WEEK AHEAD – Monday, July 27th through Sunday, August 2nd

  • Posted on July 26, 2015 at 9:06 am

Happy Sunday everyone! Well, here we are at the last week of July and getting ready for a new month. Time really seems to be flying by lately. Today should be interesting because we have the Moon entering Sagittarius, who wants to get outdoors and explore and expand the mind on a philosophical level. And while that is happening we have explosive Uranus turning retrograde, where it will run its retrograde course until the end of December. Uranus wants to bring change, freedom and innovation. We can now look to our own lives and see what personal revolution we want to make happen by the end of this year. Also in play is a trine between Mars and Chiron, which focuses on asserting ourselves on our own healing journey. Let’s take a look a how this week will play out.

We have a quiet start to this week that will still be under Sagittarius’ influence until Tuesday, when the Moon shifts into hard working Capricorn. So we can use these next couple of days to accomplish useful and tangible projects. Wednesday is also a quiet one for us in the skies. So we are looking at an easier first half of this week where we can focus on getting things done.

By Thursday things start to shift when the Moon enters Aquarius, where we may feel like unplugging from the world a bit and playing on our own. Its a good time for those projects that require just yourself and your own imagination. On Friday the Moon enters it’s Full lunation. This is also called a Blue Moon, being the second Full Moon to occur in the same month. Keep in mind that Full Moons are a great time for releasing old and negative things and people in our lives. Aquarius can help us to look at those issues that involve us emotionally in a more detached way now. Venus Retrograde will be moving into Leo today as well, giving us the option to open our hearts and be with those whose company we enjoy, as opposed to unplugging. We have an emphasis on the fixed signs right now (Aquarius, Leo. Scorpio…Taurus is missing from this though). Fixed signs give us that boost that helps us to persevere so that we can get through practically anything. These are the survivors of the zodiac. They also bring with them some lessons about not being stubborn and knowing when to let go.

Saturday will still be under the influence of the Aquarius Moon until just before midnight, when it first enters its Void of Course lunation and then moves into Pisces. Pisces is a water sign so you may feel drawn to hanging out near some water, a beach, lake or pond will do. Some may feel drawn towards the arts, either to observe or to allow their own creativity to flow. Its a day for going with the flow.

On Sunday Saturn finally ends its retrograde cycle and goes direct. Keep in mind that up to a week prior and a week after this time frame, Saturn’s energy feels more intense and stronger than usual. Some will experience this as feeling physically or mentally “heavy” or sluggish at times. This is a time where karma and consequences rise to the surface with responsible Saturn moving forward once more. Getting real with our responsibilities needs focus and we may find we are faced with some difficult to make decisions now. There is an upside to this planetary shift though. It is a good time for making those long term commitments. It can be a turning point in any of those long term projects and goals that we have been trying to develop over the past few months. Some may suddenly find a way to deal with old limitations in a different way by either making peace with the issue or finding a way to move past it. Those of you who have been dealing with endings and closure in your lives, now is the time you start to feel you can finally release the past and move forward.

We also have a helpful trine between Mercury and Uranus. With this transit, expect unusual ideas, flashes of insight and seeing unexpected possibilities in old situations. We tend to be more open minded under this transits influence and can see beyond the usual horizon of perception. Its a good time for experimenting with something new or breaking out of old habits and restraints. Its a very liberating energy so put it to good use while it lasts!

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