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Earth Spirit Tarot’s May 2017 Newsletter

  • Posted on April 30, 2017 at 10:00 pm


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What’s New This Month 

Blessed May Day and Beltaine everyone! It looks like Spring is finally peeping out from under Mother Nature’s skirts once more! We had a few fits and starts, gorgeous weather for a few days and then a plunge into chilliness just in time for out May bank Holiday weekend.  We have Cinco De Mayo celebrations and Memorial Day, and this month the US celebrates Mother’s Day, so Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

This month’s specials include a Beltain Tarot reading, as well as a few spring themed readings like “The Spring Cleaning” and “Spring Flower” tarot readings.  I’ve also put a few Faeries Oracle readings on special offer….spring is not spring without our fine Faery folk after all.  So be sure to stop by and have a look at the May Monthly Specials section.  You can have a browse through the many specialized readings I offer on the  Tarot Readings page.  Tarot’s Life Path & Personal Growth section is a good place to start!  Or take a wander through the various Oracle readings on my site, like Rune, Angel, Faery and Animal Totem readings.  All of these categories can be found on the main Reading Room page.  Don’t forget to check out the other areas on the Readings page, like the Oracles, Rune and Animal Medicine Cardssections.

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If Astrology is your cup of tea be sure to stop by my Astrology section where you can order some insightful Natal charts, Compatibility reports and Transit reports to see what will be affecting you in the months ahead. Each persons Birth Chart can show how the positions of the planets and stars at the exact time of their birth can influence their life. Learn how each planetary position has determined your physical, personal, psychic and spiritual characteristics! These charts are a great gift for birthdays or just as a special way to treat someone to a bit of astrological insight.

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Week Ahead – Monday May 1st through Sunday May 7th

  • Posted on April 30, 2017 at 7:30 am


Happy Sunday everyone! Today ends another month, and it does so under a nurturing Cancer Moon. Its a good day for sharing some quiet time with those in our trusted inner circle. Tomorrow is the Pagan celebration Beltaine, or May Day. It celebrates the return of the Sun and fertility. May Day is a time to celebrate the onset of May, the month that sees the Earth reaching itself ready to burgeon to its maximum capacity. Since the ancient days in England there prevailed a custom of “bringing in the May” on May Day. This was why people would go to the woods in the early dawn. There they picked flowers and lopped off tender branches to bring them in and decorate the houses. Now, let’s see what this week, and the start of this new month has in store for us!

Monday is a quiet day with a Void of Course Moon occurring in the late evening. Tuesday sees a change in pace though as the Moon moves into heart opening Leo, where we feel more energetic and optimistic. We feel like we can do anything! We crave compliments and appreciation, and are generous with kind words to others. This Moon brings a cheery vibe, making it easier to be lifted out of the doldrums. Its a good time for presentations, celebrations and social events. You might want to leave the day open, and let your spontaneous mischievous child inside lead the way. This is also a flirty Moon, and you get away with it, because it’s all for fun. The Leo lunar vibe brings out the cocky bravado in men and the diva in women. You might spend more time with the mane and dress, in anticipation of being seen. It’s a Moon to revel in being admired and taking pride in appearance.

Wednesday sees Mercury finally turning direct in Aries. While Mercury is now moving forward, it will still take a week or two until things feel back up to speed. Its akin to feeling like we are coming out of a fog in some instances. So make sure you still leave extra time and room in your plans for now. We also have a sextile between the Sun and Neptune happening today. This transit illuminates our intuition and gives us faith in the blessings around us. If you have been feeling a bit out of tune or disconnected with the Universe/Divine, the energy of this transit can help you to reconnect again. While this is a mainly positive transit but we do need to be aware of becoming too immersed in our longings for what we feel is ideal, lest we struggle with situations that are less than ideal in reality.

Thursday sees a change in tone as the Moon shifts into hard working, efficient Virgo mid-morning. In Virgo is where people tend to become more rational and practical. Its the small details that seem to be more important to us now, in some cases more than they are in reality, which can lead to arguments over what seems like insignificant little things. We do become more disciplined and responsible, careful and diligent, but only with those small details. Its not a good time for making any large, risky or important decisions now because we tend to not be tapped into our intuition enough to foresee what the consequences of the future will be. Friday is the celebration of Cinco de Mayo and its best to keep plans and activities simple.


