WEEK AHEAD – Monday, March 7th through Sunday, March 13th

  • Posted on March 6, 2016 at 7:30 am

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope this weekends finds you all well. We have some social energy with us today with the Moon still being in Aquarius, so its a good one for social conversations and keeping things light. We also have Mars moving into Sagittarius today, which can help motivate us to learn something new at this time, or share our knowledge with others. It can be a restless energy at time though, especially when stuck with the same old routines. Something we may see around the world during Mars’ time in Sagittarius are causes being defended and people being motivated to take a stand. So its a few weeks to watch and see what happens. Lastly, we have the Sun and Saturn in a challenging square, which will highlight those areas where we need to accept our own limitations, boundaries, and expectations. We may find ourselves faced with the consequences of avoiding some task or obligation, or at least receive a warning of what could happen should we continue to avoid them. Another possibility could be having to accept a situation that means accepting responsibility that we don’t want, or that restricts our freedom in some way. Let’s see what lies ahead for the coming week now.

On Monday the Moon moves into mystical Pisces, making us not want to face reality with its dreamy vibe. Its a great energy for things that require a bit of imagination though and our intuition tends to be much higher under a Pisces Moon. We also have a sextile between the Sun and Pluto for today. Under this transit we can feel our sense of purpose grow stronger, allowing us to tap into the deeper levels of our energy stores and determination. We also gain the ability to be able to see below the surface of things.  We may not be able to understand what it is we are seeing but we can often get to the core of unconscious patterns that need changing.  Some of the insights we gain now may not bring about a “light bulb” moment until later down the line. Lastly, we have Vesta moving into Taurus reminding us of our need to withdraw from time to time and allow healing to take place.
Tuesday brings a challenging opposition between the Sun and Jupiter, which can be a feel good transit for the most part, but to the point of over reaching, over estimating our abilities, indulging in extravagances or going overboard. We have a challenging T-Square going on at this time too, and its one that can have us feeling pulled in different directions. First there is Pisces, who just wants to disengage from the world so that it can tune into a deeper energy. Then we have practical Virgo reminding us of that list of chores we have to complete and wants to do some spring cleaning. Lastly is Sagittarius who wants to focus on our dreams and goals but with caution. The best way to cope is to be open minded and go with the flow.

Wednesday is our New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Things start out with a Void of Course New Moon that will move into Aries later this evening. But we still have that Pisces energy in play too. When we have a New Moon we also have the Sun in the same sign, which is why these energies are so focused and potent. So before the Moon shifts into Aries, the Pisces energy will be at its strongest. This is also a Solar Eclipse and eclipses are known as a kind of dramatic wild card that the Universe pulls out when it wants us to pay more attention to those areas in our lives that need change. Its fairly normal to experience some kind of ending and beginning during an eclipse cycle too. And its a time to expect the unexpected to pop up in our lives. The eclipses job is to shine a bright light into those areas of life where we need to uncover the truth, sometimes in a way that can be quite startling.

Thursday is a quiet one for us before the Moon moves into Taurus on Friday and for the weekend. It makes a good time for purchasing tangible items that will last, like investments for the home. We also want to enjoy life’s little pleasures now too. Mercury and Neptune are in a conjunction as well, and will be there for a few days. It can be a highly creative combo for those that have the inkling to tap into this energy.

Saturday sees the planet of love, Venus moving into Pisces, where she is quite comfy. Its a very romantic combo but can also bring out illusion and fantasy. Mainly its a good day for pampering ourselves. Our creativity, sense of compassion, and feelings of harmony are all affected by the energy of Venus moving through Pisces. It’s a really great energy for those who are artists, writers, musicians, or anyone who deals in the art of imagination. Sunday is Daylight Savings in the USA! We have the Moon shifting into Gemini, where we want to communicate more and share ideas. Our attention span can be a bit shorter under this energy though. So short and interesting tasks are the order of the day.

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