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Earth Spirit Tarot’s December 2017 Newsletter

  • Posted on November 30, 2017 at 3:19 pm

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What’s New This Month 

Here we are once more, moving into the last month of another year gone by.  As we come to the close of the old year I always make a point of looking back at where I was this time last year and I am always amazed at just how much I have done and learned. Soon we will be entering 2018 and hopefully a more positive time of growth for ourselves and the world around us.

As we start moving into the colder and darker days of winter, many of us start to feel a bit down, tired, or overwhelmed. Darker days can often create a feeling of melancholy. That is why its so important to do things that bring warmth to your environment and your spirit. Pampering yourself in little ways, focusing on crafts or projects in the house you may not have had time for, or taking stock of what you have done and what you wish to do in the coming year; all of these are ways to perk things up a bit.

The specials for this month reflect the energies of the holiday season. We have the “Solstice of Light” and the “Yule Star” readings. And for those of you wanting a glimpse at what the New Year will be bringing you, the ever popular “New Year Outlook” and “New Year, New You” readings are available. The New Year Outlook reading comes with a 1 year astrology transit report too! All of these can be found in the  Monthly Specials  section this month, along with a few other inspirational readings to help bring balance into your life, such as the Spiritual Journey and the Fool’s Journey readings for those who are looking to start off in a new direction. So be sure to stop by and have a look at the September specials! You can have a browse through the many specialized readings I offer on the  Tarot Readings page.  Tarot’s Life Path & Personal Growth section is a good place to start!  Or take a wander through the various Oracle readings on my site, like Rune, Angel, Faery and Animal Totem readings.  All of these categories can be found on the main Reading Room page.  Don’t forget to check out the other areas on the Readings page, like the Oracles, Rune and Animal Medicine Cardssections.

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Week Ahead – Monday November 27th through Sunday December 3rd

