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Earth Spirit Tarot’s July 2019 Newsletter

  • Posted on June 30, 2019 at 10:00 pm

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Anchor What’s New This Month 

July Blessings everyone! Yet another month has zipped right past us and we find ourselves at the midway point of the year. Our summer so far in the UK has been a bit on the wet side.  It seems we have some warmer and drier weather heading our way for July though.  July looks like it will be a month of high emotions.  We have Mercury retrograde From July 7th to the 31st, and two Eclipses taking place this month.  Solar eclipses represent new beginnings that start on a deeper level.  They bring our inner desires to the surface.  Our first Solar Eclipse takes place in Cancer, which means we will be looking for emotional support and security.  Our 2nd Eclipse is a Capricorn Lunar Eclipse, where the focus is on taking a look at our responsibilities and boundaries, especially those that relate to our emotions.

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Week Ahead – Monday, July 1st through Sunday, July 7th

  • Posted on June 30, 2019 at 7:31 am

Happy Sunday everyone! Today we wave goodbye to June and hello to July. July looks like it will be a month of high emotions. We have Mercury retrograde From July 7th to the 31st, and two Eclipses taking place this month. Solar eclipses represent new beginnings that start on a deeper level. They bring our inner desires to the surface. Our first Solar Eclipse takes place in Cancer, which means we will be looking for emotional support and security. Our 2nd Eclipse is a Capricorn Lunar Eclipse, where the focus is on taking a look at our responsibilities and boundaries, especially those that relate to our emotions. Let’s see what this week has in store for us!


Today we have Mars moving into heart-opening Leo, which means now its time to make sure our heart is connected to our actions. This energy will last until mid-August, so make sure to leave room for fun and creativity too. The Moon will go Void of Course late Monday evening before slipping into Cancer in the wee hours of the morning. This is also our Solar Eclipse. What we will want to watch for are world events in areas that lie under the Moon’s path, so just east of New Zealand to South America’s Pacific side. A Solar Eclipse in Cancer tends to bring deep emotions to the surface, as well as new beginnings. What we want to look at is where we are nurturing and where we need more nurturing for ourselves.


Today we have Venus moving into Cancer, a gentle combo for beautifying our homes and ourselves that will be with us until the 27th. It also allows us to deal with emotional issues in a softer way. Our relationship focus shifts to family, loved ones, and support groups. We tend to find security in familiar places during Venus’s visit in this watery sign. The Moon will go Void of Course mid-afternoon and remain there until Thursday morning when it moves into Leo for the 4th of July. Leo is a sign that likes to have fun, making it a great energy for celebrating the 4th. The Moon will then go Void of Course Friday morning and remain there until the weekend.


Our Saturday morning starts off with the Moon moving into practical Virgo, making it a good weekend for getting things organized or cleaned up. When the Moon is in Virgo we instinctually gravitate towards practical activities. In an urge to set things right, we might easily find ourselves re-organizing and rethinking plans. Emotional satisfaction comes from solving problems, making order out of confusion, and helping others. This makes it a good time for doing routine work that requires precision, concentration on detail and hard work.

Sunday is the day that Mercury begins its Retrograde cycle for the next 3 weeks. For nearly a week before and a week after today, Mercury will be moving at a snail’s pace or pausing entirely. At this time we can experience confusion, intensity, frustration, lots of miscommunication or we may feel we are getting bogged down with any progress we were making. It’s not all bad though! This is a great time for doing research, fact-finding, investigative work and anything else necessary to prepare us for major decisions, which we can put into play after this retrograde cycle. So, try to stay flexible, give yourself a lot of time when setting up your schedule for any unexpected changes and, most of all, flow with it with. Do things that tap into your creative, intuitive and non-rational mind until Mercury turns direct. Later in the afternoon, the Moon will go Void of Course until Monday.