Saturday starts off fairly quiet, with an early afternoon Void of Course Moon that moves into balancing Libra later in the evening. Libra is a social sign that supports relationships and activities that bring a greater beauty into our lives. The Moon in Libra creates this feeling of harmony and calm. We find we more easily connect to people, compromise is more likely and conflict less so. Its a time when we find it easier to understand and relate to others. We tend to be polite and diplomatic, and would rather avoid arguments. Under this Moon, we especially enjoy being pampered. And we’re more apt to dote on a friend or mate. The mood is that of mutual devotion, so we seek to draw out the best in others. We enjoy conversation, and even arguing to prove a point. An idea may come that brings balance to a situation, or has the potential to. These are power days for speeches, and offering your big idea. It’s also the right mood to make amends or compromise.

Sunday continues with that social Libra vibe so make plans to do something, like see a flower festival, visit water, or enjoy something that you find beautiful with a loved one.

Week Ahead – Monday April 24th through Sunday April 30th

  • Posted on April 23, 2017 at 7:30 am


Happy Sunday everyone! Looks like another month is quickly drawing to a close for us. Spring seems to be getting into full swing here and garden projects, clear outs and other spring type clearing is happening everywhere I look. It can feel a bit overwhelming at times, but my advice is to take it one space, one task at a time. Today we are under the influence of a challenging Mars/North Node square. Some of you may have been feeling this build up for a couple of weeks. Mainly, it can feel like we are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But sometimes, being forced to take a minor detour off of our perceived path can be good. It can bring a chance to gather info and resources, maybe even a fresher perspective that will help us later down the road. So don’t fret, be flexible and see what these detours may have to offer. Now, let’s see what the rest of this week has in store for us all.

Monday starts us off with the Moon moving into fired up Aries. Some may actually feel this shift more than others. An Aries Moon tends to bring conflict more than most times, with emotional tensions growing, people becoming short-tempered and impulsive. Some may show a readiness and fearlessness to act in an extreme situation. Even the sweetest tempered person can become a bit mean under this moon. However, it becomes easier to shake old problem and the weight of tiresome responsibility. We want to free ourselves from everything that bothers us and makes our lives feel uneasy. We also have a happy trine between Mercury and Saturn happening today, something that can help us communicate tangible plans, put our ideas into solid form and set healthy boundaries. Just be remember to be flexible with those plans and ideas with Mercury still retrograde right now.

Tuesday is a quiet day for us with nothing more than a late night Void of Course Moon happening. Wednesday, however brings us a Taurus New Moon. The Moon will move into earthy Taurus in the early hours of the morning. New Moons are great for new beginnings and Taurus is ready to accomplish things in the month ahead. these are the kinds of projects and activities that we can feel a sense of pride about. Taurus is harmony in the midst of conflict, so we need to find our balance and centre while not getting sucked into the worlds fears and chaos.

Thursday brings us another quiet day, but we are still under that Taurus Moon influence, so its a good one for planning projects. something else to note, Venus is at the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac right now, which represents an ending to take place. So its time to ask yourself what you are ready to release, as Venus moves into a new sign tomorrow.

Friday begins with an early morning Void of Course Moon that moves into Gemini soon after. When the Moon is in Gemini we become active, feel stronger emotional sensitivity and a need for socializing. We also have the tendency to fall under influences that can lead to the danger of getting of course and making mistakes. We tend to buy things that we don’t really need, waste time with contacts that are futile, and visit unnecessary places and events. Emotions may become amplified but shallow. We may easily meet new people now, however half of the contacts we make will later turn out to be empty. Some of us will try to do everything all at once, which later leaves us stuck with unfinished projects and ideas. Venus will also be moving into Aries today. The goddess of beauty in Aries can help us to pick up the pace if we are willing to explore new opportunities and relationships- especially friendships and organizations in the days ahead. We gain an assertive attitude added to our usual style of dealing with relationships, resources, values and finances. We may be more direct and proactive where our pursuit for independence and freedom is concerned too. Lastly, we have a conjunction between Mercury and Uranus today, which pushes us to get out of our normal routine. Its a good combo for exploring new groups and places, friendships, or inventing something you think the world needs.


