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Earth Spirit Tarot’s March 2017 Newsletter

  • Posted on February 28, 2017 at 9:00 pm



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What’s New This Month 


Blessings everyone and happy March! I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for the days to start getting warmer. The saying goes “In like a lion, out like a lamb” and we sure have had some blustery weather. So hopefully the next few weeks will bring some calmer weather our way. This month we are celebrating the Spring Equinox/Ostara, St. Patrick’s Day, the turning forward of the clocks, and Mothering Sunday. Day light savings begins on Sunday, March 12th in the USA & Canada, and on Sunday, March 26th for the UK.

This month  you will find my annual Ostara/Spring Equinox reading and a Luck of the Irish reading to honour St. Patrick’s Day. Also, to honour the eclipses ahead, I have special readings that will help you tap into these powerful events.  All of these can be found in the   Monthly Specials section along with a few other inspirational readings to help bring balance into your life.  You can have a browse through the many specialized readings I offer on the  Tarot Readings page.  Tarot’s Life Path & Personal Growth section is a good place to start!  Or take a wander through the various Oracle readings on my site, like Rune, Angel, Faery and Animal Totem readings.  All of these categories can be found on the main Reading Room page.  Don’t forget to check out the other areas on the Readings page, like the Oracles, Rune and Animal Medicine Cards sections.

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Week Ahead – Monday February 27th through Sunday March 5th

  • Posted on February 26, 2017 at 7:30 am


Happy Sunday everyone! We are nearly at the end of another month and signs of Spring are in the air finally. Today we are under the influence of a New Moon/Solar Eclipse. A Solar Eclipse represents the rise of new projects from our very depths, but this will be the last in a group of Pisces/Virgo Eclipses for another 9 years. So we get this sense of endings and beginnings with this one. Pisces likes to retreat and separate itself from all of those strong emotions that come with a New Moon/Solar Eclipse, so take some time for yourself today. Now, let’s see what the rest of this week has in store for us!

Monday brings aggressive Mars into an opposition with Jupiter, and this is a build up of energy that has been going on for the past week. From today, until 7 days ahead, we will need to check that our spiritual inspirations are in balance with our ego based desires. This transit brings both a time of inspired action, as well as brash overconfidence that we need to temper with action and patience. We end the evening with a Void of Course Moon.

Tuesday morning is when the Moon starts its shift from dreamy and diffused Pisces to fired up Aries in the wee hours. Some may actually feel this shift more than others. An Aries Moon tends to bring conflict more than most times, with emotional tensions growing, people becoming short-tempered and impulsive. Some may show a readiness and fearlessness to act in an extreme situation. Even the sweetest tempered person can become a bit mean under this moon. However, it becomes easier to shake old problem and the weight of tiresome responsibility. We want to free ourselves from everything that bothers us and makes our lives feel uneasy. Wednesday the first day of a new month, is a quiet one in the skies for us.

Thursday begins with an early morning Void of Course Moon that will shift into Taurus as we begin our day. In Taurus we feel the tension of the past few days start to drop away. People tend to become calmer and peaceful. We feel secure and stable. There is also this tendency for our thoughts and reactions to slow down, making us feel a bit slow in getting ourselves going. This is the best time for taking care of the home, running errands, restocking supplies and tending to routine maintenance. Its best to hold off on important business now,as well as signing of contracts or important papers, because we may make mistakes due to a slowed down reaction and thinking process. We have a conjunction between the Sun and Neptune as well, which tends to bring a period of heightened creativity our way. It’s not necessarily creative in an artistic sense but it will definitely involved taking a more inspired approach to challenges and problems before us. Lastly, we have an opposition between Jupiter and Uranus taking place today. This is a transit that greatly increases our need for excitement and personal freedom. We tend to feel a strong urge to rebel or react against anything that we feel is blocking us from having fun and doing the things we want. There is a tendency under this transit to want to renew and start fresh. The problem here is that the more extreme the change is that we encounter, the harder it can be for us and those around us to adjust. Try to keep it in balance.


