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Earth Spirit Tarot’s December 2015 Newsletter

  • Posted on November 30, 2015 at 4:51 pm

I publish a newsletter each month that can be viewed in its entirety at http://earthspirittarot.com/webnews.htm

Below is just a snippet of December’s newsletter. If you subscribe or go to my website you will have access to the astrology section, monthly raffle and a variety of other goodies!

What’s New This Month

Here we are once again at the last month of 2015. The planetary energies are favourable this month for bringing out that festive spirit.  As we come to the close of the old year I always make a point of looking back at where I was this time last year. And I am always amazed at just how much I have done and learned. Soon we will be entering 2016 and hopefully a more positive time of growth for ourselves and the world around us..

The specials for this month reflect the energies of the holiday season.  We have the “Solstice of Light” and the Yule Star” readings.  And for those of you wanting a glimpse at what the New Year will be bringing you, the ever popular “New Year Outlook” and “New Year, New You” readings are available. The New Year Outlook reading comes with a 1 year astrology transit report too! All of these can be found in the  Monthly Specialssection this month along with a few other inspirational readings to help bring balance into your life.   Don’t forget to check out the other areas on the Readings page, like the Oracles, Rune and Animal Medicine Cards sections.

I have a new addition to my site, Faery Trinkets where I will have my Barefoot Sandals, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and crochet items on display for sale.  I’ll be adding some crocheted items as well soon, and you can also find these items in my Etsy shop.

In the Reiki/Energy Work section you can find reiki and energy work to help give you a bit of a boost. You can find Reiki sessions, Chakra Healing and Attunements, Violet Flame healing, and the Avalon Crown of Success healing. Reiki is great for flushing out the old energies that may be lingering both in our own energetic bodies and the environment around us.

If Astrology is your cup of tea be sure to stop by my Astrologysection where you can order some insightful Natal charts, Compatibility reports and Transit reports to see what will be affecting you in the months ahead. Each persons Birth Chart can show how the positions of the planets and stars at the exact time of their birth can influence their life. Learn how each planetary position has determined your physical, personal, psychic and spiritual characteristics! These charts are a great gift for birthdays or just as a special way to treat someone to a bit of astrological insight.

Come and check out my Blog (which I promise if getting revamped this year!!) at http://earthspirittarot.com/wp/ I hope to be writing on a variety of topics from Tarot to general spirituality topics from this month. But for now you can catch my weekly Astrology updates there.
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And now to announce the October 2015 raffle winners:

P. Nance and K. Andrews

Congratulations to you both! For those who haven’t entered the raffle yet, each month I select 2 random people from entries submitted to win a reading of your choice worth up to £15.00 from any area of my site. For more details, and to enter December’s raffle, stop by and visit the Raffle Entry page! Good luck!

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, November 30th through Sunday, December 6th

  • Posted on November 29, 2015 at 12:01 pm

Happy Sunday everyone! Here we are at the last few days of November and the start of December. The holiday season will start to swing into full gear now, bringing a mixed bag of joy, stress, sadness, elation, etc. Just a quick snapshot for December, we will have warrior planet Mars in the more graceful and social sign of Libra for much of December, helping to ease spirits during all of those holiday parties and gatherings. The biggest challenge we will have for December takes place between the 6th and 10th, when Mars, Uranus and Pluto mingle bringing a mix of obsessive, pushy and explosively uncertain energies. Its a raw energy that can help us though, giving the push we need to release those people and situations in our lives that just aren’t working for us anymore. Uranus will be going direct on Christmas Day, possibly bringing happy surprises for some. Today we have a challenging square between the Sun and Neptune, which tends to be a bit of a confusing transit that brings turmoil and self doubt. The Moon is also Void of Course today making today a good one for taking a break and recuperating from the Thanksgiving holiday. Energy tends to be lower at this time, so if you are travelling back from your family gatherings today, be sure to take breaks when needed. If you are safely at home today, use the day for tackling little projects and the end of the day for vegging on the couch. Let’s take a look at the rest of the week!