Week Ahead – Monday, June 24th through Sunday, June 30th

  • Posted on June 23, 2019 at 7:30 am
Happy Sunday everyone! Here we are at the last week of June already. July brings us two eclipses. The first takes place on the 2nd in the sign of Cancer, so the focus will be on family and home issues and needs. The second takes place on the 16th in the sign of Capricorn, which will have us focusing on our nurturing needs and responsibilities. Mid-week will be an active one for us and today is a day for being gentle with ourselves. Let’s take a look at what this last week of June has in store for us.
Today starts us off with a challenging square between Venus and Neptune. Under this transit’s influence, we may find that those areas that Venus rules, such as relationships, resources, pleasure and money are subject to deception, confusion and wishful thinking that is unrealistic. Our desires will feel unclear right now and it’s quite possible to see old addictions, idealism or depression surface as a means of trying to deal with our emotions. We can find a more beneficial outlet by channelling our emotions and experiences into something more creative, inspirational, beautiful and compassionate, like helping others or engaging in artistic activities to help express those emotions.
The Moon goes Void of Course in the wee hours of the morning and then moves into Aries before we rise for the day. Aries is an action sign and we may feel like we have a lot of extra energy, have trouble sleeping, restlessness, and we can feel emotional tension. There’s also a motivation for starting fresh and starting something new, but Aries also has an impulsive side that can have us taking risks or not paying attention to small details that could bite back later on. This energy continues into Wednesday.
As we start our day on Thursday, the Moon will be Void of Course until mid-afternoon. It then shifts into earthy Taurus. This is the best time for taking care of the home, running errands, restocking supplies and tending to routine maintenance. Its best to hold off on important business now, as well as the signing of contracts or important papers, because we may make mistakes due to a slowed down reaction and thinking process. Mercury will be entering Leo today, which asks us to review where our heart is engaged in what we do, and what adjustments we need to make in order to bring a spark to our passionate and fun-loving side. The Sun is active today with a sextile with Uranus and a challenging square with Chiron. The Sun/Uranus makes it a great time for doing something out of the ordinary and this transit wants to do anything that isn’t routine or humdrum. The Sun/Chiron transit means our patience and confidence will be feeling a bit strained. We need to try and break free from any chronic constraints and Uranus will lend us a hand in doing this. These energies will stay with us through most of Friday.
The first half of Saturday still has that Taurus vibe that wants us to stop and smell the roses. By the evening the Moon will be Void of Course for a few hours and then shifts into Gemini before midnight. The Moon is the instinctual side of life, so when there’s a lunar Gemini mood, the trickster is afoot. Humour becomes a way of defusing super serious situations. This can also be a period of emotional change: feeling two ways at once without getting too deep into either polarity is possible. Habits are in a cycle of change; variety satisfies a deep inner need. Being on the go and keeping a finger to the winds of change make you feel in touch. It’s a good time for experimentation, perhaps mashing up your personal style. You might change your outfit many times, or coax out one of your lesser-known personalities. Watch out for the appearance of the evil twin, who utters things that you don’t really mean, just to say them. There may be no rhyme or reason for behaviour-thoughts-feelings today, and it’s all okay. This energy stays with us until Monday morning.

Week Ahead – Monday, June 17th through Sunday, June 23rd

  • Posted on June 16, 2019 at 7:30 am

Happy Sunday everyone, and Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads out there! It’s been a wet week here in the UK but hopefully, we will see some sun with the coming week. Today has a generous vibe to it, but we do need to take care because there is a Jupiter/Neptune transit that can make it hard to tell the difference between illusion and reality. other than that, it’s a great day for some relaxed fun and sharing with those you are close to. Let’s see what this week has in store for us.


Our morning begins with a Void of Course Moon and this is taking place with the Moon Void of Course for the most part. So, we have a bit of Sagittarius’ energy pushing us to align ourselves with a higher purpose, and Capricorn wants to bring some structure and planning into our lives. This Moon is also closely aligned to the Galactic Center or center of the Milky Way. Adding to this are two upcoming oppositions that will be taking place, one between Mercury and Saturn, and one between Mars and Pluto. What this means is that we will need to take action but we don’t want to force things or try to make situations move forward too fast.


