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Earth Spirit Tarot’s October Newsletter

  • Posted on September 30, 2015 at 4:25 pm

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What’s New This Month

Happy October all! We are now officially heading into Autumn and Winter. The nights draw closer, days seem shorter, and our focus is on harvesting all that we have worked so hard on this year. I love this time of year! We celebrate Halloween, or Samhain, which is the Pagan New Year this month. We also turn the clocks back one hour around this time too. UK’s Daylight Savings is on October 25th, the US’s is November 1st and October 4th for Australia.  Astrologically, October will bring us a more settled month, especially once Mercury turns direct on the 9th.

Let’s see what tricks and treats I have for you this month! I have our favourite Samhain New Year reading and the Trick or Treat reading. The Afterlife Communication reading is a good way to connect with our ancestors as the veil lifts this month. All of these can be found in the  Monthly Specials section this month along with a few other inspirational readings to help bring balance into your life.   Also, check out the Tarot Readings page where you can find some great readings to help with that de-cluttering/purging process, like the Life Path or State of Transition readings.  So be sure to stop by and have a look at the September Specials!

I have a new addition to my site, a custom Jewellery Sectionwhere I will have my Barefoot Sandals and bracelets available to buy now. So come check out the gallery and maybe treat your feet to something pretty!

In the Reiki/Energy Work section you can find reiki and energy work to help give you a bit of a boost. You can find Reiki sessions, Chakra Healing and Attunements, Violet Flame healing, and the Avalon Crown of Success healing. Reiki is great for flushing out the old energies that may be lingering both in our own energetic bodies and the environment around us.

If Astrology is your cup of tea be sure to stop by my Astrologysection where you can order some insightful Natal charts, Compatibility reports and Transit reports to see what will be affecting you in the months ahead. Each persons Birth Chart can show how the positions of the planets and stars at the exact time of their birth can influence their life. Learn how each planetary position has determined your physical, personal, psychic and spiritual characteristics! These charts are a great gift for birthdays or just as a special way to treat someone to a bit of astrological insight.

Come and check out my Blog (which I promise if getting revamped this year!!) at http://earthspirittarot.com/wp/ I hope to be writing on a variety of topics from Tarot to general spirituality topics from this month. But for now you can catch my weekly Astrology updates there.
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And now to announce the September 2015 raffle winners:
L. Meurig and K. Anson 
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Super Full Moon in Aries – Blood Moon – Lunar Eclipse

  • Posted on September 27, 2015 at 11:47 am


Depending on where you live, Sunday/Monday will bring us a spectacular Super Moon Lunar Eclipse. Its one that we wont see again until 2022. Lunar Eclipses are also Full Moons, which makes the best time for doing work on letting go of the old and releasing the negative. It’s also a time of manifestation and things emerging into the real world. Adding to this is the fact that the Moon will be really close to the Earth during this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse making it appear red and intensifying our emotions even more.  So this lunar eclipse will create extra strong tides and energy flows, disrupting sleep and energy levels.

Also adding to this is that having an eclipse occur near the equinox brings a decrease in the Earth’s magnetic field, and astrologically speaking, this can assist us in making rapid changes and releasing old energy patterns so we have energy to tap into in order to create new forms.

This is a time for being able to get past obstacles or letting go of an old dream that has now run its course, so that we can make way for a new one to emerge into the light. Aries gives us the new ambition and motivation we need to get these things started. This is a time where we will feel pulled apart emotionally and put back together in a better way.

This is the last of 4 eclipses that we have had this year and all of these took place in Aries and Libra. This is down to the Lunar Nodes moving through these signs, which they have been doing for the past 1 1/2 years. The Lunar Nodes bring our focus to collective lessons that all of us have to work through as we ditch old patterns and learn new things.

Its the South Node that is in Aries right now, where this spectacular Moon event is taking place. And this is calling to us to release old behavioural patterns regarding us reacting to situations with aggression, anger, domination and a lone wolf attitude. Then we have the North Node, which is in Libra and calls us to be more diplomatic, cooperative and equal in our partnerships.