Monday brings the Moon into heart opening Leo for the first part of our week, bringing a bit of energy our way. We may find ourselves giving a it of a boost to help others, or vice versa. We also have a conjunction happening between the Sun and Saturn. The influence of the Sun’s transits to the planets tend to be brief ones, usually lasting about a day. The Sun’s energy acts to signify the issues and conditions surrounding the planet that it is transiting. This combo of the Sun and Saturn’s energy can bring about situations and responsibilities of a more serious nature. Luckily Leo lends a bit of light heartedness to things though. However, it does make good day for tackling projects that require a lot of detail. Try to focus on what is important for now as you set-up any plans for longer term goals.

Tuesday brings a shift in energy as mental Mercury trines mind expanding Uranus. Under this transit we can experience unusual ideas, flashes of insight and seeing unexpected possibilities. It’s much easier to be open-minded right now, especially about insights that have eluded us. Be prepared for some “Aha!” moments with a dash of humour thrown in. Its a good energy for experimenting with new things too. However, there is a tendency here to blurt things out before thinking about what we are saying first creating some awkward scenarios. Adding to this is a challenging square between Mercury and Chiron, which can make our mental focus and perceptions feel a bit strained. Its not a good time for making any big decisions, and we also may experience a kind of healing crisis that pushes us to get a hold of ideas, communication and a frame of mind that has been problematic for us.

Wednesday starts with a Void of Course Moon that moves into practical Virgo before noon, so another day for tackling those practical projects that require some attention to detail. We have a tendency here to want to set things right and are drawn to re-organizing and rethinking things. Its a good couple of days for problem solving as well as revamping our health and exercise regimes.

Thursday brings the asteroid Vesta into fiery Aries, which is a perfect match since Vesta is most known for ruling over hearth, home and family as well as over our core sense of independence and identity. Its what reminds of to be faithful and true to ourselves. In Aries, Vesta is given the ability to focus intensively and quickly on any tasks set before her. Its a good energy for those projects that are not routine and need some direct action.

Friday morning starts us of with another Void of Course Moon for most of the day and evening, before moving into balancing Libra a couple of hours before midnight, bringing a sociable energy for the weekend. Libra likes to create order, not necessarily through tidying or organizing as was the case while the Moon was in Virgo, but rather through pleasing interactions with others and aesthetics in our environment. We also have a challenging square between Mercury and Jupiter, which can cause us some information overload that can make it all too easy to miss or neglect important details. Be on the lookout for people who overstate or exaggerate situations or views, as well as communicating our own views and situations. Big ideas are great but if they can’t be practically achieve we may end up feeling disappointment or disappointing others. Mainly it brings a nervous kind of energy that can cause one to try to overcompensate where their self confidence is concerned.

Saturday brings the planet of love and money, Venus, into the murkier waters of Scorpio. They say that the planet of love is not so comfy in steamy Scorpio. Scorpio likes to plunge to the depth of the inner workings of our partnerships and is not interested in the pretty and sweeter side of love. Jealousy and mistrust are downsides of this transit, yet a more honest examination of what we need and what we’re willing to give in exchange adds maturity to personal interactions. Be careful of people and situations that try to use manipulative or controlling means to get what they want.

As we wrap up our weekend on Sunday we have a nice little transit between the Sun and Mars happening, which gives us the energy, enthusiasm and power we need to fuel our ambitions. Its a good time for taking action to make those goals more possible. Tolerance for obstacles is at a low right now however, and it can make us impatient and snappy with anyone or anything that we feel is blocking our way forward. Adding to this is a square between Mars and Pluto, the planet of destruction, which makes for some strong forces at work that makes us feel pressured. Power struggles could erupt now and this is not a good time to force situations that just don’t want to budge by using a “bull in a china shop” mentality. Practice a bit of patience and know when to quit, or at least step back for a bit.