  • Posted on November 26, 2017 at 7:30 am

Happy Sunday everyone! We seem to be speeding towards the end of 2017, with December starting in a few short days. We’ve just got past the business of Thanksgiving and crazy black Friday sales. Today brings a quieter energy with the Moon moving into mystical Pisces, making it a gentler post-holiday day for us. So try to kick back and relax today, and let’s see what the coming week has in store for us!
Monday sees mental Mercury aligning with Saturn and the Galactic Center. Its a mixed bag of being able to think very clearly at times and then feeling some mental exhaustion at other times. So try to go a bit easier today. We can use mid-week to move at a faster pace when we have some fiery Aries energy in play.
Tuesday brings a short Void of Course Moon at Noon that will then shift into fiery Aries later in the afternoon. Here is where we get that physical boost we need to get things going. Some may actually feel this shift more than others. An Aries Moon tends to bring conflict more than most times, with emotional tensions growing, people becoming short-tempered and impulsive. Some may show a readiness and fearlessness to act in an extreme situation. Even the sweetest tempered person can become a bit mean under this moon. However, it becomes easier to shake old problem and the weight of tiresome responsibility. We want to free ourselves from everything that bothers us and makes our lives feel uneasy. This can be an emotionally cathartic few day. Instead of sidling up to a problem, you can attack it head-on. If you’ve been bottling up righteous anger, this Moon gives you the courage to let the truth fly. It brings out the “fight” in everybody. Getting into it with others is always risky, but it provokes change, and sometimes for the better. It’s a great time to have an opening for an art show, a business, or to sell your house. It supports you if you’ve got to be dynamic, for a job interview or on a date. You can go ahead and start that project or try to sell your idea to others. Quick short activities are favoured, rather than doing any tedious footwork. You can encourage a friend, work on self-promotion materials, or throw a party.
Wednesday is a quiet one for us in the skies and Thursday sees the Moon shift from active Aries into down to earth and comforting Taurus. When the Moon moves into Taurus, we feel the tension of the past few days start to drop away. People tend to become calmer and peaceful. We feel secure and stable. There is also this tendency for our thoughts and reactions to slow down, making us feel a bit slow in getting ourselves going. This is the best time for taking care of the home, running errands, restocking supplies and tending to routine maintenance. Its best to hold off on important business now, as well as the signing of contracts or important papers, because we may make mistakes due to a slowed down reaction and thinking process. This is a great time for tending to practical matters because we feel ready to roll up our sleeves and dig in!
Friday is the 1st day of December and starts of with loving Venus moving house and seeking adventure in Sagittarius. In Sagittarius, Venus focuses her passion on truth-seeking, philosophical exploration, a lust for knowledge, and spiritual intimacy. It’s a time for us to explore what the meaning of our close relationships are to us. This is also a time when we look for ways to increase our income or our spending so we need to be careful that we don’t overindulge. We also have an opposition between Mars and Uranus, which can bring unexpected surprises our way. It can also ramp up the level of nervous energy we feel, at times feeling pushed to the edge when we feel forced to stand our ground. Our energy can feel quite unpredictable and our moods can swing back and forth depending on what outside circumstances are going on that trigger any deeply buried feelings. More common amongst these feelings are anger, confidence and impulsive desires. It gives us the opportunity to discover new courage and to venture a bit more outside of our comfort zone. Some arguments can help to clear the air, allowing for situations to move past blockages.