Our last Aries Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse was in Aries and showed that it was time to integrate endings, awakenings, transformations and any death and rebirth experiences related to the balancing of the Self.

Many of us may feel overwhelmed with this more intense lunar energy and its a good idea to make ourselves a bit of space when we feel we are losing our grip on any anger or frustration.

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, September 28th through Sunday, October 4th

  • Posted on September 27, 2015 at 11:13 am

Happy Sunday everyone! Here we are at the last week of September and first week of October. This month seemed to go by so quickly and now we have Halloween fast approaching and the festive season not too far behind it. A lot of us have been hearing all the “hoo haa” about this coming blood super Moon eclipse that is set to happen in the wee hours of Monday here in the UK, and Sunday evening for those in the USA. There has also been a lot of speculation and stories about this tetrad bringing about an End of World scenario or a major shift that will change life as we know it. I’ll be posting separately about that today though. Let’s see what the rest of this week has in store for us!

Monday morning is when the Super Blood Moon/Eclipse energy will be upon us. A Super Moon is when the Moon is really close to the Earth, and this means our emotions are amplified as well. We have an Aries/Libra energy happening with this Moon. Aries wants to get out and move about, do active things! Libra on the other hand wants to just curl up in front of a cozy fire with someone special and chill. This is a time for really experiencing the emotions rather than trying to analyse them.

On Tuesday morning the Moon will be Void of Course before moving into productive Taurus later in the evening. This makes the next couple of days good for working on projects that need our focused attention. Taurus brings a nice, grounded energy with it but it can also make us stubborn when it comes to changing something we feel familiar and comfortable with.

On Wednesday we have an alignment between the Sun and Mercury, and this also marks Mercury’s halfway point in it’s retrograde cycle. This brings us that shift that has us finishing projects from the past and allowing ourselves to be able to focus on our future projects. But keep those plans flexible for now, since Mercury will be retrograde until October 9th and things can change quickly for us. Back to the Sun/Mercury conjunction though. Under this transit we enter a new beginning in the areas of communication, awareness, the exchanging of ideas, and the use of new information coming in. Our mental concentration may either take a dive into murky depths, or rise above the murkiness into a clear and more lucid awareness. Of course with Mercury retrograde we will end up returning to that retrograde fog that mercury brings now. With this shift of awareness we may find that some old perceptions or attitudes are not workable anymore, causing them to fall apart as we let that new information in. For some this shift in awareness may be very obvious, and others may feel a more subtle shift.

Thursday starts the first day of October and brings a Void of Course Moon in the later morning, before it shifts into Gemini, where our basic instinct is to communicate, think, and share ideas. We are motivated by a desire for variety and by an instinctive curiosity. The Moon in Gemini is light-hearted, breezy, and curious, but it can also be restless and fickle. Friday is a quiet one in the skies.

As we head into our weekend we still have that Gemini Moon energy to play with before the Moon goes Void of Course in the early evening. On Sunday the restlessness of the Gemini Moon gives way to an instinctive need for peace and quiet and makes Sunday a good one for being a homebody and sharing time with those we share a nice connection with. This is a good day for retreating and re-energizing, being creative to feed the soul, and even doing some homey things like baking cookies. So make sure you do something nice for yourself and your loved ones.

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, September 21st through Sunday, September 27th

  • Posted on September 19, 2015 at 6:53 pm

Happy Sunday everyone! We have a quiet day in the skies for today but get in some quality play time because the start of our work week will be taking on a more serious, get yourselves back to work vibe. Let’s have a look at what else will be in play for our week ahead!