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, November 23rd through Sunday, November 29th

  • Posted on November 22, 2015 at 12:20 pm

Happy Sunday everyone! Here we are at the start of another week in a month that seems to be zipping by. We saw our first bout of snow here in the UK and I get a feeling this winter is going to bring a lot more of the white stuff our way. Happy Solar return to you Sagittarians out there! This Sagittarius energy will be with us for the next 4 or so weeks and it tends to bring with it enthusiasm and optimism, something I feel we all could do with at this time. Just take care, this energy also likes to go a bit overboard a bit with indulging. Now let’s see what the rest of this week has in store for us!

On Monday afternoon the Moon will move into Taurus, where we tend to want to wrap ourselves up in the comfort of the familiar and secure. Taurus is a good energy though for tending to practical matters and those tasks that require us to roll up our sleeves and dive into a bit of work. Taurus allows us to feel more present within our own bodies with its earthy energy and we would do well to savour all of our senses. Later in the evening Venus and Uranus will be in an opposition, where we may find our interactions with others full or surprises. We may see some erratic actions and 360 degree turns where agreements are concerned. More than anything though, this energy makes us want to stop following the pack and break out on our own to express our own uniqueness. Its a time for sharing unusual experiences though, many of which can open up our minds to new perspectives that we may not have considered under ordinary circumstances, so let yourself go with the flow of this energy.

Tuesday is a day that we need to be cautious with travelling and planning due to some challenging planetary aspects being made with Mercury. We may see this energy manifest as impatience in traffic or rushing through tasks and forgetting the details, like what we originally came there to do. We could even see others, or ourselves, taking offence to comments that wouldn’t normally bother us. We also Mars sextile Saturn today that can add a bit of determination to our efforts and actions, as well as some patience and discipline to how we approach things today. the only problem here is that we run the risk of pushing something into being before its actually ready. So take care, maybe even put off putting something into that production phase for a couple of days.

Wednesday is our Gemini Full Moon, also called the Beaver Moon. Gemini brings a breezy and light hearted vibe our way but the Moon itself is sitting all the way across from where all of the other planets are mingling. The emotional aspect of the Moon doesn’t like being left on its own like that and we need to make sure we are feeling those emotions rather than over analysing them right now. Its a good day for those tasks that are short and quick. We also have a conjunction between Mercury and Saturn happening, which leads us to analysing what we feel we need in our lives. This transit also helps us in communicating those healthy boundaries. Mercury is quite busy today, being in a challenging square with Neptune and a sextile with Mars. Neptune tends to make our focus a bit cloudy, confused and lethargic and it can feel frustrating at times when we feel we are struggling with trying to understand things right now. This is a time where we need to let go of what we “think” we know in order to really understand a situation. Mars helps us to dig down deep and find the courage we need to speak our minds and thoughtful actions now can make for positive results.

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, a day for getting together with loved ones, giving thanks and indulging quite a bit. We have Saturn in a square with Neptune, which can cause difficulties, misunderstandings and even deceptions. Reality meets illusion here and secrets may be revealed. It can also bring an end to any wayward actions that have kept us from the truth. It’s a period that can bring us back in line and in balance. Look to those areas where you may be unable or unwilling to see things for what they truly are because situations are likely to emerge that can assist us in obtaining a clearer and more accurate picture.

Friday is the day when many go mental with Black Friday sales and all I can say here is, be careful! People seem to lose common sense and decency during this mad shopping sprees. The Moon will be Void of Course for the start of the day, which tends to be more suitable for quiet time and gentler tasks but not so good for taking action. How this relates to shopping is that we may find that thing that we felt we just had to have suddenly doesn’t look so great by the time we get home. So keep your receipts! The Moon moves into watery Cancer in the early evening and sets the tone for a weekend that is nurturing and family oriented.

