Week Ahead – Monday February 13th through Sunday February 19th

  • Posted on February 12, 2017 at 7:00 am



Happy Sunday everyone! I hope this update finds you all well. We have alot going on this week, but first lets look at today. We are still under the influence of a Virgo Moon, which makes today good for accomplishing something that makes us feel good, whether that is house work, getting something organized, or de-cluttering an area. We also have a 2 week period between eclipses right now, which makes it a good time for being introspective. Now let’s take a look at what else this week has in store for us!

Monday starts of still under the influence of a Virgo Moon, but will go Void of Course just after Noon, and remain there until the late evening, when it shifts into Libra, just in time for Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Libra is the relationship sign and likes nice things, going to beautiful places or just enjoying quality time with those we love. Libra creates this feeling of harmony and calm. We find we more easily connect to people, compromise is more likely and conflict less so. Its a time when we find it easier to understand and relate to others. We tend to be polite and diplomatic, and would rather avoid arguments.

Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, will still be under the influences of a Libra Moon, as well as having a sextile between the Sun and Saturn. Under the vibes of this transit we are more able to effectively take care of loose ends and attend to small details, especially the ones we dislike. We have a better chance of tackling any serious issues in our lives and completing tasks that we have put off for some time. Commitments that we make now are more apt to last because of a more serious attitude and willingness to take on responsibilities. It’s a good time to prove to others that you can be dependable when it counts. Focusing on practical matters and getting organized are good things to focus on now, especially if you are laying the foundation for something positive to grow.

Wednesday is a quiet one and the remainder of the week looks like it will flow more smoothly. We have an early morning Void of Course Moon on Thursday for a few hours, and then the Moon moves into brooding Scorpio. We also have a sextile between Mercury and Mars today, which will help us to get into our own groove and get things done more easily. Today, thoughtful actions will produce positive results and by planning ahead for possible consequences we can minimize any potential conflicts. It’s an opportune transit for some creative problem solving and testing out our decisions to see if they will fit into our plans and goals.

Friday is mainly quiet until the Moon enters its Void of Course phase in the early evening. The weekend gets a more adventurous vibe when the Moon moves into Sagittarius in the late afternoon. Sagittarius tends to bring a sense of peace and stability, and we become a bit more orderly and calm, are ready to follow routines and rules and have a need for giving and receiving advice and recommendations. Some will find that it increases our interests in our social life and where we fit in. Today is also the day the Sun moves into Pisces, so Happy Solar return to all of your Pisceans out there! This mood of openness will be with us through Sunday as well, and makes it a good weekend for visiting places close to water or seeing a good film with someone.

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