Saturday starts us off with an early morning Void of Course Moon that will be with us until the later evening when the Moon moves into Gemini. When the Moon is in Gemini we become active, feel stronger emotional sensitivity and a need for socializing. We also have the tendency to fall under influences that can lead to the danger of getting off course and making mistakes. We tend to buy things that we don’t really need, waste time with contacts that are futile and visit unnecessary places and events. Emotions may become amplified but shallow. We may easily meet new people now, however half of the contacts we make will later turn out to be empty. Some of us will try to do everything all at once, which later leaves us stuck with unfinished projects and ideas. We also have a trine between Jupiter and Neptune today. This transit brings a long-term process with an opportunity to integrate beauty, healing, spirituality, imagination and uplifting optimism. We may even see ourselves become so caught up in hope, optimism and euphoria that it’s easy to get a bit too carried away, causing us to leave realism behind. Although falling into fantasy and wishful thinking can make us more susceptible to illusion and deception, it can also bring healing inspiration and dedication when we most need it. So, this can be a time when we bring into clearer focus a new sense of faith (in terms of religious beliefs, or just faith in life and in ourselves).
Sunday is the day Mercury begins its Retrograde cycle in Sagittarius. For nearly a week before and a week after today, Mercury will be moving at a snail’s pace or pausing entirely. At this time we can experience confusion, intensity, frustration, lots of miscommunication or we may feel we are getting bogged down with any progress we were making. Mercury retrograde cycles make an ideal time for reflection, re-thinking, going over plans and tying up those loose ends before we get started on any new projects and ventures. Later in Mercury’s retrograde cycle, it is typical to receive new info and insights that we may not have been expected or be prepared for. And this can end up changing how we see situations, causing us to have to tweak plans here and there as we consider this new barrage of intel. This is why many astrologers advise not to make any permanent or final decisions during Mercury’s retrograde cycle, and even as far as two weeks after Mercury finally turns direct.
Today is also our Gemini Full Moon, also referred to as the Cold Moon. The Full Moon is the best time for doing work on letting go of the old and releasing the negative. Our basic instinct under a Gemini Moon is to communicate, think, and learn. So magical workings tend to be best for spell work involving travel, communication and personal connections. December is the month when winter truly begins in most of the Northern Hemisphere. Most of the ancient Full Moon names are related to the low temperatures and darkness of December. The most common name is the Cold Moon, while another is Long Night Moon. The Anglo-Saxon name was the Moon Before Yule, which is the ancient celebration around the winter solstice. The December Full Moon is also called Oak Moon, while a Celtic name was Wolf Moon. Today, however, this name is more common for the January Full Moon.
Lastly, we have a challenging square between the Sun and Neptune, a transit that can bring confusion our way with a bit of turmoil that can lead to self-doubt. We may find that objects, people, names, and directions get lost, forgotten, or misplaced. Our hopes, ideals, and wishful thinking tend to be inflated to the point of causing disillusionment and disappointments. In some cases, we may want a dream to happen so badly that we disconnect ourselves from any reality that seems to stand in our way. However, we may soon come to discover that the “obstacle” in question really had a positive purpose in the end. On a more spiritual level, this could be a time when we discover that our yearning for enlightenment isn’t so straightforward as we thought. However, the path can be just as valuable to us through discovering what “isn’t” the best path forward. There really is a tremendous opportunity for spiritual, creative, and healing to be discovered.