Friday is another quiet one in the skies for us, with a mid-afternoon Void of Course Moon that will take us into the wee hours of the weekend. The wee hours of Saturday brings the Moon into Gemini, where we become active, feel stronger emotional sensitivity and a need for socializing. Its a good energy for having a social and communicative weekend. The Moon in Gemini is light-hearted, breezy, and curious, but it can also be restless and fickle. It is good time however, to be on the move, travelling short distances in order to fulfil that need for new impressions, and meeting up with friends and relatives. We also have Mercury in a conjunction with Neptune today, an energy that stimulates our intuitive creativity. So you may get insights into your own mind and/or into others’ behaviour.

For those who are more sensitive to this transits energies, a need for finding quiet time to meditate or just be alone with our thoughts could be strong. Our mental focus can become a bit blurred and conscious reasoning can be distorted by subconscious matter. So concentrating on cold hard facts can be challenging. Daydreaming, visualization, and prophecy are stimulated. Communications may be unclear, vague, or downright confused. You could be subject to deception. Avoid signing contracts under this influence.

Saturday is also the day the planet of love and money goes retrograde. Many will have felt an intense energy in the areas of relationships, beauty, finances, harmony and self worth. Its a similar cycle to Mercury retrograde, in that we tend to go back over ground that we already covered in order to refine and adjust those areas in our lives that Venus affects. This will be affecting us until mid April.

Sunday brings a harmonious trine between Mars and Saturn, making it a good time for taking disciplined action that can help us produce specific, stable and grounded results. If you have any projects that need that push forward to the next stage, this transit can help you do that. We tend to feel more “together” and capable under this transit, and it can help us to sustain any physical energy needed without burning ourselves out too fast. Remember, the effects of this transit typically last only about a week or two, so make the most of it!

Week Ahead – Monday February 20th through Sunday February 26th

  • Posted on February 19, 2017 at 7:30 am

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Happy Sunday Everyone! This month is quickly coming to a close for us and this week in particular could have some challenges for us mid week. But today is an easy day for us with a positive thinking Sagittarius Moon in play, along with a few upbeat lunar aspects. When we have upbeat and happy Moon energies, people tend to feel good as well, so make the most of it today! Now, let’s see what this week has in store for us.

Monday continues that upbeat vibe, but just before midnight the Moon goes Void of Course. Void of Course Moons are best for tackling those humble, around the house tasks, but not so good for making any decisions of importance. This will last into the early morning of Tuesday, when the Moon moves into Capricorn. In Capricorn our emotional charge seems to decrease as our feelings of duty and responsibility move to the fore. We tend to become more practical and logical, as well as more demanding and less sensitive to others and ourselves. We also have a trine between Mercury and Jupiter, which brings an ease of communication that we can take advantage of today. We will need this supportive mental energy as we get into mid week!

Wednesday is where our challenges begin. We have a square between Mars and Pluto going on, which means we have some strong forces at work and the pressure is on. Power struggles could erupt now and this is not a good time to force situations that just don’t want to budge by using a “bull in a china shop” mentality. Mars is all about taking the right action if it is used in a positive way. Mars gives us that push we need to make changes in our lives. Pluto helps us to be in our own power by allowing us to release anything that needs to go. But if you find a need to release something or someone from your life is necessary to your growth and well being, do so, just find a gentler and kinder way to do it. It may be helpful to find the appropriate outlets necessary, like physical activities, to help us relieve the stress we may be feeling now.

Thursday starts off with a Void of Course Moon, which will be with us for most of the day, so try not to make any major decisions until later in the evening, when the Moon moves into Aquarius. Aquarius supports social interaction and romance. It brings us feelings of openness with a sense of inner freedom. Our emotions become more alive and we feel we can express them more freely. What we can’t cope with are limitations being imposed upon us or pressure from others because our main focus is on our inner feelings of independence. We tend to have a sense of emotional coolness or detachment at the personal level, combined with an emphasis on idealism: such is the nature of the cycle we are now entering. We have a tendency to allow ourselves more freedom.

Early Friday morning brings a supportive sextile between Mercury and Saturn, a transit that can help us to bring mental and disciplinary influences together to create a balanced atmosphere for working together. Our focus is on bettering situations around us so it makes a good time for taking stock of what needs to be corrected or adjusted in our lives. Saturn’s discipline to thinking gives that gentle nudge needed to focus on and work on the small details rather than just looking at the big picture. It’s a good time to focus our energy on completing those difficult tasks we may have been putting aside till now. You may just find that those blocked situations can now be resolved more easily.


