Week Ahead – Monday, June 10th through Sunday, June 16th

  • Posted on June 9, 2019 at 7:30 am

Happy Sunday everyone! This week brings us mid-way through the month. Today we are under the influence of a Virgo Moon, so its a good time for getting a lot of tasks done. However, later in the day, we have the Sun challenging Neptune, which can lead to not getting those tasks done. Try to get things done earlier in the day if you can. This way you won’t feel too guilty for taking that afternoon nap. Now, let’s see what this week has in store for us.


Monday continues with that Virgo Moon energy, which is great for getting a lot of things accomplished. We also have an opposition between the Sun and Jupiter today. Under its influence, we might fall victim to wasting opportunities, time, or resources. There can be a tendency to go overboard and to indulge in extravagances. Watch that you don’t overestimate your capabilities now and don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t going as fast as you think you should. The Moon will go Void of Course in the early afternoon.


Things start to run more smoothly by Tuesday. In the early hours of the morning, the Moon will be moving into balancing Libra, which brings harmony and a sense of calm. It’s a time when an idea may come that brings balance to a situation or has the potential to. These are power days for speeches, and offering your big idea. It’s also the right mood to make amends or compromise. Creating order is also the focus, not necessarily through tidying or organizing as was the case while the Moon was in Virgo, but rather through pleasing interactions with others and aesthetics in our environment.


Wednesday brings us a conjunction between Mars and the North Lunar Node. This is an energy that we may feel for up to a week before and a week after today. It can bring energy to our situations but we need to take care because we can also feel wired or be easily angered. Or we may find ourselves around others who are this way. It can be a more aggressive and explosive energy. In the late afternoon, the Moon will go Void of Course.


As we move into the later part of the week, we may want to slow things down a bit and focus our energies on our priorities rather than our to-do list. In the early morning, the Moon will move into Scorpio. The Moon in Scorpio urges us to uncover our own power, and it’s an excellent time to rid ourselves of old fears and limiting habits. It can be an intimate and passionate time, as well as a time for healing as we destroy the roots of a disturbance in our life. Venus and Chiron also come together today in an aspect that brings us opportunities to harmonize those difficult relationships in our lives. While this is a transit that only lasts for a few days, we can still make a decent amount of progress where rebalancing and healing is concerned.


Mars is busy today, with a Mars/Neptune trine, and a Mars/Saturn opposition. The Mars/Neptune transit stimulates our sensuality, creativity and sense of community spirit. For those who are dating, you are likely to attract a less aggressive, more spiritually inclined partner. While this isn’t a high energy transit, we can be motivated to express our creativity and a good sense of rhythm through dance, music, sculpture and other physical creative outlets. It’s a good energy for getting out and socializing on Friday night. The Mars/Saturn opposition, on the other hand, are two energies who don’t mix easily. However, when they do, we can generate some strong productivity! This can be an extremely irritating transit to cope with though, and we will need huge amounts of calm, patience, and inner balance to get through it. In the late evening, the Moon will go Void of Course.


Saturday morning begins with an optimistic Sagittarius Moon. It makes for a great weekend to get out, explore, and be adventurous. It’s also great for having parties. This lunar mood is very adventurous, active and restless for exploration. We want to experience life first hand. we want to get outdoors, see the sights, connect with nature, go places we haven’t been before. It does, however, put us in a risk-taking mood. We also have a conjunction between Mercury and the North Lunar Node later in the day. This is a transit that gives us the chance to express and communicate our destiny. Keep your eyes, mind and curiosity open – the world could be showing you something important and fascinating!

Sunday is a busy day for the planet of communication. Mercury makes a trine with Neptune to start, which means our imagination and intuition will be running high. Our minds open up more to dreams, imagination, and compassion. A highly creative time, this transit can make us feel as if our thoughts and ideas are flowing like magic through our heads.

Mercury then makes an opposition to Saturn, which means we may face some challenges later in the day where communication is concerned. If you are prone to depression or self-esteem issues you will need to give yourself a bit of space and love, because those feelings can be amplified during this transit. Lastly, Jupiter and Neptune come together in a challenging square. It’s a clash of planets that can stir up plenty of delusions, confusion, and snapping us out of denial through some uncomfortable but necessary reality checks. Be careful not to try to implement too many changes at once, or of saying something blunt that you won’t be able to take back.

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