WEEK AHEAD – Monday, January 12th through Sunday, January 18th

  • Posted on January 11, 2015 at 11:37 am

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s been a blustery and cold few days for us here in the UK. I hope you are all staying safe. If you remember, in one of my updates, I mentioned this increasing tense energy where we would see incidents of people fighting back for what they believe and tense situations/stand-offs coming to a head. We are seeing this in what is happening in France right now as many rise up against the terrorist attacks that occurred this week. It’s something to keep watch on as things move forward. Let’s have a look at what the planets have in store for us for the upcoming week.

Our week starts off with the energies of the Libra Moon, which starts mid-morning on Sunday. It’s a good energy that can help us to balance out those wilder energies we experienced from last week’s Full Moon. Mars will enter Pisces on Monday where it will remain until mid-February. The blend of the Moon and Mars energies can work in two ways; it will either draw out our spiritual warrior side or it will have us feeling confused about what action is the right one to take. Keep in mind that at this time our goals and views are still in a state of change. Be open to embracing change as we experience the unknown coming into our lives.

Tuesday brings us a morning Void of Course Moon that will then move into Scorpio just before midnight. A Scorpio Moon tends to be deep and intense. This energy will help us with all of those changes we have been experiencing. It brings a chance for healing as we destroy the roots of a disturbance in our life. We also have Venus in a sextile with Uranus which brings a reckless kind of energy that can be unpredictable in the social aspects of our lives. We want to break away from our routines now and interact with those who are interesting and different. But we also need to be cautious of that reckless energy that could push us to do something we may regret later while we try to ease our boredom now.

Wednesday brings a sextile between Mercury and Uranus where our thoughts are inventive, original, and we may secretly enjoy shocking those around us with some of our more outrageous opinions and insights. It’s all in good fun though! This is a time when we enjoy making connections, especially with people who bring something different and unique to the table. It blends well with the energy that the Venus/Uranus sextile has brought in. We tend to want to keep ourselves busy at this time and are really drawn to creating something new and fresh that can give us that motivation and excitement we need to create the time and space for them. It’s a good day for stimulating the mind with new and interesting things.

Thursday brings a challenging aspects between aggressive Mars and restrictive Saturn. Many may just feel tired under this transits influence and it’s important to not try to force any situations that just can’t be forced. When action planet Mars meets serious Saturn, it brings a time when we face obstacles, blockages, or opposition to our sense of freedom, our drive, and our ambitions. Excessive or wasteful endeavours and personality traits may need to be tempered now, and we may become more cautious or feel a temporary loss of enthusiasm, or even face setbacks that make us doubt our ability to win in life. It creates a sense of friction that can cause us to feel frustrated, conflicted, stressed out, and argumentative. It’s hard to feel upbeat and positive when our efforts seem to be thwarted or blocked at every turn and this is where we tend to feel the most drain on our energies. We become a bit more sensitive towards anyone or anything that seems to be not cooperating with us, especially authority figures. So try to take it easy during this transit.

As we wrap up the work week on Friday the Moon will be moving into the more upbeat sign of Sagittarius, where fun and adventure is supported just in time for the weekend. We have a late night Void of Course Moon on Saturday before it moves into Capricorn around noon on Sunday. We tend to want to feel productive under Capricorn’s energy so may want to focus on a project or getting things ready for the week ahead. It’s a good time for taking charge of any situations we feel are needing some control, or making plans with others on a group goal.

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