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Earth Spirit Tarot’s April 2017 Newsletter

  • Posted on March 31, 2017 at 10:00 pm


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What’s New This Month 

April Blessings everyone!  Venus continues to be retrograde until mid-april, but will be moving backwards from independent Aries into compassionate Pisces, which helps to bring forth a new vision.  We also have a bit of an overlap with Mercury turning retrograde in Taurus and Aries between April 9th and May 3rd. So it looks like a changeable start to spring!

We also celebrate Easter, Earth Day, St. George’s Day this month and, of course, April Fool’s Day today. And we certainly seem to be getting a lot of “spring cleaning” energy around us lately too. April is usually when I start my Spring cleaning and can start transplanting some of my herbs to my outside garden.  Clearing the home, the work space, and clearing out things within can have such a purging effect on the soul that often brings a sense of hope as we de-clutter and free up our space. It’s been proven that clutter can affect our emotional well-being and can bring on feelings of depression and stagnation. And what better way to clear all that negative energy than to have a bit of Reiki to help boost that clearing out process. I like to open the windows and smudge with Sage to clear energy in the home. I use a bit of Reiki as I go through the house as well. Feng Shui is another great tool to help redirect or neutralize any “off” energies too.

This month I have some great readings for Spring: “The Spring Cleaning” and “Spring Flower” tarot readings. In honour of April Fool’s Day there is the “Fools Journey” and “Fool’s Choice” readings along with the “Heart of Faery” and a Feng Shui reading.  All of these can be found in the   Monthly Specialssection along with a few other inspirational readings to help bring balance into your life.  You can have a browse through the many specialized readings I offer on the  Tarot Readings page.  Tarot’s Life Path & Personal Growthsection is a good place to start!  Or take a wander through the various Oracle readings on my site, like Rune, Angel, Faery and Animal Totem readings.  All of these categories can be found on the main Reading Room page.  Don’t forget to check out the other areas on the Readings page, like the Oracles,Rune and Animal Medicine Cards sections.

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Week Ahead – Monday March 27th through Sunday April 2nd

  • Posted on March 26, 2017 at 7:30 am

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Happy Sunday everyone, and Happy Mothers Day to all of our UK Mums! We are once again nearing the close of another month and getting ready to start a new one. Spring is in the air and many of us are now focusing on spring cleaning and getting those gardens in order. Today we are under the influence of a conjunction between mental Mercury and eccentric Uranus, an energy that has been building up for most of this week. Its an energy that can open up our minds to innovative new possibilities. The downside though is that we seem to lose that filter between thinking and speaking, something that could land us in trouble if we aren’t careful. It’s a good energy for gatherings which can include community, family, friends and groups for today. Now, let’s take a look at what this week ahead has in store for us.

Monday begins with a Void of Course Moon mid-morning, before moving into Aries in the early afternoon. Some may actually feel this shift into Aries more than others. An Aries Moon tends to bring conflict more than most times, with emotional tensions growing, people becoming short-tempered and impulsive. Some may show a readiness and fearlessness to act in an extreme situation. Even the sweetest tempered person can become a bit mean under this moon. However, it becomes easier to shake old problem and the weight of tiresome responsibility. We want to free ourselves from everything that bothers us and makes our lives feel uneasy. We also have a sextile between Mars and Neptune today. During this transit we may feel our compassion, intuition and idealistic impulses being pleasantly stimulated. We aren’t concerned so much with practical things and routines and feel inspired. Its a good time for creating, taking in a film or just enjoying our down time. We tend to find it easier to let go of anger as dispositions become softer under this transit.

Tuesday brings our Aries New Moon, and we have a strong fire element in play right now, which means lots of creativity and passion. We feel more strongly towards taking action now, and this can give us the chance to shake off the winter blues and get ourselves moving. Use this energy to explore new opportunities and tap into the courage it brings to meet new people and try new things.

