Bullying in the workplace part 2

  • Posted on May 14, 2019 at 2:55 pm

This isn’t my story.  It’s the story of someone close to me though.  Someone who was put through hell by the company they loyally served for years.  A company who hides behind phrases, such as “supporting dignity and equality”.  A company who hides behind policies that seem to not apply to those higher up.  In any case, they put this person through 3 years of hell.  I watched that person go from an active and lively individual to someone who was a shadow of that person.  A few vindictive individuals thought it was ok to berate, antagonize, and push this person to the point where they became deeply depressed and developed severe anxiety.  Going to work every day made matters worse and eventually led to my friend having to be placed on sick leave for months.  During that time, these people continued to harass him, bringing him up on trumped up charges, digging for any bit of “evidence” they could find, even making things up.  They were told time and time again that their actions were pushing my friend towards suicidal and self-harming actions.  My friend overdosed many times in the workplace because he could not cope with the constant bullying.  And yet those higher up did nothing to stop this.  So, here is my friend’s story.

He resigned thankfully but they continue to deny their wrong doings, even though he has clearly pointed out breaches in DPA.  He asked me to share his resignation letter and the response from the person who was meant to be “assisting him” with the issues.


From Raven A MacBeth
Dated 25/04/2019

Formal and official letter of Resignation.

After consultation and careful consideration because of the events of the past almost four years,
I must resign from my position and cut all ties with EXX after ten years of service.

My reasons for this action are as follows:

Firstly after returning from an operation and still in great pain while trying to recover, my newly appointed manager A. P. chose to repeatedly humiliate and embarrass me in front of my colleagues on the call centre floor. I followed procedure and raised these concerns with the section head at that time R. F., she summarily dismissed them until it got to the stage that she didn’t know what to do, I had to provide the solution to move from her section to avoid the situation further. By this time I had already begun to develop a dangerous addiction to prescription medications resulting in overdoses and being taken to the hospital from work because of the situation.

Already having a serious issue, I was not offered any help and was instead disciplined further for issues at work, this made the situation worse. I was even disciplined for a policy infraction that EXX could not show me the policy, I had violated. During this formal my overdose was so bad that I was taken from work to the emergency room, the doctors determined at that time that I was non-suicidal with self-harm tendencies because of the situation at EXX.

When I returned 3 weeks later still trying to recover from that overdose, I was informed that I had been accused of using inappropriate language, A. P. who was not this persons’ manager took it upon herself to approach the section head to request a formal, quite the coincidence. The employee stated that a manager was on the floor that day heard the statement and could verify that I had said it, the manager was not even in the building that day, the case was dismissed but didn’t prevent further overdoses because of the stress and upset.

This goes on for almost four years after the case was dismissed I raised at least two grievances which Senior Manager P. B. felt was not worth pursuing, finally, Senior Manager C. C. had a meeting with myself and a union rep, she acknowledged that I had a drug problem and that R. F.  was returning from maternity leave and I would not be safe if I remained in her section, but if I joined her section she would help me to manage my drug issue and manage any further stresses to help me to try to get back a normal work life.

So she berated a fellow SM playing on my vulnerable position to convince me she would be the best option, not very professional to resort to these tactics. This is further highlighted in a recent statement that she made, I raised an issue about TM S. M.  who is currently conducting an investigation into accusations that have been made. I stated to SM C. M. was contacting me on my personal email while being signed off sick and I have not given him authority to do so, as follows:

“However this does not give Mr Mxxx the right to email me on my personal email without my consent, he has clearly breached DPA”. Her response was “It is important that you are represented and reply to Sxxx’s questions – our occupational health team have said they believe you are fit to answer the questions given by Sxxx via email.” how is this justification for DPA breach?

This also highlights Mr Mxxxy’s methods, before I knew that I was accused of violating EXX’S media policy, he sent me a “friend” invite on an old LinkedIn account that I have not used for at least 8 years and was not aware it existed when he got no response he then proceeded with a formal accusation when asked I was a little surprised as I had fo0rgotten that the account was still active, the fact that I had not responded confirms that I was telling the truth, he chose to ignore this. These actions are underhanded and devious, in 8 years and even through at least 5 other hearings no one has ever mentioned the account or that it existed, there has been no negative impact to EXX’S brand and was never an issue until he made it one.