Saturday brings a bit of an emotional see-saw for us as Chiron turns direct in Pisces. Its a subtle energy though so just try to go with the flow here. We start to externalise our vulnerabilities now, but this isn’t about complaining and playing the victim; it’s a way of sharing feelings that encourages closeness and compassion without descending into self-pity. Chiron and Pisces share a common link; the potential for suffering. A healthy perspective to have during this transit is to not treat suffering as an ending, rather as a symptom that is meant to motivate and inspire us to heal and end our suffering.

Sunday brings an afternoon Void of Course Moon that makes it a good time for some down time. We also have a square happening between the Sun and Neptune that can be a bit tricky today. It tends to bring confusion our way with a bit of turmoil thrown in that can lead to self doubt. There is a tendency to take those wistful ideas, wishful thinking and hopes and see them as being more realistic than they are. What tends to happen then is that we become disillusioned and prone to disappointment. Some may want a fantasy to come true so badly that they disconnect themselves from any actual obstacles that get in the way. Really we need to be paying attention to those obstacles because they are needed and serve a purpose for our own self growth. On a positive note, this transit makes our imagination very active. It can be a creative time if we are able to harness our imaginations and creativity in a productive way.

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, November 16th through Sunday, November 22nd

  • Posted on November 14, 2015 at 12:54 pm

Happy Sunday all! Its been a bit wet and windy for us here in the UK. There’s also a lot of tension building up across the globe regarding the recent attacks in Paris. All I can say is, stay safe wherever you may live. Sunday will be under the influence of the Capricorn Moon, which tends to have a serious tone. But there are other planetary influences at play that will soften this energy. This will also be with us for the start of the work week, so let’s have a look at what else the planets have in store for us this week!

Monday is a fairly quiet one, aside from the Capricorn Moon, which makes it a good day for blending social and business tasks, like having a business lunch. So look for opportunities to blend social and business energies. The Moon goes Void of Course late Monday night.

Tuesday brings an afternoon conjunction between the Sun and Mercury, where we feel compelled to communicate in any form possible. Messages have a stronger impact under this influence and we want to keep our minds busy, so taking short trips, catching up on emails and phone calls, and initiating new activities that involve sharing our ideas. We also have the Moon moving into Aquarius in the evening, which makes the next couple of days a good time for meeting new people, stepping outside of our comfort zones and just doing something that is a bit out of character for a change.

Wednesday is a day for being cautious with travelling due to Neptune turning direct in dreamy Pisces. Neptune has been retrograde for close to six months and its now forward motion can bring on a sleepy daydream quality to life that causes us to not pay attention. On a more spiritual level, those dreams and ideals of out have been brewing away under the surface since June are now ready to be brought into the light over the next few weeks. Needless to say, we may all have a kind of spacey feeling until around Friday due to added Pisces energy, so take care.

Thursday starts us off with an early morning Void of Course Moon that will move into Pisces by Noon, adding more dreamy vibes to things. Its a good time for creativity and imagination but it may feel harder to cope with the harsher aspects of our day to day reality. This can result in a bit of escapism that could find us “checking out” in front of the TV or computer, or looking to things like drinking. However, we can also focus this energy into something more creative.

Friday has an interesting mix of energies in play. Communication planet Mercury moves in bold and adventurous Sagittarius, where it will be until December 10th. This brings a great energy for all of those upcoming holiday parties. However, it also brings a time where say things before thinking…a classic case of foot in mouth.

Saturday brings a more physical energy as the Moon moves in Aries, making it a good day for getting ourselves out of the house or finding ways to burn up that extra Aries energy. If you are celebrating for Thanksgiving, it makes a good day for preparations to get underway. However, many will be in “hurry up” mode so do take some care. Adding to this is a challenging transit between Venus and Pluto, where we may notice some themes running through our personal lives, both on the day this transit occurs and for a time afterwards. These energies generally revolve around resources, love, relationships and transformation. Look at things that you began at the start of the month. Do they seem to be measuring up to your expectations and needs now? Some may find themselves at a crossroad where relationships are concerned at this time, along with some emotional tension. Its not just our relationships with others that are affected either. Some may need to look at their relationship with their own selves now. This is a transit that may force us to look at these issues and warrant a need to release what isn’t working.