Wednesday brings us an early afternoon Void of Course Moon that will shift into earthy Taurus later in the afternoon. When the Moon moves into Taurus, we feel the tension of the past few days start to drop away. People tend to become calmer and peaceful. We feel secure and stable. There is also this tendency for our thoughts and reactions to slow down, making us feel a bit slow in getting ourselves going. This is the best time for taking care of the home, running errands, restocking supplies and tending to routine maintenance. Its best to hold off on important business now,as well as signing of contracts or important papers, because we may make mistakes due to a slowed down reaction and thinking process. We also have a trine between Mercury and Saturn, a transit that seems to make it easier to take a more practical, logical approach to any goals that need a problem solving approach. Looking back at past achievements can help us now to support our current and future goals as we learn from the past. It’s all about bringing structure to how we think and communicate.

Thursday brings a challenging square between Jupiter and Pluto, and these two planets have been in a little dance for the past couple of months now. This is a transit that pushes us to really want to succeed in whatever it is we are focused on, be it career, a project or personal goals. We do need to be careful that we don’t exceed out limits though, or appear to be overbearing in the process. Its a transit that can encourage us to be more assertive and less compromising. The best way to use this energy is to not focus so much that we become single minded, but rather take the time to look at the wider view of things in order to gain knowledge. This is a good time for exploring the limits of some of our social standards, for increasing our awareness of our deepest urges and to improve our skills in expressing them constructively for our benefit as well as for others. A good use of this time is to rebuild what is in disrepair. Whether it is your own life, a business, or a relationship, efforts that you expend to make better what is in need likely are productive.

Friday brings a Void of Course Moon in the wee hours of the morning and the Moon won’t shift into Gemini until the early evening. When the Moon is in Gemini we become active, feel stronger emotional sensitivity and a need for socializing. We also have the tendency to fall under influences that can lead to the danger of getting of course and making mistakes. We tend to buy things that we don’t really need, waste time with contacts that are futile, and visit unnecessary places and events. Emotions may become amplified but shallow. We may easily meet new people now, however half of the contacts we make will later turn out to be empty. Some of us will try to do everything all at once, which later leaves us stuck with unfinished projects and ideas. We also have communications planet Mercury moving into Taurus, where our thinking becomes more down to earth, solid, and grounded.


Saturday is a quiet one in the skies, but a good day for tapping into that ongoing Gemini Moon energy to experiment and engage the mind, communicate with others and basically have a fun and upbeat kind of day. Sunday brings a mid-afternoon Void of Course Moon, which will then move into Cancer in the early evening, giving us that homebody vibe that wants peace and quiet. Use the day to recharge and relax before getting ready for the new week ahead. We have retrograde Venus moving backwards into compassionate Pisces today, which can bring forth some new visions and fresher perspectives. Venus is quit comfy in this sign, but we can feel more vulnerable now. Since Venus is in retrograde, it would be helpful to look at areas like love, money and values and see where and why we feel vulnerable or disappointed.

Week Ahead – Monday March 20th through Sunday March 26th

  • Posted on March 19, 2017 at 7:30 am

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Happy Sunday everyone! We’re now entering the second half of March and the Spring Equinox. Its been nice seeing the days getting a bit longer and new buds appearing on the trees. We have the Moon currently in Sagittarius, so its a fun day for getting out in nature and opening up our minds. Now, let’s have a look at what this week has in store for us.

Monday is the Spring Equinox and sees the Sun move into Aries, so Happy Solar Return to all of you Aries people out there! The start of spring marks the beginning of the zodiac with the fiery sign Aries. Under this influence we are feeling a bit of excitement and an urge for new experiences and adventures. When the Sun is in Aries, we feel inspired to spontaneity, like we can do anything because we’re absolutely indomitable. Since Aries is the first of the Zodiac, and therefore a youthful sign, this influence is one of child-like abandon and invincibility. We also have a Void of Course Moon at the start of the morning, which then moves into Capricorn mid-afternoon. In Capricorn our emotional charge seems to decrease as our feelings of duty and responsibility move to the fore. We tend to become more practical and logical, as well as more demanding and less sensitive to others and ourselves. Use this energy for tending to and planning work related tasks for the next couple of days.