Monday starts off with a Void of Course Moon that moves into serious Capricorn by the afternoon. Capricorn wants structure and also likes to plan ahead. So our minds and emotions are more geared towards getting things done and being productive. However, by Tuesday we are going to find it hard to get our heads down and plough on because of a harmonious trine between pleasure loving Venus and freedom loving Uranus. This comes closer to Tuesday evening though, so the best advice is to get as much as you can done on Monday and Tuesday and then give yourself a nice break with some fun on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday the Move moves into Aquarius, which can also add to that desire for the new and unusual. We tend to have this instinctive need for improvement with an Aquarius Moon and the energy is ripe for social gatherings, dealing with group ideals and goals for the future, brainstorming, new ideas, and progressive changes. We are open to new methods of doing things and we have our eye on the future. It can be hard to stick to schedules now, as personal freedom is most important to us. When the Moon is in Aquarius, we don’t want to be bound to routines. Wednesday is also our Autumn Equinox where the Sun makes it’s move into Virgo. This equinox occurs between two eclipses, which may bring things up from their hidden depths for us to review. Oh and let’s not forget the reports making their rounds about the world coming to an end on the 23rd, or the 28th.

Thursday brings us a conjunction between the Sun and the North Node. When the Sun dances with the North Lunar Node it is usually seen as a favourable energy where we are more likely to have important or prominent people coming into our lives. Financial matters tend to improve and positive discoveries are made. For a couple of days before and after this aspect we will notice that our sense of self purpose is much sharper and in better focus. We could come into contact with individuals who seem to understand us more or are on our “wave length”. We could also find that courage needed to let ourselves shine brightly. Adding to this is a sextile between the Sun and Saturn. Under the vibes of this transit we are more able to effectively take care of loose ends and attend to small details, especially the ones we dislike.

On Friday we start off with a Void of Course Moon that will be moving into dreamy Pisces on Friday night. Many of you may want to chill at home and have some self pampering time. Keep it light whatever you choose to do because Pisces doesn’t do well in harsh environments. Mars will be moving into Virgo now too. Mars finds it has to buckle down and take care of business in practical Virgo. It’s a time for mastering techniques, improving skills and acting with precision. There is a tendency to nitpick however and that can be irritating to some. Aggressive Mars will be in purifying Virgo for an unusually long time now so it is a good point make changes that help to cleanse and simplify our lives in the next seven months. 

Let’s not forget Pluto turning direct in Capricorn today as well! Pluto has been in retrograde for some time now, but starts its forward motion today. During any Pluto transit we tend to feel pressured to release or eliminate the old, obsolete, and outdated things in our lives. While Pluto was transiting retrograde, we felt a stronger urge to let go of attitudes, communication or thinking patterns, rigid emotions…mainly a time to undergo a bit of internal house cleaning. The forward movement of Pluto brings our suppressed desires to the surface once more, permitting us to see our innermost secrets in the light of day. We get to see where we can now make changes, having released whatever may have been holding us back, or at least being able to see what those issues were. This transit can bring potential for change through some extreme situations now both inward and in the world around us as Pluto starts to shift forward.

As we head into the weekend we have Retrograde Mercury in a challenging square with Pluto. Square aspects usually bring challenges or obstacles that we need to overcome. Mercury Square Pluto is no exception here and we need to be cautious with this transit with impulsive and obsessive interaction between quick to speak Mercury and burn your bridges Pluto. Also, watch out for dramatic outbursts and events, both personally and globally. Mars and Saturn join the challenging theme on Saturday too where we tend to face obstacles, blockages, or opposition to our sense of freedom, our drive, and our ambitions. It’s hard to feel upbeat and positive when our efforts seem to be thwarted or blocked at every turn. It’s all about finding a balance between our youthful and free spirit, and the responsible, cautious adult side of us that wants us to be more serious.

Rest up on Sunday because the Moon will be moving into fired up Aries Sunday night and you know how restless that Aries vibe can make us. As we enter this phase of emotional directness and impulsiveness, one marked by forceful and powerful feelings, we tend to gravitate towards emotional beginnings, a fresh start, perhaps the establishment of new habit patterns – so make sure they’re good ones, because they’ll set the tone for you for quite some time to come! So, this can be an emotionally cathartic few days.