Our day starts off with an illuminating transit between Saturn and Neptune that makes it feel as if things are flowing more easily where solutions to issues seem to appear all by themselves. We also become more receptive to how others think and feel, understanding their need and wanting to find ways to help them. So, it’s time to let go of imagining what is not possible and focus on what is. It’s also a good transit for pursuing mystical and spiritual matters, which is where our thoughts seem to drift at this time. We also have a conjunction between Mercury and Mars today, which is known as a time for quick wit and strong mental impulses. We can use this to be productive today and put some plans into action.


Today is a good day to lay low, not force things, and avoid impatient and angry people due to those 2 oppositions I mentioned for Monday. Mercury will be opposing Pluto, which means the chance of something we say triggering a hostile reaction is much greater. It’s a transit known for its power struggles and giving or receiving the third degree. Try not to become obsessive about small details for now. The other opposition takes place between Mars and Pluto, an intense energy that also ramps up obsessive-compulsive behaviour and has tempers flaring up. We can use these tow energies to examine what triggers us and why so that we can make adjustments. The Moon will go Void of Course just after Noon.


Thursday brings in a more friendly atmosphere as the Moon shifts into Aquarius in the early morning hours. Attraction to all that is new and unusual, and an instinctive need for improvement, characterize the Moon in Aquarius. Reactions are more intellectual than emotional, and interactions are more impersonal than personal, under this influence. This is a time that promotes social gatherings, dealing with group ideals and goals for the future, brainstorming, new ideas, and progressive changes. It favours social networking via the net or experimenting with other technologies that keep you connected. It’s time for embracing the new, the futuristic and innovative.


Today is our Summer Solstice and the Sun moves into Cancer. The energies are a bit complicated for this year’s Solstice. We are still under the influence of the two challenges between Mercury/Mars and Saturn/Pluto. So we have this “hurry up and wait” energy in one corner, and in the other corner, we have some of the nicer planets, Neptune, Venus, and Jupiter, mingling in a complicated T-Square aspect. So, we have some opportunities to open up to new relationships or enhance our existing ones. Neptune, however, wants us to look for the spiritual side of people, as well as know the difference between illusion and fantasy. This energy will be with us until the Autumn Equinox. Lastly, we have Neptune going Retrograde today in Pisces. For up to a week before and a week after this transit, we may feel a stronger concentration of Neptune energy around us. Vivid dreams, foggy brains, acute imagination, and flowing intuition are all possible now. We tend to feel unusually sensitive as well the people and situations going on around us. It’s not unusual as well to see a turning point come about in situations that have been unfolding for several months.


Saturday afternoon brings in a much calmer energy as the Moon moves into Pisces. So this is a good day for visiting watery places, meditating, or sitting back and watching a good movie. Mercury is moving into its shadow now, getting ready for its upcoming Retrograde cycle that will run from July 7th to the 31st. This means we will need to start paying attention to our communication, transportation, communication equipment and be flexible for adjusting our schedules.

Sunday brings us an opposition between Venus and Jupiter, and it’s a transit that we need to be cautious with because our desires for pleasure are at a high. This means a rise in sexual desire as well as in desires for all things that bring us pleasure. And while there isn’t anything wrong with a bit of indulgence, this transit tends to make us go a bit overboard; overblown expectations in relationships, the use of seduction to gain something that really may not be in our best interest, overindulging in foods and drink that may not be good for us, and impulsive spending are all things to watch out for now. Enjoy it, but don’t go overboard!

Week Ahead – Monday, June 10th through Sunday, June 16th

  • Posted on June 9, 2019 at 7:30 am

Happy Sunday everyone! This week brings us mid-way through the month. Today we are under the influence of a Virgo Moon, so its a good time for getting a lot of tasks done. However, later in the day, we have the Sun challenging Neptune, which can lead to not getting those tasks done. Try to get things done earlier in the day if you can. This way you won’t feel too guilty for taking that afternoon nap. Now, let’s see what this week has in store for us.


Monday continues with that Virgo Moon energy, which is great for getting a lot of things accomplished. We also have an opposition between the Sun and Jupiter today. Under its influence, we might fall victim to wasting opportunities, time, or resources. There can be a tendency to go overboard and to indulge in extravagances. Watch that you don’t overestimate your capabilities now and don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t going as fast as you think you should. The Moon will go Void of Course in the early afternoon.