Saturday continues with that social Aquarius energy until the early evening, so anything social like that you plan on doing is best done before then. The Moon will then go Void of Course until the wee hours of Sunday morning. Sunday sees the Moon and Mercury both moving into Pisces. This is a Pisces New Moon. When we have a New Moon we also have the Sun in the same sign, which is why these energies are so focused and potent. For those who do energy and spell work, the New Moon is the perfect time for setting intentions for the things you wish to create, cultivate, manifest and develop. Its energies differ from the Full Moon in that the New Moon looks inward. In Pisces, it’s a good time to look at where we may be scattering our energies right now. We are not inclined to want to face reality while the Moon is in dreamy, impressionable Pisces. It can be a wistful, sensitive, intuitive, and compassionate time. We are especially imaginative, and our intuition reigns under this influence. Boundaries and walls come down, as Pisces energy merges and blends. It’s a time when details are overlooked and feelings defy description.

When Mercury is in Pisces, our thinking processes become visual, intuitive, and imaginative. Our brainy Mercury is less interested in the facts and more in touch with feelings at this time. We are more attuned to the world of emotion, and it colours both our thoughts and our communication style. This transit serves poets, artists, healers, spiritual seekers and all those who don’t rely on objective evidence to shape reality. One negative under this transit however is that managing details can be more difficult with airy Mercury in this watery sign. We may be more impressionable and more open to ideas that, before we may have considered down right silly.

We also have a conjunction between the Sun and Uranus. Spontaneity, surprises, and expecting the unexpected are what this transit is all about today. We feel more open to new experiences than usual and more open-minded to new and unusual perspectives. People and situations that take you away from your customary routine can reveal another side of life to you and we may just surprise others, or ourselves. It’s a time where we can let our wacky and eccentric side shine and our sense of humour thriving. We do need to be careful though that we don’t take that one step too far into reckless behaviour. Our creativity can come in bursts and in unexpected ways, so it may be a good idea to use this to its full advantage when an opportunity presents itself. If you can’t do anything with it now, write it down for consideration in the future.

Week Ahead – Monday February 13th through Sunday February 19th

  • Posted on February 12, 2017 at 7:00 am



Happy Sunday everyone! I hope this update finds you all well. We have alot going on this week, but first lets look at today. We are still under the influence of a Virgo Moon, which makes today good for accomplishing something that makes us feel good, whether that is house work, getting something organized, or de-cluttering an area. We also have a 2 week period between eclipses right now, which makes it a good time for being introspective. Now let’s take a look at what else this week has in store for us!

Monday starts of still under the influence of a Virgo Moon, but will go Void of Course just after Noon, and remain there until the late evening, when it shifts into Libra, just in time for Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Libra is the relationship sign and likes nice things, going to beautiful places or just enjoying quality time with those we love. Libra creates this feeling of harmony and calm. We find we more easily connect to people, compromise is more likely and conflict less so. Its a time when we find it easier to understand and relate to others. We tend to be polite and diplomatic, and would rather avoid arguments.

Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, will still be under the influences of a Libra Moon, as well as having a sextile between the Sun and Saturn. Under the vibes of this transit we are more able to effectively take care of loose ends and attend to small details, especially the ones we dislike. We have a better chance of tackling any serious issues in our lives and completing tasks that we have put off for some time. Commitments that we make now are more apt to last because of a more serious attitude and willingness to take on responsibilities. It’s a good time to prove to others that you can be dependable when it counts. Focusing on practical matters and getting organized are good things to focus on now, especially if you are laying the foundation for something positive to grow.

Wednesday is a quiet one and the remainder of the week looks like it will flow more smoothly. We have an early morning Void of Course Moon on Thursday for a few hours, and then the Moon moves into brooding Scorpio. We also have a sextile between Mercury and Mars today, which will help us to get into our own groove and get things done more easily. Today, thoughtful actions will produce positive results and by planning ahead for possible consequences we can minimize any potential conflicts. It’s an opportune transit for some creative problem solving and testing out our decisions to see if they will fit into our plans and goals.