Saturn enters Sagittarius

  • Posted on September 18, 2015 at 8:07 am


This morning Saturn moves from Scorpio into the more upbeat sign of Sagittarius. This means that whatever process Saturn in Scorpio wanted you to learn can’t be delayed any longer. Now is the time for taking our visions, ideals and aspirations of what we feel is possible, and start making plans to bring those things into reality. We can increase our chances of succeeding by choosing one or two things to focus on, rather than having our energies scattered amongst too many projects. This placement is a powerful one for Saturn in that it blends Saturn’s structured and practical approach with Sagittarius’ more visionary nature.

Sagittarius searches for truth, focuses on our life values and our will. Some of the issues that will come to the forefront are economic recession and education. Issues around commitment can come to the surface too. We will be asked to re-evaluate our sense of freedom and personal boundaries. This means commitment, or a lack of it, will come into question.

This can also be a frustrating time for some because we can no longer drift flit through those dreams of “what if”. We now need to make choices, decisions and take action if we want to make these things happen. Some will fine that they need to prune back their visions and speculations of all those endless possibilities to a level that is more realistic. And doing this can often make one feel as though their hopes and dreams have come to a screeching halt. If this happens, try to strive for some of your shorter-term goals or take one of your bigger goals and break it down into smaller steps. You may just find that, once you have reconsidered your current goal, that a new method or direction opens up to you.

Now, those of you that have personal planets in the mutable signs like Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini and Pisces, will feel more strongly impacted by this transit and the intensity it can bring. You will feel, more so than most, as if you are being crushed by this force of change, but only if you consciously try to resist it! If you let go of those old patterns and the habit of questioning yourself or trying to internalize everything, you will get the best results from this time.

We can look at what was happening during the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius to get an idea of how this energy works. This happened in the 80’s and we saw things like the smoking ban on trains, a stock market crash (October 1987), big evangelical scandals like the sex scandal that forced Jim Bakker to step down from his position from the ministry.

Saturn is the planet of restriction and we will probably see a lot of curtailing or revising of the negative influences going on around the world at this time. Sagittarius wants the truth to come to the surface and Saturn wants us to take responsibility for our actions. We have a lot of situation going on around the world where people, government groups and the like are being called to own up, be more transparent, and more truthful. Countries are being called to take responsibility for their own people, economy and any any pitfalls that were created by mistakes made. The main focus though is about seeing through the lies, seeing things as they truly are and then allowing those changes that are necessary. As the saying goes “The truth will set you free!”

Manipulative Giving

  • Posted on September 14, 2015 at 7:46 am

The act of giving and receiving is a wonderful thing when it comes from the heart and is reciprocated. We tend to see this in true friendships and loving families, where people give and help without a second thought. They do it because they love you and you love them back. But too often we come across people who give with ulterior motives behind them. You have probably encountered them before. They start out being helpful, doing little things for you, giving ideas and feedback. But as time goes by they seem to become more aggressive with their “help” and are always pointing out just how much they have done for you, even though you never asked them too (or in some cases you never knew till it was done). They seem to have this mental list of every little thing they have done, even stuff they “would have” done but didn’t.

There are a lot of reasons why some people use giving and doing for others for the wrong reason. I’ve come across some who have made this type of manipulating an art!

For example, someone with a self confidence issue may have a deep seated need to be told how nice/giving/wonderful they are or they feel they have to look good in the public eye. They feign humility when others tell them how thoughtful they are while sucking up the limelight on the inside.

Some just like to have that feeling of power over another and give in order to make someone feel beholden to them, using examples of all they have done for you (even pointing out they did it without being asked to) as a way to emotionally manipulate a person into getting what they want.

And for some it is used as a means to start taking control for some end result. For example, you have something they want to be part of because they can gain something from it, say a project that will bring money or recognition their way. They offer to “help out” here and there and slowly start taking control in order to manipulate a situation to their advantage. They may come up with ideas that take your original plan in a direction you don’t want to go in. Or they do things with the attitude that they know what is best for you and the situation. They may even go as far as to go behind your back and interact with others involved as a means of gaining support and shutting you out.