On Sunday the Sun shifts into Sagittarius, turning our minds towards the future and all of its limitless possibilities. Sagittarius has the effect of bringing an optimistic energy to our lives and enthusiasm as we start to explore our current confines and step out of our comfort zones. Even stubborn Taurean’s will feel that adventurous pull towards doing something new and changing their tried and true routines. This energy will be with us for the next month and it does have a couple of downsides to it to be aware of, such as trying to escape from the present and into fanciful daydreaming, denial or ignoring anything that contradicts our beliefs, and making it harder to reach comprises.

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, November 9th through Sunday, November 15th

  • Posted on November 8, 2015 at 10:53 am

Happy Sunday all and welcome to the 2nd week of November! Today we have Venus moving into one of her favourite signs, her home sign of Libra, where she will be until the first week of December. Venus in Libra brings a time that bodes well for harmony and peace in all types of relationships. Venus will also be conjunct the Lunar North Node, which is also in Libra, bringing a time where we let our inner beauty shine. Its a good day for spending relaxing time with those you care about. Now let’s take a look at what this week ahead has for us.

Monday starts with a very early morning Void of Course Moon, bringing an introspective vibe. We also have the Sun and Chiron mingling, where we start to see our recent efforts, in healing those chronic struggles in our lives, start to come together. Its a good day for trying out some new solutions to old issues.

On Tuesday morning the Moon makes it’s shift into deep and brooding Scorpio, adding a bit of an intense vibe to our emotions. Add to this a sextile between Mercury and Pluto, which fuels our communication with passion. You may find that your intuition is notched up a bit, making it easier to sense what others are thinking or feeling. Words can have a powerful impact now, so choose them wisely.

Wednesday brings us a Scorpio New Moon, but just before that we have the spiritual destiny lunar nodes moving from Libra and Aries, where they have been for the past year and a half, into service oriented Virgo and spiritual Pisces, where they will remain until May of 2017. Our Scorpio New Moon is calling to us now to connect with the deeper meaning in our lives and many will feel some level of dissatisfaction with the material side of things, opting to delve into the more spiritual aspect of life. The Sun and Jupiter join together today as well, bringing a level of clarity and optimism to our plans and ideas. Lot’s of energies in play here that are helping us to take a step back and really look at the bigger picture, and where we fit in.

On Thursday the Moon will be Void of Course in the afternoon for a brief period before moving into the more optimistic and upbeat sign of Sagittarius. Mars will be joining Venus in Libra today as well, where it will remain for the next 7 weeks. It makes a good blend for getting out and playing as we get closer to the weekend. Mercury will be trine the Wounded Healer Chiron, which opens up the door to some positive and healing communication with those around us. It tends to make people more open to listening and showing a bit more understanding, a good blend for having any needed heart to heart talks.

Friday brings a day of romantic yearning, longing and fantasy as Venus and Saturn in a sextile. You may find an old dream of yours, one that you had to place on a back burner, that you are able to dust off and consider once more. Its also a good energy for problem solving, as well as bringing a sense of stability to our relationships and finances. Mercury will be sextile Jupiter today as well, giving us the words we need to express our ideas. Its a favourable influence for short trips, writing, teaching, studying, mailings, interviews, advertising and promotion, submitting applications and forms, and accurate observations.

Energies take a more serious turn as we enter the weekend, with a Void of Course Moon that lasts until just after midnight on Saturday. The Moon then moves into the more structured sign of Capricorn on Sunday. This can bring a sober, even depressing kind of feeling. But its good for those situations that need a more practical eye and can help us find ways to make our lives run a bit more efficiently. The vibe is perfect for taking on some weekend project.

