Week Ahead – Monday, February 12th through Sunday, February 18th

  • Posted on February 11, 2018 at 7:30 am

Happy Sunday everyone! We are nearing the halfway point of this month, Valentines Day is a couple of days away, as is the Chinese New Year. The 16th ushers in the year of the Earth Dog. Chinese New Year is a time to welcome longevity, wealth and prosperity and to eliminate any negative chi from the past. This fourteen-day celebration is very symbolic, and has many important do’s and don’ts.
Year of the Earth Dog years are believed to be the most unlucky for people born in previous years of the Dog. In general, people with Chinese zodiac Dog sign will have a year full of challenges. It’s not all unlucky for everyone though, as the Dog is a symbol of luck in general. Today we have the energies of a Capricorn Moon in play, making it a good day for focusing on responsibilities and tangible projects. It’s a relaxing energy though so we can relax as we take on these tasks. Now, let’s see what this week has in store for us.
Monday continues with the Capricorn Moon energy, so we can still get those responsibilities and projects done today. Otherwise, its a fairly quiet day in the skies. Tuesday starts with an early morning Void of Course Moon that will move into Aquarius in the mid-afternoon. This is a friendly energy that can help us to work on the friendship side of our relationships. We also have a square between Mercury and Jupiter today, a transit that can bring us information overload, making it all too easy to miss or neglect important details. What we need to be careful of is that “pie in the sky” thinking, or having ideas and making plans that are a bit too grandiose. However, this can be a good opportunity to learn something about how we jump to conclusions or place blame, especially if a situation triggers something that challenges our beliefs. Lastly, we have a sextile between the Sun and Uranus, a fun little transit that allows us to be a bit more open to being spontaneous.
Wednesday is Valentines Day, but a quiet one in the skies. We do still have the Aquarius Moon energy focusing on building stronger connections and the friendship side of things, but there is also that bit of fantasy romance for those enjoying a night out.
Thursday is our New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurring in Aquarius. Our last Solar Eclipse happened in Leo back in August of last year. Think back to what was going on at that time for you. This eclipse is the exact opposite, allowing us to gain some perspective on our lives between then and now. The New Moon urges us to open to something new, and an eclipse amplifies that energy. We have a sextile between Mercury and Uranus going on, where our thoughts are inventive and original. Mixed with this Solar Eclipse energy, this is a good time for taking those ideas and inventions to the next level. Lastly is a sextile between Venus and Saturn. This is a day for romantic yearnings, fantasies and longings. It makes the perfect time to ask yourself if there is a dream of yours, perhaps one you had to shelve for a while, that you can now take down, blow off the dust, and make it come true.
Friday brings the still New moon into Pisces, a good energy for music, movies and meditation for the weekend. At this time our life can take on a kind of mystical quality at the emotional and instinctive levels. Dreams and illusions, forgiveness, and understanding human frailties: these things arouse deep feelings for us. There is also a tendency for getting overly involved in the problems of others, causing us to temporarily lose ourselves in the process. It’s wise to watch out for those who prey on the goodwill of others at this time.
Saturday brings us a challenging square between Mars and Neptune, which can produce some active dreaming. For up to a week before and a week after today, we have a chance to discover and work with our blind spots and the hidden motives that tend to trip us up. It may feel like we are spinning our wheels or “shadow-boxing” and we aren’t even sure why right now. We may be fighting a hidden agenda or unconscious motives (either our own or someone else’s). We might also be trying to apply a concrete solution to an ambiguous situation, and then wondering why it isn’t working out very well. Combine this with a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury, and some of us may have some restless sleep or wake up really early. Our mind is busy now and some may choose to take some short trips this weekend to keep themselves, and their minds, busy.
Sunday brings a shift from a dreamy and diffused Pisces Moon into a fired up Aries Moon, bringing physical restlessness on top of the mental restlessness. It’s a day for being active. It’s also an energy fit for gravitating towards emotional beginnings, a fresh start, perhaps the establishment of new habit patterns – so make sure they’re good ones because they’ll set the tone for you for quite some time to come! We have Mercury moving into Pisces as well this morning. When Mercury is in Pisces, our thinking processes become visual, intuitive, and imaginative. Our brainy Mercury is less interested in the facts and more in touch with feelings at this time. We are more attuned to the world of emotion, and it colours both our thoughts and our communication style. This transit serves poets, artists, healers, spiritual seekers and all those who don’t rely on objective evidence to shape reality. We also have the Sun joining Mercury in Pisces, so Happy Solar return to all of you Pisces natives!

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