Tuesday and Wednesday are fairly quiet for us, with a mid afternoon Void of Course Moon on Wednesday. Thursday brings us a bit of a challenge however, with a square between Mercury and Pluto. Square aspects usually bring challenges or obstacles that we need to overcome. Mercury Square Pluto is no exception here and we need to be cautious with this transit with impulsive and obsessive interaction between quick to speak Mercury and burn your bridges Pluto. This transit often brings some level of mental stress and pressure. Avoid the tendency to read between the lines with a negative slant, as it is bound to only stir up trouble. Consider that some situations call for keeping silent if only for the time being. Also, watch out for dramatic outbursts and events, both personally and globally. We also have the Moon moving into Aquarius in the early hours of Thursday. When the Moon is in Aquarius it brings us feelings of openness with a sense of inner freedom, quite different from the energies of Capricorn. Our emotions become more alive and we feel we can express them more freely. What we can’t cope with are limitations being imposed upon us or pressure from others because our main focus is on our inner feelings of independence. Try to find some balance between these energies for the next couple of days.

Friday brings an opposition between Mercury and Jupiter. Under this transit our words seem to come easily, in some cases a bit too easily. Our thoughts and words tend to be amplified with this transits’ energy bringing with it a sense of adventure, an influx of new ideas, as well as some feelings of imbalance as a result of exaggeration. Some may find it hard to turn off the thoughts and the need to talk or write about all of the many possibilities we are seeing before us. The problem here is our judgement regarding the validity of our ideas being a bit off right now. In some cases we may feel a need to overstate our position because we don’t want to me misunderstood. There is also a risk of judgement and blame that could creep into how we perceive others, and vice versa. Our challenge comes from trying to find ways to express, think and understand all of the possibilities before us and what it may mean in regard to our everyday life. So we need to find ways to bridge that gap between the raw information we are getting and how it fits into the bigger picture.


Saturday begins with an early morning Void of course Moon that will move into Pisces mid-morning. A Pisces Moon can bring about feelings of romance, heightened intuition, mystical and dreamy moods, and an interest in the unknown, religion and all that is magical. We tend to become softer, sentimental and more tender, speaking words of kindness and complimenting those we love. Its a good energy that supports romance, compassion, graceful music, and movies. We also have a conjunction between the Sun and Venus, and is the midway point of Venus’s retrograde cycle that began on March 4th and ends mid-April. it brings a time when we need to begin to act on internal decisions regarding who and what is in your life now.

Sunday brings us a conjunction between Mercury and Uranus. This transit brings about spontaneous, radical, and unusual means of thinking and communicating. It may compel us to speak our mind or say things that we felt unable to say before. It can also cause us to speak without first thinking our thoughts through. Our perceptions are more flexible and open-minded, and this can have us seeing things with our eyes wide open…which can be a bit of a shock to the system for some. On a positive note, this transits energy can set lose our creativity and inspire us, especially when we are looking ahead at our future. It’s a good energy for gatherings which can include community, family, friends and groups.

Week Ahead – Monday March 13th through Sunday March 19th

  • Posted on March 12, 2017 at 7:30 am



Happy Sunday everyone. We’ve hit the midway point of March and have a Full Moon and St. Patrick’s Day this week. We are also drawing closer to the Spring Equinox, as the days stay lighter for longer. We have the North and South Nodes of the Moon winding down a year and a half path that they have been taking through Virgo and Pisces. This Full Moon will be the last in these two signs before they shift into new signs in May. So now is the time to focus on where you have been serving versus where you are sacrificing. In the month ahead work on simplifying life so you don’t have get dragged down by your To Do list. Now, let’s see what this week has in store for us!