The current accusation is by a Lead Agent A.  J. who alleges that I called him names at work but has no one that can substantiate his lie, feeling that the case may not be pursued, he then spent time searching the internet to find something that may stick, which is where he discovered the LinkedIn account that I didn’t know about, this is the actions of a vindictive person that already has been caught in a lie. You have also spent the companies valuable time going back through my calls from 6 months ago to find something that you can add to the case, are you that afraid that the first 2 accusations are so weak you had better make sure, sounds like a witch hunt to me.

As a result of this further series of ridiculous accusations, I suffered a near-fatal overdose at work. When I got home my wife was instructed to take me to the emergency room where they kept me under observation for 48 hours before feeling that I was stable enough to return home, but was not to return to work. Throughout this time I had been overdosing at work just to get through each day, I had previously tried to get help from work for the problem from EAPS who told me that they could not help me and they did not know what to do. I repeatedly told my TM K. P. that I was suicidal and was self-harming she did not know what to say or do, SM Cxxx and TM S. M. were also made aware of this and no one did anything. SM Cxxx has confirmed that EAPS I know you’ve spoken to EAP previously and they were unable to offer you any long term counselling, so in effect when you as a company push a human being to the point of suicide and self-harm you are unable to cope with the problem that you have caused. EXX’S policy is “if a person whether employee or customer gives substantial reason to suspect that they may cause self-harm or a fatal injury to themselves you are required to notify the authorities so that they can intervene” after almost 4 years of telling TM’s and SM’s that I was self-harming only once did you contact the authorities, this means that your SM’s and TM’s are not following policy.

TM K. P. apart from not following one policy also breached two others, she did not confirm from me that it was okay for her to discuss my situation with my wife, while I was signed off, this breaches DPA, also as my wife was very angry at callbacks that were promised but never made, she also did not raise a complaint, advise of CHP or send a 2-day letter.

The director’s office while they did confirm with me DPA breached the complaints process on the back of a letter that my wife had sent in showing clear dissatisfaction, no complaint was raised, no CHP or any part of the complaints process followed. You have for 4 years been disciplining an employee that has a Prescription medication issue that originated at EXX and is documented At Queens Medical, Derby Mental Health and by my Doctor who has been helping me.

Every time I told you that I was overdosing and that you were pushing me over the edge and self-harming, you turned your back on me, your own SM’s and TM’s are breaching policies, and berating each other, employees like A. J. who are caught falsely accusing someone of something ridiculous but spend their time surfing the net just to cause vindictive injury to a person instead of helping customers.

I gave you 10 years of hard work and loyal service you gave me a prescription drug problem and being under multiple doctors care and the worse thing is that you feel that EXX has done nothing wrong and doesn’t have to take responsibility for what you have done.

I will not continue to work for a company that has shown such deceitful methods and such an inhuman attitude to a human being whose life you have helped to destroy.

Raven MacBeth


“This is so mind-boggling but tell me what you think, ( I removed any contact details to be fair). I sent in my resignation letter, which I posted on my FB page, I even detailed the reasons why and it is quite serious, and this is what the response was:

from: C.  C.
to: Raven MacBeth
date: Apr 25, 2019, 4:13 PM
subject: RE: Formal letter of Resignation

Hi Raven,
Thank you for sending across your letter of resignation

I just wanted to confirm to you that currently, the investigation is still on going, and no blame has been apportioned or disciplinary action taken so I really don’t want the process you are currently in to influence your decision to leave EXX.

I’m really sorry you feel that we haven’t supported you enough over the last four years – I appreciate you are having a really tough time at the moment and I’m really glad you are seeking professional help to try and get that support.

I need to confirm whether you would like your resignation to be effective immediately or if you would like a notice period. Your notice period could extend up to 10 weeks.

If you are resigning with notice, I’d like to give you the opportunity to reflect on your decision for a couple of weeks. Please confirm if you’d still like me to progress with your resignation by 9th May.

I’m here as always if you’d like to talk,

Kind regards,
C.  C.
Section Manager


Not only did she obviously not read the contents of the letter but then sends this as a response!,Like I said to you Managers
there haven’t listened for four years, breached so many policies but chose to target me and you’re still not listening,I am not surprised as this would be a standard type of reply
sent to a customer, avoid the issues and responsibility of your actions but string together empty sentences that look pretty together and provide the illusion of concern.

I resigned because of this type of attitude to customers and also fellow employees that I know for a fact suffered because of the environment that they have to work under.

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