Things start to run more smoothly by Tuesday. In the early hours of the morning, the Moon will be moving into balancing Libra, which brings harmony and a sense of calm. It’s a time when an idea may come that brings balance to a situation or has the potential to. These are power days for speeches, and offering your big idea. It’s also the right mood to make amends or compromise. Creating order is also the focus, not necessarily through tidying or organizing as was the case while the Moon was in Virgo, but rather through pleasing interactions with others and aesthetics in our environment.


Wednesday brings us a conjunction between Mars and the North Lunar Node. This is an energy that we may feel for up to a week before and a week after today. It can bring energy to our situations but we need to take care because we can also feel wired or be easily angered. Or we may find ourselves around others who are this way. It can be a more aggressive and explosive energy. In the late afternoon, the Moon will go Void of Course.


As we move into the later part of the week, we may want to slow things down a bit and focus our energies on our priorities rather than our to-do list. In the early morning, the Moon will move into Scorpio. The Moon in Scorpio urges us to uncover our own power, and it’s an excellent time to rid ourselves of old fears and limiting habits. It can be an intimate and passionate time, as well as a time for healing as we destroy the roots of a disturbance in our life. Venus and Chiron also come together today in an aspect that brings us opportunities to harmonize those difficult relationships in our lives. While this is a transit that only lasts for a few days, we can still make a decent amount of progress where rebalancing and healing is concerned.


Mars is busy today, with a Mars/Neptune trine, and a Mars/Saturn opposition. The Mars/Neptune transit stimulates our sensuality, creativity and sense of community spirit. For those who are dating, you are likely to attract a less aggressive, more spiritually inclined partner. While this isn’t a high energy transit, we can be motivated to express our creativity and a good sense of rhythm through dance, music, sculpture and other physical creative outlets. It’s a good energy for getting out and socializing on Friday night. The Mars/Saturn opposition, on the other hand, are two energies who don’t mix easily. However, when they do, we can generate some strong productivity! This can be an extremely irritating transit to cope with though, and we will need huge amounts of calm, patience, and inner balance to get through it. In the late evening, the Moon will go Void of Course.


Saturday morning begins with an optimistic Sagittarius Moon. It makes for a great weekend to get out, explore, and be adventurous. It’s also great for having parties. This lunar mood is very adventurous, active and restless for exploration. We want to experience life first hand. we want to get outdoors, see the sights, connect with nature, go places we haven’t been before. It does, however, put us in a risk-taking mood. We also have a conjunction between Mercury and the North Lunar Node later in the day. This is a transit that gives us the chance to express and communicate our destiny. Keep your eyes, mind and curiosity open – the world could be showing you something important and fascinating!

Sunday is a busy day for the planet of communication. Mercury makes a trine with Neptune to start, which means our imagination and intuition will be running high. Our minds open up more to dreams, imagination, and compassion. A highly creative time, this transit can make us feel as if our thoughts and ideas are flowing like magic through our heads.

Mercury then makes an opposition to Saturn, which means we may face some challenges later in the day where communication is concerned. If you are prone to depression or self-esteem issues you will need to give yourself a bit of space and love, because those feelings can be amplified during this transit. Lastly, Jupiter and Neptune come together in a challenging square. It’s a clash of planets that can stir up plenty of delusions, confusion, and snapping us out of denial through some uncomfortable but necessary reality checks. Be careful not to try to implement too many changes at once, or of saying something blunt that you won’t be able to take back.