Saturday brings us a quiet day, but we can tap into Friday’s energy and explore a bit now. Its a good day for tending to quick tasks and running errands. The Moon will be Void of Course in the late evening, so is best used for nurturing and comfort.

Sunday morning sees the restlessness of the Gemini Moon giving way to an instinctive need for peace and quiet as the Moon moves into Cancer. Under Cancer’s influence people become more sensitive and go deeper into their inner world, which takes on more importance at this time than the outer world. A feeling of belonging and safety is what motivates us under this influence. The Moon feels right at home in the sign of Cancer, as it rules the sign. This Moon position has much healing potential. Although insular by nature, our feelings run deep, making it an ideal time to get in touch with what motivates us. We want roots; we crave a sense of intimate connection that will. We also have a challenging square between Saturn and Chiron happening today. Saturn and Chiron began this 9 month square aspect back in December of 2016. This is the second of 3 passes, with the third taking place in November of this year. On a personal level, its a cycle that works on the spirit and mind/body level to promote the healing of old wounds, as well as working to improve health on many levels. Globally, this energy brings a heightened emotional sensitivity that is likely to have an effect on any global political situations.

Week Ahead – Monday April 17th through Sunday April 23rd

  • Posted on April 16, 2017 at 7:30 am


Happy Sunday and Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are enjoying the long weekend and all it has to offer. Today is a good day for being social for the most part, with the Moon still in Sagittarius. But the Moon will be going Void of Course later, where we tend to become more introspective. We also have some balancing energy from the Venus/Mars sextile and a healing energy boost from a Mars/Chiron conjunction. Its a pleasant day for relationships to say the least. Now, let’s take a look at what the week has in store for us.

Monday starts off with the Moon moving into the more serious Capricorn. In Capricorn our emotional charge seems to decrease as our feelings of duty and responsibility move to the fore. We tend to become more practical and logical, as well as more demanding and less sensitive to others and ourselves. When the Moon is in Capricorn, we’re more serious minded. It’s harder to just hang out. We want to feel productive on something that has substance to it. These days are great for pushing past difficult obstacles. We’ve got extra discipline and patience. And we’re able to forgo the satisfaction of short term gains for longer term achievements. Adding to this energy is a harmonious trine between the Sun and Saturn, giving us that boost we need to tackle projects and challenges that require discipline. So its a good combination, especially for doing things such as taxes, something Capricorn and Saturn are associated with.

Tuesday brings a trine between Mercury and the North Lunar Node. This is an aspect that brings us a fresher awareness as well as a better ability to communicate that awareness. It is a beneficial resource which can help us to take a few more steps closer towards our life purpose. Just bear in mind that we also need to take action too. We will need to, at some juncture, take into account what we have observed and do something with this.

Wednesday starts with a mid-morning Void of Course Moon that will quickly move into Aquarius. When the Moon is in Aquarius it brings us feelings of openness with a sense of inner freedom. Our emotions become more alive and we feel we can express them more freely. What we can’t cope with are limitations being imposed upon us or pressure from others because our main focus is on our inner feelings of independence. We tend to have a sense of emotional coolness or detachment at the personal level, combined with an emphasis on idealism: such is the nature of the cycle we are now entering. We have a tendency to allow ourselves more freedom. We also have the Sun moving into Taurus today, so happy solar return to all of you Taureans out there. The Sun brings a gentle warmth when it moves through Taurus, encouraging languorous, almost lazy and carefree, moments of relaxation that remind us of how sweet life can be when we stop for a moment to smell the roses. Taurus, as an Earth Sign, is all about tactile sensation — the enjoyment you can receive from fine foods, good company, the rewarding warmth of a bubble bath…the simple pleasures in life.

