Week Ahead – Monday, March 2nd through Sunday, March 8th

  • Posted on March 1, 2020 at 7:30 am

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to the first day of March! You wouldn’t know that Spring is just a couple of weeks away with the weather we’ve been having. Today we have some Gemini Moon energy in play, making it a good time for communicating in various ways. For March, we still have Mercury retrograde until the 9th. Also, this month’s Full Moon is the first of 3 Super Moons we will be experiencing. Venus will be moving into her favourite sign of Taurus this week, ramping up the already abundant earth element energy, and we have Saturn shifting between two signs as it starts it’s retrograde phase this month. Now, let’s see what this week has in store for us!


Monday brings us a quiet start to the week, aside from the energy from the talkative Gemini Moon. This is a good day for short calls and projects that can be done quickly. On Tuesday, Venus and Saturn come together in a challenging square, and this is one where we do not want to push the boundaries of authority or force any relationship issues. Some of us may feel a bit sluggish as we try to get ourselves going in the morning.


In the early hours of the morning, the Moon will briefly go Void of Course before moving into Cancer, where we become homebodies. Cancer brings that instinctive desire for peace and quiet, and we become more sensitive to our inner world. This Moon makes us want to retreat, to refill the well. Mercury moves back into the sign of Aquarius today during it’s continued retrograde cycle. This means it’s time for us to explore new ideas, higher ideals, explore new groups, and get out there and meet nee people. Mercury also comes together with venus later in the day, which makes for some harmonious communication and social connections.


Venus moves signs today, into earthy Taurus, where she will remain until April 3rd. Venus in Taurus can help us to manifest our desires and needs. With Taurus, those needs and desires tend to be more tangible, such as manifesting money. Friday morning starts us off with a brief Void of Course Moon. It then moves int heart opening Leo, which encourages fun, creativity and those heart-opening activities as we move into the weekend.


Saturday keeps the focus on those Leo Moon activities, so get out and mingle! Sunday is Daylight Saving Time for the U.S. so make sure those clocks have gone forward. As we begin our Sunday morning, the Moon goes Void of Course for a bit and then moves into practical Virgo. Sunday will be a good one for tackling those practical tasks, doing some spring cleaning, and decluttering. We have a conjunction between the Sun and Neptune, which can heighten our creativity, and a conjunction between Venus and Uranus, where we feel a need for change on our social, financial, and relationship levels.

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