WEEK AHEAD – Monday, March 14th through Sunday, March 20th

  • Posted on March 13, 2016 at 7:30 am


Happy Sunday everyone! We nearly at the halfway mark of this month and getting closer to the official start of spring. Also, its Daylight Savings Time for the USA so don’t forget to move those clocks ahead an hour. The UK will be catching up on the 27th of this month. We have a quiet day in the skies for our Sunday, aside from a Void of Course Moon that will move into restless Gemini later this evening to kick off the work week. Let’s have a look at what this week has in store for us!

Monday begins under the energy of the Gemini Moon, making the next couple of days good for short tasks and quick calls. We also have a challenging square between Mercury and Saturn which can make getting from point A to B somewhat of a challenge with delays and obstacles cropping up unexpectedly. Try to plan your day with a bit of room to be flexible. Its also a transit that is dominated by negative thinking that can cause us frustration over little things, like a project we thought was done need to be revised or people coming across of insensitive, overly critical and sarcastic. The trick here is to try not to take everything too seriously, otherwise we could end up looking for issues where there are none. One thing we need to do is say no when we need to and not overtax ourselves trying to be a people pleaser. We have a square going on between Venus and Mars as well that can bring tension into relationships.

Tuesday brings Mercury and Pluto into a sextile, fuelling our communication by our passion. Its a good energy that can help get people on your side with idea by first finding some common ground. Just remember not to be too pushy with your persuasions. We also have an opposition between Mercury and Jupiter, where our words seem to come easily, in some cases a bit too easily. Our judgement regarding the validity of our ideas can be a bit off right now as well. We have an evening Void of Course Moon to wrap up the day.

Wednesday dawns with a Cancer Moon, which brings us a shift from Gemini’s restlessness to a need for peace and quiet. We are motivated by feelings of security, safety and belonging, making it a good time to connect with those people and things that nurture these needs. We also have a helpful trine between expansive Jupiter and transformative Pluto. Under this transit we find that Jupiter’s quest for truth, wisdom and freedom works in balance with Pluto’s cycle of destruction, transformation and renewal. While the effect of this energy isn’t always obvious, it does give us access to far reaching vision and optimism that can help us in dealing with the letting go of baggage in a more positive way, while allowing us to see these life changes at a deeper level as it shines a light in those dark corners that we once found frightening and unfamiliar.

Thursday is quiet in the skies for St. Patrick’s Day, but the Moon will be moving into heart opening Leo Friday morning that supports heart centred and creative activities through the weekend.

Depending on where you live, Saturday/Sunday is the Spring Equinox with the Sun moving into Aries. We have some strong fire and water elements happening for the next three months now, focusing on passions and emotions. We will need to take care that we don’t become so entrenched in other people’s needs that we end up neglecting our own. Boundaries are needed along with some flexibility that allows us to adapt to upcoming changes in our situations.

The Moon moves into practical Virgo Sunday afternoon, where we tend to gravitate towards activities that are practical, like spring cleaning and getting organized. Lastly we have a conjunction between Venus and Neptune, which can inspire a lot of creativity as well as healing faith in the areas of abundance and love. But we need stay realistic in our approach to the views and actions necessary to fully realize our potential. So assessing these areas won’t come easily right now.

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