Week Ahead – Monday November 20th through Sunday November 26th

  • Posted on November 19, 2017 at 7:30 am

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope the day finds you all well. We have a busy start to the earlier part of the week, with an odd combo on Tuesday and Wednesday, giving us a more spaced out feeling on one hand and wanting to get work finished on the other. Today we have a challenging square between Mars and Pluto going on, bringing an energy that can feel a bit raw. Try to be gentle with yourself and others because this energy can see power struggles happening and people being more snappy than usual. Let’s see what this week has in store for us.
Monday brings us a sextile between Mars and the North Lunar Node, where it seems like opportunities just come our way. Some of you may notice that you feel more energetic, passionate or motivated than usual, which can make it easier to get moving on those projects and plans you’ve had on the back burner. Others may find that, if they take those steps and move their bodies towards what they want, the incentive and energy may propel you to keep going with it.
Tuesday has a lot going on starting with an early dawn Void of Course Moon that quickly shifts into Capricorn. With the Moon in Capricorn, we become aware of the need for structure and planning ahead. We also instinctively are aware of the limitations of time. We are motivated by a desire for success. Achievement and manifestation are most important to us now. We are resourceful and don’t want to waste time, energy, or resources. This can be a very sober influence–even a depressing one. However, it can also be a productive time when we look reality in the face. We also have the Sun moving into Sagittarius today so Happy Solar Return Sagittarians! In Sagittarius, our minds turn towards the future and all of its limitless possibilities. Sagittarius has the effect of bringing an optimistic energy to our lives and enthusiasm as we start to explore our current confines and step out of our comfort zones. Even stubborn Taurean’s will feel that adventurous pull towards doing something new and changing their tried and true routines. Venus is busy today too, joining Pluto in a sextile and making a challenging square with the North Lunar Node. The Venus/Pluto combo is a subtly powerful and uplifting time for romantic/sexual relationships because our sense of attraction is very strong. The focus is on those close, one to one relationships which means these can benefit from moving to a deeper level. The key is to creatively blend deep connections with balanced harmony. The Venus/North Node combo can make us start to notice that the people in our lives are not giving us the encouragement and support we need where fulfilling our life purpose is concerned. We could run into situations where someone who was giving us support suddenly backs away. Or we find that their actions interfere with what we are trying to do. This isn’t a very long transit, lasting only a few days. So the things we come across may not be major issues. But if something significant does rear its head at this time, it could be a sign that we have something that needs to be looked at more closely.
Wednesday is the day that Neptune turns direct after its long 5 month retrograde cycle. The forward shift of ethereal Neptune is a subtle but significant event. The dreams associated with this idealistic planet may begin to rise from within to be expressed externally. Keep in mind that for up to a week before and after this date, you might feel a bit dreamy, disconnected, depressed, sluggish or scatter-brained. Neptune energy tends to take us into an intuitive, non-rational place which can stir up feelings and issues that have been deep in our unconscious mind. This is a time when our dreams become more vivid and can give us the insight we need into any situations we have been struggling with.
Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the States, Happy Turkey Day! Today brings us a mid-morning Void of Course Moon, which then moves into social Aquarius later in the evening, which is nice for those family gatherings. When the Moon is in Aquarius it brings us feelings of openness with a sense of inner freedom. Our emotions become more alive and we feel we can express them more freely. What we can’t cope with are limitations being imposed upon us or pressure from others because our main focus is on our inner feelings of independence. We tend to have a sense of emotional coolness or detachment at the personal level, combined with an emphasis on idealism: such is the nature of the cycle we are now entering. We have a tendency to allow ourselves more freedom. It is the right mood for turning into group energy. It encourages a respect for each person, along with a cohesive awareness of the group as a whole. You can see your place in the bigger scheme of things. You can get an abstract take on how the different strands fit together. The Moon in Aquarius tunes us into the group psyche and soul.
Friday brings a challenging square between Mercury and Chiron, where our mental focus and perceptions feel a bit strained. We may find ourselves sitting on the fence an feeling unable to make choices and decisions. It may also be difficult to stay objective and balanced in our perspective and views, but by working with this we could find a new mental focus that gives us increased clarity. It may be tempting to sink into cynicism as a way to deal with what seems like a no-win situation. On the other hand, this transit could bring your mental perspective to a kind of “healing crisis” that forces you to get a better grip on the ideas, communication and frame of mind that have been problematic for you.
Saturday brings us a trine between mental Mercury and expansive Uranus. Under this transit, we can experience unusual ideas, flashes of insight and seeing unexpected possibilities. It’s much easier to be open-minded right now, especially about insights that have eluded us. Our ability to see beyond our normal horizon of perception can bring visionary brainwaves, “Aha!” moments, as well as a fun side to our sense of humour. You might be inspired to experiment with something new or do something out of character at this time. This is a great time to do some writing or other form of self-expression, especially if it’s spontaneous or involving technology.
Sunday sees an early morning Void of Course Moon that moves into mystical Pisces as our day begins. A Pisces Moon can bring about feelings of romance, heightened intuition, mystical and dreamy moods, and an interest in the unknown, religion and all that is magical. We tend to become softer, sentimental and more tender, speaking words of kindness and complimenting those we love. We also tend to have this deeper understanding of the hidden meaning of life, events and things, as well as a more intimate perception of beauty, art, poetry and music. On a negative side, it can be harder to deal with the harsher aspects of reality during these lunar days. We may escape with one more drink, or “check out” in front of the television. It’s easy to coast through the day when you’re dreamy or “lost.” It helps to have some creative focus, in order not to flounder in the sign of the Fishes. We also have a trine between Venus and Chiron bringing a great opportunity for healing and rebalancing, especially in the areas of relationships, finance, resources and values.

