have a trine between the Sun and Lunar North Node, a transit that can make us feel confident, optimistic and empowered. Some may feel its energy a couple of days before and after this date. It could feel as if the pieces of the puzzle in any given situation, are just falling into place, allowing us to make progress in what we’re striving to do in our lives right now. We do need to be a bit cautious, however. Even though it feels like we can go forward we still need a bit of a reality check on the wisdom of what we want to do to be sure its still a good idea.


Tuesday is a quiet one in the skies for the most part. We do have a Void of Course Moon in the later afternoon. Wednesday morning starts us off with an optimistic Sagittarius Moon, where we tend to become a bit more orderly and calm, are ready to follow routines and rules and have a need for giving and receiving advice and recommendations. We may find an increase in our interests in social life and where we fit in. When the Moon is in Sagittarius our focus turns from inner soul searching to exploring the world around us. This lunar mood is very adventurous, active and restless for exploration. We want to experience life first hand. we want to get outdoors, see the sights, connect with nature, go places we haven’t been before. It does, however, put us in a risk-taking mood. A need to be in motion makes us very restless if we get bogged down with mundane chores. It’s a good time for speaking our truth, saying it like it is, but we also need to be careful that our words don’t come out with blunt force. The best way to enjoy and us this lunar energy is to keep it light and upbeat. Adding to this is a challenging square between Mercury and Mars, a transit that is characterized by hot debates, fiery speech and lots of arguments. We may experience this in forms of conflict or we may find these exchanges as challenging yet stimulating. We just need to remember to pace all of that mental energy. One of the things we need to watch out for here is that we may have a really short fuse, as will others around us. We can get through this one by keeping a tight rein on our judgement and objectivity when having verbal duels. We can tap into this energy and use it to fan the flames of motivation or take our ideas and use them to generate some positive and constructive action.


Thursday brings us a challenging square between Mercury and Saturn, where it can feel like getting from point A to point B is a challenge due to obstacles and delays. Communications may be blocked or delayed, and negative thinking could dominate at this time causing feelings of irritation. Projects we thought were complete may need revision, and others could appear overly critical, insensitive, or sarcastic. In truth, we are likely being more efficient that we actually feel right now because we tend to really pay attention to detail and feel a real need to be accurate and precise in all that we do. The trick is to not take everything so seriously that you end up looking for problems where there are none.  It’s important to keep things in the proper perspective in order for us to get the necessary stuff done. By concentrating on learning one thing well today, you will retain it. You may be critical-especially of yourself-as you tend to seek perfection from everything you encounter. Words spoken may challenge what you have long-accepted, causing you to deny their significance. Stay focused yet listen carefully; important information is available.


Friday starts out quiet with a Void of Course Moon occurring mid-afternoon. By the early evening, the Moon will be moving into Capricorn, where our emotional charge seems to decrease as our feelings of duty and responsibility move to the fore. We tend to become more practical and logical, as well as more demanding and less sensitive to others and ourselves. When the Moon is in Capricorn, we’re more serious-minded. It’s harder to just hang out. We want to feel productive on something that has substance to it. These days are great for pushing past difficult obstacles. This lunar mood puts the focus on real-world ambitions. We might spend our time mapping out a business plan. It’s timely for considering what’s a good investment of your time, energy and resources. What will bring a solid return? Everything is viewed through a practical eye, including relationships. We can see how to make structural changes that make life more efficient.



The weekend is under the Capricorn Moon energy, so we may start to take care of those projects around the home to prepare for Spring or just get things planned out and organize. We have a trine between Venus and Saturn on Saturday, a transit whose characteristics are about stability in both relationships and finances. So these may be the areas of focus for this weekend. During this transit, taking care of the necessary, even unpleasant, tasks seem less of a burden. It’s a time where pleasure is made to last rather than immediate gratification. Some may feel an extra need to prove their responsibility to others. We can also find it easier to focus on projects that are creative in nature. If you are prone to bouts of depression, you may want to be cautious about becoming so stable and grounded that you lose touch with your sense of potential and hope. This is a good transit for making concrete progress in matters that involve love, balance, beauty and harmony. Sunday is a quiet day in the skies.

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