Week Ahead – Monday, June 3rd through Sunday, June 9th

  • Posted on June 2, 2019 at 7:30 am
Happy Sunday everyone and Happy June! It’s hard to believe that 2019 is nearly half over already. This is a special week/year for me. Tomorrow (June 3rd) I celebrate my 50th birthday! It’s a bit mind-blowing, to say the least. It also marks the 15th year since my website went live. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. June will be bringing us a mix of contradictory energies. We have Mars in Cancer for the whole month, as well as Mercury, moving through the same sign from the 4th to the 26th. Neither of these planets feels overly comfortable in this sign, so we will need to find a way to deal with our emotional needs. We also have Venus moving through Gemini from the 4th of June until the 3rd of July, so we will need to get our heart and head on the same wavelength. Our emotions are wanting an easy month, but our brains are just too darn busy to slow down. June is also the month before our set of eclipses, so we can expect to see emotions coming to the surface. Let’s see what this week has in store then!
Our week begins with a quick paced Gemini New Moon, which is telling us to come out of the shadows and show the world your unique talents. It’s also best to avoid activities and people that try to slow us down today. New Moons are a time for new beginnings and in Gemini, our basic instinct is to communicate, think, and learn. We are motivated by a desire for variety and by an instinctive curiosity. The Moon in Gemini is light-hearted, breezy, and curious, but it can also be restless and fickle. Try to stay flexible!
Tuesday morning continues with the Gemini New moon energies, but by mid-afternoon, the Moon will go Void of Course shortly, and then move into the much calmer sign of Cancer. The Moon feels right at home in the sign of Cancer, as it rules the sign. This Moon position has much healing potential. Although insular by nature, our feelings run deep, making it an ideal time to get in touch with what motivates us. We want roots; we crave a sense of intimate connection that will. Quite often, when the Moon is in Cancer, we all become homebodies. We want to retreat to the place we feel most at home. This can bring out a sense of “homesickness” if we’re far from home, or estranged from others. It may be a time, than of reaching out to those that know us best.  Mercury joins the Moon in Cancer today as well, which means our focus turns to the quality of communication rather than quantity. We think, speak, and take in information on a deeper, more instinctive level now. This is a great time for tapping into our creative imagination, so take advantage of this and find creative ways to communicate, like through journaling, writing or any creative form you can use to express your feelings. Mercury will be in Cancer for longer than usual due to its upcoming retrograde.
Wednesday is a quiet one in the skies, but we still have that focus on hearth and home with the Cancer Moon. This will be with us until Thursday afternoon when the Moon goes Void of Course for a few hours. The Moon then moves into heart-opening Leo in the evening. This Moon brings a cheery vibe, making it easier to be lifted out of the doldrums. Its a good time for presentations, celebrations and social events. You might want to leave the next couple of days open, and let your spontaneous mischievous child inside lead the way.
Today, Mercury makes a harmonious sextile with Uranus. You may feel like taking the day off, starting late, having breakfast with a friend, or just let your eccentric side out for a bit. We may feel a bit mentally restless now and feel it is hard to slow our thoughts down, making it hard to focus and apply ourselves seriously where our responsibilities are concerned. However, this transit can open us up to new realizations and answers to old questions that seem to suddenly appear out of the blue. Mercury makes a challenging square to Chiron later in the day, further making our mental focus and perceptions feel a bit strained. This transit could bring your mental perspective to a kind of “healing crisis” that forces you to get a better grip on the ideas, communication and frame of mind that have been problematic for you.
Saturday continues with a sociable Leo Moon, A couple of hours before midnight, the Moon will very briefly go Void of Course and then move into practical Virgo. So our focus moves from getting out with friends for some fun, to wanting to get things organized around us as we move into Sunday. Venus moves into Gemini on Sunday, bringing flirty and somewhat scattered energies where we want to have a finger in every pie. This is also a good time for healing and bringing greater beauty into your life for the coming weeks. Sunday afternoon brings a bit of a challenging square between the Sun and Neptune, which tends to bring confusion along with it. It’s about forgetfulness absent-mindedness, things disappearing or being misplaced. Some of you may feel like disconnecting due to disappointments over wishful thinking. Our imagination is extremely active under this transit and may feel out of balance and out of control.
For some, energy levels may feel a bit low and some may experience disappointment or feel unusually discouraged by any obstacles that pop up now. Try to avoid wallowing in regret and guilt over what you feel are “inadequacies” at this time too. Focus on things that can help boost your self-confidence and work positively on the things we feel we are lacking now.