Friday is mainly quiet until the Moon enters its Void of Course phase in the early evening. The weekend gets a more adventurous vibe when the Moon moves into Sagittarius in the late afternoon. Sagittarius tends to bring a sense of peace and stability, and we become a bit more orderly and calm, are ready to follow routines and rules and have a need for giving and receiving advice and recommendations. Some will find that it increases our interests in our social life and where we fit in. Today is also the day the Sun moves into Pisces, so Happy Solar return to all of your Pisceans out there! This mood of openness will be with us through Sunday as well, and makes it a good weekend for visiting places close to water or seeing a good film with someone.

Week Ahead – Monday February 6th through Sunday February 12th

  • Posted on February 5, 2017 at 7:30 am


Happy Sunday everyone! We are inching ever closer to the Spring Equinox now and longer, warmer days to come. I’ve been seeing little signs of life coming back into the world already! Today, some of us may feel the expansive planet Jupiter turning retrograde, where it will be until the start of June. Jupiter is known for big ideas, so between now and June we have the chance to review and research those ideas that we want to bring into the world. We are also still under the influence of a Gemini Moon, so today is a good one for sharing our thoughts with others. Let’s see what this week has in store for us!

Monday is the official start of Jupiter Retrograde, which is taking place in the sign of Libra. Jupiter rules our belief system and this is a time when we can really look at how we limit ourselves or get in our own way via self limiting thoughts. For up to a week before and after today we may experience a rise in our feelings of longing, idealism or inspiration. This is because Jupiter is moving at its slowest, as well as stopped during this station. This is a turning point at the moments where we may feel inspired to explore, or re-explore, territory that is already familiar to us in a new way. For some, it may feel like a disruption in their journey because the map they have been following has not been up to date or is just not accurate any more. This is especially so for those situations which have been developing over the last 3 months (when Jupiter first entered its shadow). So it’s important now to allow ourselves to be open to new possibilities as they gradually emerged from old situations.

Tuesday morning starts off with the Moon moving into Cancer, making the next couple of days good for projects that relate to the home, nurturing and family gathering. So be sure to spend some time with those whom you feel closest too. We also have Mercury moving into Aquarius today, where it will remain until the 25th of this month. This brings a time for meeting new people, exploring new groups, and improving any technology related skills. We may also find that we are able to see old and familiar situations in a totally different light, allowing us to have a fresher perspective on things. Many of us have already been suffering from “cabin fever” but this transit turns it up a notch, meaning more of us will want to break out of the bonds holding us back. Get out of the house when you feel a need too and take steps to break out of old routines where necessary.

Wednesday is a quiet one in the skies, with a late night Void of course Moon and a continuation of the friendly energies we have had so far. The Moon will move into Leo on Thursday, where we feel more energetic and optimistic. We feel like we can do anything! We crave compliments and appreciation, and are generous with kind words to others. The Moon is also preparing for a lunar eclipse on the 10th, one that will be the first of a series of Leo-Aquarius eclipses, something we have not seen since 2009. We also have a sextile between the Sun and Uranus, a fun transit where we become more open to being spontaneous and where others seem to appreciate our quirkiness a bit more. Breaking out of old and outworn habits is a good goal during this transit as we seek out new things and experiment with things that may seem out of character.

Friday is our Leo Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipses tend to bring our emotions to the surface, and this one in particular may feel challenging due to a Grand Cross pattern happening in the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Its an action oriented Grand Cross that tends to pull us apart before putting us back together in a more positive way. Full Moons are a time when things seem more illuminated. Where the New Moon gives us the opportunity to set our intentions in the different aspects of our lives, the Full Moon asks us to stand still for a moment and look at what has come to fruition since the dark moon. We also have a sextile between Mercury and Venus, a beneficial aspect that brings us the possibility of benefiting from our social connections, a more open awareness, and harmonious communication. It doesn’t mean that it will all just fall into our laps though! We still need a bit of effort to make all of this happen.
Saturday begins with an early morning Void of Course Moon that will shift into Virgo in the early afternoon, bringing a much softer energy our way. In Virgo, people tend to become more rational and practical. Its the small details that seem to be more important to us now, in some cases more than they are in reality, which can lead to arguments over what seems like insignificant little things. We have a supportive trine between the Sun and Jupiter as well today. According to the ancients this is one of the most positive transits. With the Sun and Jupiter working together we are able to work in harmony with our environment radiating warmth and generosity to those around us.

It’s a really good energy for situations where we need to present an idea or project and need to get other people on board. Sunday is a quiet one for us and we can use today for taking on those detail oriented tasks we may have been putting off.