Week Ahead – Monday May 15th through Sunday May 21st

  • Posted on May 14, 2017 at 10:09 am


Happy Sunday everyone, and Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mom’s in the USA! Astrologically, today will be fairly uneventful. We have the Moon in Capricorn, which sets the tone for the start of the week. So this morning and this afternoon are good for those family activities, but try to steer clear of any emotional topics as we head into the evening. Now, lets see what the rest of this week has in store for us!

Monday sees Mercury re-entering Taurus as it moves out of its shadow from its recent retrograde cycle. When Mercury is in Taurus, our thinking is down to earth, solid, and grounded. Common sense reigns over more fanciful thinking. We communicate more deliberately under this influence, and our minds are oriented to the world of the five senses. We prefer the tried and true rather than new ways of thinking. Attention to one thing at a time can simplify our lives, but we may be in danger of narrow, overly conservative, or rigid thinking.

Tuesday has a late morning Void of Course Moon, with the Moon moving into Aquarius by early evening. When the Moon is in Aquarius it brings us feelings of openness with a sense of inner freedom. Our emotions become more alive and we feel we can express them more freely. What we can’t cope with are limitations being imposed upon us or pressure from others because our main focus is on our inner feelings of independence. We tend to have a sense of emotional coolness or detachment at the personal level, combined with an emphasis on idealism: such is the nature of the cycle we are now entering. We have a tendency to allow ourselves more freedom.

Wednesday is a quiet one in the skies, but we are still under the influence of the Aquarius Moon, so its a good time for stepping out of our normal routine, trying new groups and organizations, and meeting new people.

Thursday brings a harmonious aspect between the Sun and Chiron our way. Wherever Chiron falls in our natal chart will show us where we have been wounded and the key to healing. Having the Sun shed its light on those wounds can lead to a release from our bonds to our past bringing healing and wisdom.
Look at the chronic struggles you have had going on in your life. This transit can help you find new inspiration, motivation, or the confidence to rejuvenate our waning enthusiasm.  Of course, this means having to face our fear of failure and low self esteem before we are able to move past those feelings. The thing to remember with this transit is that we are not tapping into its benefits because we are failing in our life. It’s the new potential that becomes available under this transit that brings a response to these new concerns that are rising to the surface.

Friday is a busy one in the skies, and begins with a Void of Course Moon in the wee hours of the morning, which will then move into Pisces before we rise to start the day. A Pisces Moon can bring about feelings of romance, heightened intuition, mystical and dreamy moods, and an interest in the unknown, religion and all that is magical. We tend to become softer, sentimental and more tender, speaking words of kindness and complimenting those we love. We also tend to have this deeper understanding of the hidden meaning of life, events and things, as well as more intimate perception of beauty, art, poetry and music.

     We also have a happy trine between Saturn and Uranus, a combo that has been going on since December of last year and will continue until November of this year. Saturn wants to focus on long term growth and stability, and Uranus wants excitement, freedom and something totally new. When we combine these energies it can open up to new possibilities that we are able to blend into the world of the mundane. Its a great energy for inventors, but this harmonious energy is available to us all! No matter what our Sun Sign or configuration in our natal chart. A trine usually symbolizes completion of an event or project in a harmonious way. Saturn represents solid structures, big business, tradition, the establishment. Saturn is grounded, conservative, rooted in the practical, disciplined, concerned about what one “should” do or what “should” happen.

     Next up is a challenging square between the Sun and the North Lunar Node, which can bring feelings of conflict between our sense of identity and purpose with the lessons we are needing to learn in our lives. It can manifest through situations where we feel we are being forced off course or forced to take a detour that is not as direct as our chosen road. Some may find themselves confronted by dilemmas and conflicts at this time that cause stress and these are situations that we may normally resist. However, by bot fighting these situations, we can gain a deeper understanding of our feelings and experiences if we let ourselves explore the situation a bit.

     Lastly, we have an opposition between Venus and Jupiter. while this isn’t an overly difficult combo, we do need to be careful about overindulging in the sensual pleasures. It can be hard to find a balance between responsibilities and the desire for self-gratification right now. Some may feel that nothing is enough for them and will continually look for something better. This can lead to an unrealistic dissatisfaction with one’s relationship or placing the blame for dissatisfaction on the outside world when really the issue is within us right now.  On a positive note, the energy of this transit can bring out our natural charm and beauty where social situations are concerned. This is great for those who are often very shy or inhibited. Things like making big purchases or expanding on a relationship or love interest can work in our favour if we have taken the time to do a bit of research first rather than just impulsively jumping in feet first. Those who like to help others will feel more generous with their time, resources, and skills now too. Enjoy it but don’t go overboard or promise things that you will find hard to give at a later date.


Saturday is when the Sun makes it’s move into the sign of the Twins, so Happy Solar Return to all of my fellow Geminis out there! For the next month knowledge and diversity will be what motivates us with the Sun in Gemini. We become more sociable, intellectual, and insatiably curious under this influence. However, we also tend to scatter our energies as a result of this curiosity and awareness of all of our options. The Sun in Gemini is a good time for: Getting your point across, writing letters or speaking in public, initiating flirtatious new friendships, and taking short trips.

Sunday starts with a Void of Course Moon in the early hours of the mornings, and then the Moon moves into firey Aries just before noon. Some may actually feel this shift more than others. An Aries Moon tends to bring conflict more than most times, with emotional tensions growing, people becoming short-tempered and impulsive. Some may show a rediness and fearlessness to act in an extreme situation. Even the sweetest tempered person can become a bit mean under this moon. However, it becomes easier to shake old problem and the weight of tiresome responsibility. We want to free ourselves from everything that bothers us and makes our lives feel uneasy. It’s a great time to have an opening for an art show, a business, or to sell your house. It supports you if you’ve got to be dynamic, for a job interview or on a date. You can go ahead and start that project or try to sell your idea to others. Quick short activities are favored, rather than doing any tedious footwork. You can encourage a friend, work on self-promotion materials, or throw a party.

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