Thursday is a busy one in the skies! We have Pluto turning retrograde in Capricorn, Mercury retrograde moving into Aries, the Moon moving into Pisces, and a lovely little conjunction between the sun and Mercury. Mercury’s move into Aries brings the focus away from looking at our finances, values and desires to focusing on taking behind the scene actions as we plan the future. Mercury will be moving forward and back into Taurus again before its retrograde cycle ends. Pluto’s retrograde cycle is a slower one than Mercury’s and will last until the end of September. Its a cycle that can help us release the things that are getting in the way, but we need to take care and avoid those obsessive behaviours that can creep out. The Sun’s conjunction with Mercury, which can bring about a new beginning in our awareness, communication, how we process and use info, and how we exchange ideas. Some may not notice anything more than subtle shift in consciousness. Others may feel their mental state becomes a bit muddy as the focus goes within to to unconscious part of ourselves, or we may become suddenly lucid and clear for this short transit (yep, sorry folks but once it’s shifted we all go back to fog brained thinking thanks to Mercury retrograde) It’s definitely a turning point though. Later in the evening the Moon will move into Pisces, bringing a weekend energy that is gentle and filled with fantasy.

Friday sees warrior planet Mars moving into the sigh of the twins, where it will remain until the first week of June. Its a good time for putting into action any new ideas and being open and willing to try and test out new activities. Mars’ energies are more driven by mental activities and intellectual stimulation. And Gemini thrives one new ideas, visual stimulation, and social interaction.  Lastly, we have a trine between the Sun and the North Lunar Node, which can help to balance out that difficult energy with its confident, empowering and optimistic vibe. For some it will feel as if the pieces of the puzzle are just falling into place.


Saturday is a quiet one in the skies but Sunday brings a bit of a challenge. We have Mars in a square with the North Lunar Node, a transit that we can feel for a couple of weeks. It may seem as if the actions that we are taking to deal with our current situations and circumstances is at cross purposes to what we perceive as our higher purpose or our best direction on our life’s path. We may feel as though we are at odds with those around us now, or feel as if we are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. There can be some good in this though. Being forced to take a minor detour off the path we have chosen can often present us with opportunities to gather new information, resources and insights that could very well help us out in the long run, as opposed to just sticking to the main path. add to this a square between Venus and Saturn, a transit that can make it feel a bit difficult relating to others. It can make you feel unappreciated, unloved, or unwanted. Try not to read too much into situations, particularly social and romantic circumstances. This transit is best used for reflection.

Week Ahead – Monday April 10th through Sunday April 16th

  • Posted on April 9, 2017 at 7:30 am

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Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’ve all been able to enjoy some of the gorgeous weather we have been having this weekend. We have some nice balancing energy in play today from the Libra Moon, which is building up its energy for our Full Moon on Tuesday. But the big star of today is Mercury, which starts its backward retrograde journey today, a time for rethinking and renovating. For up to a week prior and after today, Mercury will be moving very slowly or will appear to have stopped. During this time, we may experience intensity, frustration, confusion, miscommunications, or feel like we are getting bogged down in our own progress. Mercury will be retrograde until May 3rd. Now let’s take a look at what the rest of this week has in store for us!

Monday brings us a fairly quiet day in the skies, apart from the energy build up for Tuesday’s Full Libra Moon. This one is something special because it is happening directly on a Grand Cross that has been building up over the past two months. This Grand Cross has been pulling us apart in order to put us back together in a much better way. Full Moons are the best time for doing energy and spell work that is geared towards releasing something old or reaping the harvest of whatever seed you planted at the last New Moon. Creating order is the focus when in Libra, not necessarily through tidying or organizing as was the case while the Moon was in Virgo, but rather through pleasing interactions with others and aesthetics in our environment. The Full Moon will be Void of Course briefly in the later part of the evening, before it shifts into Scorpio just before midnight.

Wednesday will be under the effects of a Scorpio Moon that is still in it’s Full lunation. Intensity is what the Moon in Scorpio is all about. Whether it’s passion, elation, sorrow, or desire, emotions are felt on a deeply personal level. It can be a time for healing as we destroy the roots of a disturbance in our life. We crave deeper conversation, and we want to get to the root of issues. Learning what makes people tick is something we can be really drawn to. But be careful that you don’t start pushing buttons or try to force others to confront their own demons. One thing to avoid though are manipulative tactics, brooding, and suspiciousness. We tend to be more drawn towards the darker side of ourselves too under this sign. Done wisely, we can get to the source of issues and create the seeds of new transformation to happen.