Week Ahead – Monday November 13th through Sunday November 19th

  • Posted on November 12, 2017 at 7:30 am

Happy Sunday everyone! The shorter days are well upon us now and it’s starting to get that near winter chill in the air. Some have even had their first few winter flurries up north. The weeks ahead will be getting busy in preparation for the holiday season as well. Today we are under the hard-working influence of practical Virgo, which makes it a good day for getting those productive tasks done. However, as we get into the later part of the afternoon, we’ll feel that urge to kick back and have some downtime. There’s a lot happening in the skies this week, so let’s see what’s in store!
Monday brings a lucky combination with a conjunction between Venus and Jupiter. This isn’t a gambling sort of luck, however, but more of a fulfilling of the hearts desires. During this transit, we may find that we are able to attract resources and money into our lives quite easily. However, this is also a time when we are more prone to over-indulge in life’s little pleasures and over-estimate our resources to cover those. So it’s important to keep those “addictions” or weaknesses in check at this time because those can be trouble areas for us, like impulse buying, drinking, or overeating. We have a challenging square between Mercury and Neptune as well, where our mental focus can feel a bit clouded, confused or lethargic. We can experience some disillusionment or disappointment in our observations or communication with others.
This is an important time, however, to break through old and rigid expectations that may be blocking our ability to see the bigger picture. The Moon also begins its shift into a new sign by first going Void of Course in the mid-afternoon. It then moves into Libra just before midnight tonight. The Moon in Libra creates this feeling of harmony and calm. We find we more easily connect to people, compromise is more likely and conflict less so. It’s a time when we find it easier to understand and relate to others. We tend to be polite and diplomatic, and would rather avoid arguments.
Tuesday and Wednesday are the quieter than the rest of this week. We do have the energies of the Libra Moon in play though, making these two days harmonious and calm. Creating order is also the focus, not necessarily through tidying or organizing as was the case while the Moon was in Virgo, but rather through pleasing interactions with others and aesthetics in our environment. Its a good time for meditating, pampering yourself and others, and beautifying your living space.
Thursday morning starts us off with a Void of Course Moon just after midnight before it moves into brooding Scorpio as we start the morning. Scorpio is where emotional charge and sensitivity increases. It’s a time where we need to be careful not to get swept away by irritability, mood-swings, hysteria, big and small excitements, and a sudden desire to quickly change everything. People tend to become more conscious of self and others and see everything in dark tones with the Moon in Scorpio. We have the love and money planet, Venus, trine Neptune today which can bring about a time of romance, creativity, and feeling a sense of oneness with the beauty of nature. This can be great socially and intimately because things tend to run more smoothly as well as adding a touch of magic to the pot. It’s important however to be very clear about what we truly want! Its a great time for letting your inner warmth and beauty to radiate under this transit. You may even see some wonderful qualities in others that you haven’t noticed before. Make sure that you are being clear about what it is you truly want though and with any important choices, be sure you use a good dose of reality. Lastly, we have a trine between the Sun and Chiron, where we start to see any recent efforts to mend and heal come together.
Friday brings a sextile between Mercury and Mars, which brings us the opportunity to dig down and find the courage needed to speak our minds and stand up for ourselves and what we feel is right. Just remember that thoughtful actions will produce positive results and by planning ahead for possible consequences we can minimize any potential conflicts. It’s an opportune transit for some creative problem solving and testing out our decisions to see if they will fit into our plans and goals.
If we want our communication to flow more easily and be most effective then we need to be direct and to the point, especially in cases where we are faced with having to confront another about a difficult situation. However, we can tap into the courage of this transits energy and find a clear way to express what we need to get across. We just need to be careful with the more delicate situations that require less force.
Saturday starts off with the Moon entering it’s New lunation mid-morning, while still in Scorpio. It will then go Void of Course just before Noon, and then moves into Sagittarius in the evening. So it’s a mixed bag for this New Moon. New Moons are perfect for new beginnings. We start with emotions running high, then a feeling of quiet and detachment. The remainder of this New Moon cycle will take place in upbeat Sagittarius bringing some peace and stability. We tend to become a bit more orderly and calm, are ready to follow routines and rules and have a need for giving and receiving advice and recommendations. Like Scorpio, Sagittarius also likes to get to the truth of a matter, so its a good New Moon cycle for doing a bit of research and detective work.
Sunday brings us a trine between Mercury and the North Lunar Node. This aspect brings us a fresher awareness as well as a better ability to communicate that awareness. It is a beneficial resource which can help us to take a few more steps closer towards our life purpose. Just bear in mind that we also need to take action too. We will need to, at some juncture, take into account what we have observed and do something with this.
We also have this forceful combo between Mars and Pluto, which means we have some strong forces at work and the pressure is on. Power struggles could erupt now and this is not a good time to force situations that just don’t want to budge by using a “bull in a china shop” mentality. On the plus side, this transit gives us that willingness to fight back that may help with some situations that are ready for change.
Something else to be aware of at this time is that responsible Saturn is currently aligned with the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, or Galactic Center. The Galactic Center is home to a black hole that was of high importance to ancient cultures, such as the Mayans. This is an alignment that happens once every 28 years, taking place in 1991 last time. The Galactic Center helps us to step back and get an expanded view of what is going on in our lives and the world around us. Several planets will be touching this sensitive point in the next month as well.