Monday starts off with a Void of Course Moon that moves into Libra in the early morning. We have our Virgo Full Moon happening but the Moon will be shifting into Libra through this Full Moon Cycle. Full Moons are a time when things seem more illuminated. Where the New Moon gives us the opportunity to set our intentions in the different aspects of our lives, the Full Moon asks us to stand still for a moment and look at what has come to fruition since the dark moon. We also see communications planet Mercury moving into Aries, where it communicates in a more direct way than usual. We tend to take on a “Just do it!” attitude here and feel more inclined to cut through all of the red tape just to get to the actual point of a conversation. We just want to cut to the chase with Mercury in Aries, to acknowledge stuff and then move along as opposed to having to stick around so that we can process all of those details.  The negative side of Mercury in Aries is that we may come across as too direct and there is that potential to speak out of anger, impulse or just pure impatience. And these are things that we may regret saying later on.

Tuesday is a quiet one in the skies. Wednesday sees and early morning Void of Course Moon that will shift into Scorpio by mid-afternoon. Its a time where we need to be careful not to get swept away by irritability, mood-swings, hysteria, big and small excitements, and a sudden desire to quickly change everything. People tend to become more conscious of self and others, and see everything in dark tones with the Moon in Scorpio.

Thursday is another quiet one in the skies for us, but Friday brings a challenging square between the Sun and Saturn, The Sun’s transits to planets in a person’s natal chart represents brief influences that usually last around a day. So today we have the Sun making a square with Saturn which will highlight those areas where we need to accept our own limitations, boundaries, and expectations. We may find ourselves faced with the consequences of avoiding some task or obligation, or at least receive a warning of what could happen should we continue to avoid them. Another possibility could be having to accept a situation that means accepting responsibility that we don’t want, or that restricts our freedom in some way.

There are positives with this transit too, if we take the time to understand the nature of the situation. For example, an area of our lives may be pruned back in order to keep things under better control, or as a way to make room for something new to grow. How stressful this feels to you will depend on how well you deal with hard work, restrictive limits, responsibility, and authority. Those who have issues with authority for example could find themselves butting heads with someone who is in charge.

We are also challenged, at this time, to take some action or make that decision that revolves around taking more responsibility on. We are faced with having to find better ways in dealing with our own personal boundaries either by accepting the boundaries of others or learning how to assert our own boundaries. The best way to get through this day long transit is to find constructive ways to work with this energy rather than trying to throw ourselves against it. This is the kind of day/transit that usually has a very important lesson for us to learn about ourselves.


Saturday starts off with an adventurous Sagittarius Moon that will be with us for the whole weekend. We tend to become a bit more orderly and calm, are ready to follow routines and rules and have a need for giving and receiving advice and recommendations. We may find a increase in our interests in social life and where we fit in. We also have a conjunction between Mercury and Venus. This is a transit that is marked by receptive awareness, positive social connections, and diplomatic communication. That means having to negotiate any contracts, agreements, or mutual plans will go a lot more smoothly because all parties are focused on mutual balance to achieve an outcome that benefits all. For our more analytical brothers and sisters out there, we can use this time to assess our current happiness and start planning some new ways to increase joy in our lives. It’s also an opportune time to discuss money or initiate a financial plan or agreement.

Some downsides to be aware of for this transit; Our desire to be in the company of others and socializing can make it hard to work or be alone right now. Or, because we are experiencing such an easy flow of communication, we may be tempted to only say what we think others want to hear, so as not to disturb that harmonious balance. Sunday is a quiet one for us, but we still have that Sagittarius energy to work and play with.