Thursday sees the smooth flowing week take a change in direction when the Sun makes a conjunction with revolutionary Uranus. Spontaneity, surprises, and expecting the unexpected are what this transit is all about today. People and situations that take you away from your customary routine can reveal another side of life to you and we may just surprise others, or ourselves. It’s a time where we can let our wacky and eccentric side shine and our sense of humour thriving. We do need to be careful though that we don’t take that one step too far into reckless behaviour. Our creativity can come in bursts and in unexpected ways, so it may be a good idea to use this to its full advantage when an opportunity presents itself. If you can’t do anything with it now, write it down for consideration in the future.
Friday starts off with a Void of Course Moon in the early hours of the morning, which will then move into optimistic Sagittarius just before noon. When the Moon is in Sagittarius our focus turns from inner soul searching to exploring the world around us. This lunar mood is very adventurous, active and restless for exploration. We want to experience life first hand. we want to get out doors, see the sights, connect with nature, go places we haven’t been before. It does, however, put us in a risk-taking mood. A need to be in motion makes us very restless if we get bogged down with mundane chores. It’s a good time for speaking our truth, saying it like it is, but we also need to be careful that our words don’t come out with blunt force. The best way to enjoy and us this lunar energy is to keep it light and upbeat.


Saturday sees Venus ending her backwards retrograde motion. which means the weeks ahead will allow us to move forward with the shifts we have experienced with money, values and love goals. Bear in mind that for up to a week before and after this date, we could experience or feel this shifting of energy which can affect areas like love, relationships, finances and resources, our values, balance and harmony, and pleasure and beauty. Whichever of these areas has had your attention over this 7 week period could now have a breakthrough or turning point. Now is the time for taking attention and making some necessary decisions. Its also a good time for doing fun things with the upbeat Sagittarius Moon still in play for the weekend.

Sunday brings us a sextile between Mars and Chiron, where swords, scalpels, knives, and words can all be used with pinpoint accuracy and dexterity. Energy can be a tool you can use with extreme precision, accomplishing exactly you need to do.  It also brings a chance to take action that can bring about some healing resolutions to long standing, ongoing problems you have been dealing with. Extra get up and go, extra confidence, and some empowerment that allows you to help others are all benefits of this transit. Later in the evening the Moon will go Void of Course.

Week Ahead – Monday April 3rd through Sunday April 9th

  • Posted on April 2, 2017 at 7:30 am

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Happy Sunday everyone! Here we are at the start of a fresh month. Today we have Venus moving into Pisces during her retrograde cycle, making it time to open our intuition and allow for some daydreaming time. We have a lot going on in the skies, with Venus in retrograde until the 15th and Mercury turning retrograde on the 9th and Saturn turning retrograde on the 5th until August. All of these energies have us looking at the core structure of how we live, our values, relationships and how we communicate. We can look at ways that we would like to make changes in our lives as we go through the summer. But for now, let’s see what this week has in store for us!

Monday starts us off with a trine between Mercury and the North Lunar Node. For those who are not sure what a Lunar Node is; There are two, the North and South. They are the points where the paths of the Moon and Sun meet, or intersect. The North Node is said to represent that which we are moving towards, the path we are currently walking in our lives, and the direction of our growth. Some refer to it as our path of Destiny. The South Node is our starting or pushing off point showing where we have been and what we need to release. This aspect brings us a fresher awareness as well as a better ability to communicate that awareness. It is a beneficial resource which can help us to take a few more steps closer towards out life purpose. Just bear in mind that we also need to take action too. We will need to, at some juncture, take into account what we have observed and do something with this.

Tuesday is fairly quiet until the late evening, when the Moon first goes Void of Course and then moves into Leo just before midnight. The Moon in Leo has us feeling more energetic and optimistic. We feel like we can do anything! We crave compliments and appreciation, and are generous with kind words to others. It brings a cheery vibe, making it easier to be lifted out of the doldrums. Its a good time for presentations, celebrations and social events. You might want to leave the day open, and let your spontaneous mischievous child inside lead the way. There’s a lure to colourful, special places like museums, food fairs and festivals and glamorous high end boutiques. It’s a mood heightened by spectacles like parades, costume parties and children’s theme parties. There’s delight in playing make-believe under this Moon, above the mundane of life.