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, November 2nd through Sunday, November 8th

  • Posted on November 1, 2015 at 12:51 pm

Happy Sunday everyone! Here we are on the first day of a new month. I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween, and those of you in the USA remembered to turn those clocks back! Our Sunday looks to be mellow one for the most part. We have some Gemini Moon energy in play, which makes it a good day for communicating, delving into something new and feeding our minds. Let’s take a look at our week ahead.

Monday morning starts off with a Void of Course Moon that will be with us through mid afternoon. Many feel a bit set adrift emotionally when we hit these Void of Course periods. But the tone will change in the afternoon when the Moon moves into playful Leo. Leo likes to be be fun and flirty and makes a good time for being social, as well sparking our more creative sides with a bit of inspiration. We also have Mercury shifting into that scrutinizing sign of Scorpio today, where we are more apt to delve below the surface to seek answers. Mercury in Scorpio’s higher purpose is learning how to resolve core issues to transform failure into success, so we can work with this energy through most of November now.

Tuesday brings a conjunction between relationship planets Venus and Mars, which can help us with both external relationships and our relationship with our Self. Its a good time for working together on creative projects, as well as for giving our relationships a bit of a boost if needed. We have an opposition happening between Jupiter and Chiron this evening as well. This is a transit that can either give us a bit of optimism regarding the persistent struggles we have been facing, or cause us to feel as if our old wounds are dragging down our confidence. What this transit teaches us is to find a better balance between feelings of discouragement and optimism. The best way forward is to make small adjustments as you tackled each issue.

Wednesday is a quiet one with an early morning Void of Course Moon. Thursday morning brings the Moon into practical Virgo, where we instinctually gravitate towards practical activities. The next couple of days are good for tying up loose ends and taking care of those little details before we start off our weekend. In this mutable earth sign of Virgo, the mood is geared toward busy productivity and adjusting with minor tweaks here and there. It favours clearing, refining, purging, detoxing and organizing. It also favours launching self-improvement schemes.

Friday brings us a Sun/Pluto sextile, giving us a burst of energy and a stronger sense of purpose. We can apply this determined effort towards promoting our ideas and could find that we are very persuasive with others today.  We do need to take care though that we are not coming across as too forceful or pushy.  It’s a good energy for those situations where we need to make a strong impression, but not so much in cases where a more delicate touch is needed.  Mercury and Neptune will also be working way in a trine that has imagination and intuition running high. This is a highly creative time that can make us feel as if our thoughts and ideas are flowing like magic through our heads. Just be careful not to get caught up in fantasizing and yearnings to the point of not directing this energy into something tangible.

As we head into our weekend on Saturday we have a noon Void of Course Moon that will shift into balancing Libra in the earlier hours of the afternoon. This is a great energy for being pampered or doing the pampering. We like to dote on those we love under a Libra Moon and we tend to be able to draw out the best in others under its influence. If you have a situation where a compromise needs to be made, this is the time to work on it. For the social side of things, its a good time for having dinner parties or indulging in some classy night time frolics.

As we shift into Sunday we have Venus joining the Moon in Libra. As amorous Venus enters her airy home sign of Libra we find we are more inclined to employ charm rather than aggressive behaviour. It’s a time that bodes well for peace, harmony and a more objective view of our relationships. Although Venus in Libra virtually lives for relationships, there is an air of cool detachment to this energy. We are very obliging with others–quite willing to negotiate and compromise. We can be especially idealistic about love. We prefer things be done the “right” way, and are turned off by aggressive or uncouth behaviour.  The shadow side of this position is dependency, inconsistency, and superficiality. In an attempt to avoid unpleasant situations, we could easily gloss over deeper issues at play in our relationships. It’s probably best to avoid the trap of acquiescing to our partners but privately resenting the fact or thinking ourselves martyrs for doing so! This is also a time when we are more artistically inclined. We tend to seek balance in our personal environment. Venus will also join the North Node later in the evening, where we tend to feel at our best, letting our inner light shine for all to see. A word of warning while these energies are in play…be careful to not go overboard with the indulgences!