Week Ahead – Monday March 6th through Sunday March 12th

  • Posted on March 5, 2017 at 7:30 am


Happy Sunday everyone! I hope this update finds you all well. we’ve been under the influence of a Gemini Moon this weekend, causing many of us to want to be on the move or flit from one project to another, or one social situation to another. We also have ambitious Mars in a trine with Saturn, a supportive energy that we can use to work on projects that will be beneficial for us in the long term. The start of our week has a bit of mixed energy, so let’s take a look at what’s in store!
Monday starts us off with a Void of Course Moon that will be moving into Cancer in the early afternoon. Under Cancer’s influence people become more sensitive and go deeper into their inner world, which takes on more importance at this time than the outer world. A feeling of belonging and safety is what motivates us under this influence. The Moon feels right at home in the sign of Cancer, as it rules the sign. This Moon position has much healing potential. Although insular by nature, our feelings run deep, making it an ideal time to get in touch with what motivates us. We want roots; we crave a sense of intimate connection that will. We also have a conjunction going on between the Sun and Mercury, where we feel compelled to communicate. So we can use with to connect with those we hold close now. Some of us may feel pulled between restlessness and just wanting to hide away.
Tuesday sees the asteroid Vesta finally ending its retrograde cycle in the sign of Cancer. This retrograde cycle began back in June. Vesta is said to influence our independence and core sense of identity. Its that thing that keeps us faithful to ourselves rather than compromising. While Vesta was retrograde this fidelity to our Selves was tested and challenged. We may have faced situations that sprung up and made us question just how much that integrity meant to us and how much we were willing to just coast through life.
Wednesday starts off fairly quiet, until mid afternoon when the Moon goes Void of Course for a couple of hours before moving into heart opening Leo. Some will find it easier to step into leadership roles for the next couple of days. We feel like we can do anything with the Moon in Leo! We crave compliments and appreciation, and are generous with kind words to others. We also have a sextile between Mercury and Pluto. Under this transit we may find that we possess more insight and psychological understanding than usual. Passionate communication along with penetrating insight are easier to come by and we become more willing to look beyond the surface of things and investigate matters in more depth. We do need to be careful that our words don’t come out with more force than intended however, especially in situations that require a bit of delicacy.
Thursday see warrior planet Mars move into Taurus. Mars is not a happy camper in Taurus because it can’t do its ranting and raving. But there is that danger of having things slow boil beneath the surface until they explode so you still have to be careful. Under this transit we are determined, stubborn, and resolute. Mars in Taurus can be passive, and is at its strongest when resisting or defending something! In stark contrast to the impulsive Mars in Aries cycle, we tend to pursue our goals by plodding along patiently. This transit does have its positive side too! We can make steady progress with the goals we have been making and our energy can become more grounded. So it’s the perfect time for moving forward, and is especially helpful with doing any mundane and routine tasks. We also have a sextile between the Sun and Pluto going on, where we may feel our sense of purpose growing stronger, allowing us to tap into the deeper levels of our energy stores and determination. We can apply this determined effort towards promoting our ideas and could find that we are very persuasive with others. We do need to take care though that we are not coming across as too forceful or pushy.
Friday is a quiet day, and a good morning for tidying up or finishing any existing projects because the Moon will be Void of Course through most of the day and into mid afternoon. In the late hours of the evening the Moon will be moving into Virgo for the weekend. We also have a conjunction between Mercury and Chiron, which creates a superlative ability to perceive exactly what is going on in any situation and to understand how people are thinking in relation to the situation. This is a marvellous aspect for a negotiator, for a businessperson working with groups, for a teacher, or for a therapist involved in group counselling.
Saturday is a quiet one and we can use the Moon in Virgo, Mars in Taurus mix to see the results of our efforts now. There is a lot of earthy energy to work with here, and Virgo wants to tidy, organize, clean, heal and simplify things. Mars gives us what we need to make it happen. Also keep in mind that Venus is retrograde until mid April, so this is a good time for going through things and making a pile of stuff that you want to release.
Sunday brings a challenging square between Mercury and Saturn, which means that getting from point A to point B can be a challenge due to obstacles and delays. Communications may be blocked or delayed, and negative thinking could dominate at this time causing feelings of irritation. Projects we thought were complete may need revision, and others could appear overly critical, insensitive, or sarcastic. In truth we are likely being more efficient that we actually feel right now because we tend to really pay attention to detail and feel a real need to be accurate and precise in all that we do. The trick is to not take everything so seriously that you end up looking for problems where there are none.