Week Ahead – Monday November 6th through Sunday November 12th

  • Posted on November 3, 2017 at 11:30 am


Happy Sunday everyone! And Happy Bon Fire Night to my UK readers! Its a weekend for tranquillizing our nervous pets, coaxing them out from under furniture and having our nerves frazzled by those sudden loud booms and bangs! If you’re attending a fireworks display please stay safe and warm. The clocks go back in the USA tonight so they will be caught up with us in the UK now. Today Mercury moves into Sagittarius and will be there for a longer amount of time because it goes retrograde at the start of December. This means it will be a time for looking at our belief systems in order to determine where we need to open up our minds to a bigger picture. It’s about readjusting and refocusing. Now let’s take a look at what the week ahead has in store for us!

Monday is a quiet one in the skies for us. Tuesday starts off with the Moon going Void of Course and then moving from restless Gemini into Cancer, giving way to an instinctive need for peace and quiet as the Moon moves into Cancer. Under Cancer’s influence, people become more sensitive and go deeper into their inner world, which takes on more importance at this time than the outer world. A feeling of belonging and safety is what motivates us under this influence. The Moon feels right at home in the sign of Cancer, as it rules the sign. This Moon position has much healing potential. Although insular by nature, our feelings run deep, making it an ideal time to get in touch with what motivates us. We want roots; we crave a sense of intimate connection that will. Venus will be moving into Scorpio today as well. This is where gentle sensuality meets the more graphic sensuality of Scorpio. It can help us to talk about difficult subjects that tend to make people feel uncomfortable, like death, sex and taxes.

Wednesday is another quiet one in the skies, but we can still enjoy and tap into that comforting energy of the Cancer Moon. Thursday brings a shift as the Moon moves from Cancer into heart opening Leo, bringing a more playful energy with it. Leo is where we feel more energetic and optimistic. We feel like we can do anything! We crave compliments and appreciation and are generous with kind words to others. The Sun will be sextile Pluto today as well, where we tend to feel our sense of purpose grow a bit stronger, allowing us to tap into the deeper levels of our energy stores and determination. We can apply this determined effort towards promoting our ideas and could find that we are very persuasive with others. We also gain the ability to be able to see below the surface of things. We may not be able to understand what it is we are seeing but we can often get to the core of unconscious patterns that need changing. Some of the insights we gain now may not bring about a “light bulb” moment until later down the line. Friday is another quiet day for us, but the energy from the Leo Moon makes Friday night a good one for socializing and having some fun.


Saturday begins with a quiet Void of Course period that will last until the late afternoon. It then moves into practical Virgo, where people tend to become more rational and practical. It’s the small details that seem to be more important to us now, in some cases more than they are in reality, which can lead to arguments over what seems like insignificant little things. We do become more disciplined and responsible, careful and diligent, but only with those small details. It’s not a good time for making any large, risky or important decisions now because we tend to not be tapped into our intuition enough to foresee what the consequences of the future will be. Virgo helps us to work through our to-do lists, which gives us a sense of accomplishment getting those small tasks done.

Between Saturday and Sunday we have a trine between Saturn and Uranus, and a challenging square between the Sun and the North Lunar Node over the weekend. The Sun/Neptune transit Makes us more open to being spontaneous and just going with the flow with no real plan and this can be liberating for many. In fact, it may be just what is needed to get us out of a rut. This is a good time for breaking out of old cycles and habits. The Sun/North Node transit can bring feelings of conflict between our sense of identity and purpose with the lessons we are needing to learn in our lives. It can manifest through situations where we feel we are being forced off course or forced to take a detour that is not as direct as our chosen road. Some may find themselves confronted by dilemmas and conflicts at this time that causes stress and these are situations that we may normally resist. However, by both fighting these situations, we can gain a deeper understanding of our feelings and experiences if we let ourselves explore the situation a bit.