Wednesday sees Saturn starting its retrograde cycle in Sagittarius, a time for being expansive but cautious. For up to a week prior and after today we may find that our physical and emotional energy is feeling somewhat heavy, stuck, serious or sad. We can sometimes feel held back by circumstances or pressured by people or situations involving structure, rules, authority figures, expectations and responsibilities. Over these next 4 months we will find that our goals and ambitions could benefit from some development and planning on a deeper level. Its a good time for refining and reworking our goals in order to determine how we can achieve them.
Thursday brings us a trine between Mars and Pluto. Under this transit we may feel a stronger urge to embrace and engage our power, act on our deep impulses and assert our desires. Sexual energy tends to be quite high at this time too. It brings a feeling that nothing can stop us or hold us back, and our ability to create change and take action at this time is very strong. For those who have been preparing to put some plans into action, this transit is a powerful time to do so. However, we need to be aware that too much too soon can backfire on us.

Friday is a day where we want to get our work done early on because we have the Sun on the opposite side of the sky from Jupiter, a combo that makes us want a lot of space. Under its influence we might fall victim to wasting opportunities, time, or resources. Generally, this transit is a “feel-good” transit where we are likely to be feeling quite powerful and optimistic. The problem with the transit is that we may also over-reach as a result of these inflated feelings of importance. This need not be the case at all. In fact, we might find that we receive a much-needed boost to our ego at this time. The Moon will be Void of Course in the wee hours moves into Virgo just before the workday starts. In this mutable earth sign of Virgo, the mood is geared toward busy productivity and adjusting with minor tweaks here and there. It favours clearing, refining, purging, detoxing and organizing. It also favours launching self-improvement schemes. We find our steps are more purposeful, and this helps us with tasks that require patience and focus on details. We may find that we can get into this zen-like groove of action, so mundane tasks like cleaning don’t seem so laborious. We want to be working and seeing signs of tangible effort now.


Saturday brings a challenging square between Venus and Saturn, a transit that can make it feel difficult relating to others. Saturday morning is best for doing what we want because, as we move into the afternoon and late evening, social interactions won’t be as good. On a special note, Venus is starting to slow its pace now as it gets ready to turn direct on the 15th of April. The planet of love will be in an exact square with Saturn and a conjunction with Chiron at this time as well. This means that we need to use a very disciplined, conventional and structured approach when dealing with Venus related matters, especially in scenarios that need a bit more spontaneity, courage and individuality than we may feel comfortable with. This energy will be sticking around through most of April, so finding a good solid strategy for dealing with challenges that come up now is the way to go. We also have a square between the Sun and Pluto today, a transit that will call upon our inner strength as we find our desires clashing with our current circumstances and the demands of others. It can definitely be a time of challenge, feeling our sense of purpose, direction, and identity blocked in this way. We may feel that we are being overpowered by the powers that be and everything seems out of our hands. Some of us may find ourselves faces with difficult people and situations that mean we have to muster our strength and stand up for what we truly believe in. The trick here is to become centred in our own empowerment rather than in power alone.

Sunday starts with an early morning Void of Course Moon that will be moving into balancing Libra in the early afternoon. Creating order is the focus, not necessarily through tidying or organizing as was the case while the Moon was in Virgo, but rather through pleasing interactions with others and aesthetics in our environment. We tend to solve problems through diplomacy, and we are more able to put aside our own emotions in order to achieve the peace we crave. The tendency now is to avoid direct confrontations. Decisions do not come easily. Seeing both sides to any given situation is the main reason for hesitation. Fear of losing others’ approval is another.

This is also the day that Mercury turns Retrograde in Taurus. For up to a week prior and after today, Mercury will be moving very slowly or will appear to have stopped. During this time, we may experience intensity, frustration, confusion, miscommunications, or feel like we are getting bogged down in our own progress. Mercury retrograde tends to be a good time for rethinking, rehashing, reflecting, and tying up those old loose ends, rather than begin any new ventures. later in the retrograde cycle is when new insights and information begins to emerge, sometimes those that we didn’t anticipate, which can change the whole picture. Because of this, it is usually advisable to avoid making any permanent or final decisions. However, it is an excellent time to do fact-finding, research and investigation to prepare for major decisions, which are usually best put off until well after Mercury goes direct. Meanwhile, expect the unexpected, and leave a lot of extra time and room when planning your schedule to minimize any disruptions from delays and complications that may pop up. Staying flexible and learning to roll with the weird energy is the best way to go here.