WEEK AHEAD – Monday, March 28th through Sunday, April 3rd

  • Posted on March 26, 2016 at 3:27 pm


Happy Sunday and Happy Easter everyone! We’re just about to wrap up another month as we move into the early days of Spring. Its a quiet one for us today with just a Void of Course Moon, perfect for an Easter Sunday of spending time with loved one. Let’s have a look at what this week has in store for us.

Monday starts off with an adventurous Sagittarius Moon that will be with us for the next couple of days. On the business side of things, Sagittarius favours marketing and sales. Its also a great time for taking a trip outdoors and getting into nature. Tuesday brings much of the same energy, but we start to have a variety of mental energy that will be with through Thursday. Its a good energy to start working on challenges and problems, but not a good time to try to force any issues that just aren’t ready to budge yet.

Wednesday brings a more structured energy as the Moon moves into Capricorn, so we can focus on finding solutions and getting the process rolling on sorting them out. This is a more socially reserved energy that is best used for those tasks that require some discipline. We have a trine going on between Mercury and Saturn, an excellent transit for mental work that involves accuracy and precision. It may be best to look at ways you can bring closure to any finished goals and perhaps map out some plans for new ones. It blends well with Capricorn’s practical and analytical side. Adding to this is a challenging square between Mercury and Pluto. Square aspects usually bring challenges or obstacles that we need to overcome. Mercury Square Pluto is no exception here and we need to be cautious with this transit with impulsive and obsessive interaction between quick to speak Mercury and burn your bridges Pluto.

Hidden forces can be brought to light and also trigger some psychological energies within that could in effect change our lives. Also, watch out for dramatic outbursts and events, both personally and globally.

Thursday looks like a good day for stepping away from our normal routines for a bit. Its also a good idea to steer clear of people who have issues with control and micro-managing. We have Mercury conjunct Uranus in play, which tends to bring about spontaneous, radical, and unusual means of thinking and communicating. Our perceptions are more flexible and open-minded, and this can have us seeing things with our eyes wide open…which can be a bit of a shock to the system for some. On a positive note, this transits energy can set lose our creativity and inspire us, especially when we are looking ahead at our future. It’s a good energy for gatherings which can include community, family, friends and groups.

Friday is a quiet one with a late afternoon Void of Course Moon. In the wee hours of Saturday the Moon will be shifting into Aquarius, and this energy will be with us for the entire weekend. Aquarius can be a bit cold and detached, but with it we gain an instinctive need for improvement and are drawn to the new and unusual aspects that life has to offer. Its a good energy for social gatherings and any kind of brainstorming, new ideas and progressive changes in a group. Some may feel an impulsive need to break away from any relationships or situations that feel claustrophobic. We tend to focus on the bigger picture rather than personal agendas. So use this weekend to be social and experience new and interesting things.

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