In most of these situations, once you point out to them that you are on to what they are doing, or don’t want to take on their idea, they become offended, insulted, belligerent and suddenly make themselves the victim while painting you in a bad light…the person they did everything for who didn’t appreciate any of it. Sometimes they even resort to bullying. Gone is that “nice” person who wanted to be oh so helpful and in its place you find a vindictive, mean spirited and childish person.

In extreme cases these “givers” can be delusional as well, being unable to see anything but what they believe is the truth, and making attempts to come between you and others that you trust, going from person to person and telling their version of events as they look for sympathy and pity. It can create a nightmare scenario. However, those who truly know you tend to not fall for such antics and won’t fall prey to the stories being told.

So how do you protect yourself from people who use giving in this way? Set boundaries! If you don’t feel comfortable with them being so helpful, gently tell them in the beginning of the “friendship”. Usually, when they start to see they won’t get their way early on, they will back off or disappear altogether and can’t cause as much damage as they would if they were more embroiled in your life and the situation in question. If they are true friends with good intentions however, they will listen and understand your reasoning.

Not everyone is after something though, and there are true and genuine people out there who simply like to help others because it makes them happy to see other people succeed. Their energy tends to be different, lighter and more loving, as opposed to the more negative, smothering energy of one who wants something back. Giving should always come from the heart, not filtered through manipulation, greed, or trying to exert some form of control over a person by making them beholden to you. True friends and decent people do nice things for others without expecting something in return, or expecting a specific outcome as a means of being reciprocated. If you are the giver and find a person is hesitant to accept help, find out why. It may be that they have dealt with the manipulative giver more times than one and are just plain wary. Its a shame that we should have to be suspicious of helpful and kind individuals, finding it hard to trust someone outright. But in time you will know if a person has good intentions or not.

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, September 14th through Sunday, September 20th

  • Posted on September 13, 2015 at 9:05 am

Happy Sunday everyone, and I hope this update finds you all well! Today is a day for keeping things simple. We have a Virgo New Moon in play that begins in the morning, or late last night for those in other time zones. New Moons are a great time for starting new things. And Virgo likes to focus on service work and health. So starting new diet or exercise regimes, doing a detox, and setting intentions for the stuff we want to create and develop by the next New Moon. If you have felt stretched too thin by a bunch of stuff that just hasn’t been satisfying to you, Virgo will assist you in getting back on track. In this mutable earth sign of Virgo, the mood is geared toward busy productivity and adjusting with minor tweaks here and there. This energy gets a bit more social for the start of our work week, so let’s see what else is in store for us!

Monday has a more sociable feel to it with the Moon moving into Libra, so it makes a great time for connecting with others. Creating order is also the focus, not necessarily through tidying or organizing as was the case with the Moon in Virgo, but rather through pleasing interactions with others and aesthetics in our environment. We tend to solve problems through diplomacy, and we are more able to put aside our own emotions in order to achieve the peace we crave. However, the tendency now is to avoid direct confrontations, which can make us a fence sitter. Decisions do not come easily under this Libra Moon and seeing both sides to any given situation is the main reason for our hesitation.

Tuesday is a quiet one and also the best day for social interactions. Wednesday brings us that brooding Scorpio Moon. Intensity is what the Moon in Scorpio is all about. Whether it’s passion, elation, sorrow, or desire, emotions are felt on a deeply personal level. We are motivated by the desire to get to the bottom of things, and we instinctively read between the lines. Superficiality won’t work for us now. The Moon in Scorpio urges us to uncover our own power, and it’s an excellent time to rid ourselves of old fears and limiting habits. It can be an intimate and passionate time.

Thursday is when the energy changes quite a bit. We have Mercury turning Retrograde in Libra to start with. The communications planet will be retrograde until October 9th. We have had a Libra/Aries polarity that has been going on now for the past 1 1/2 years. Leave extra time in your schedule and be flexible while Mercury is retrograde. Then there is the opposition between do it big Jupiter and visionary Neptune, which creates a see-saw effect for us. One moment we feel drawn to take on big projects, then we feel that we just want to pull back from everyone and everything. Over optimism and an increased tendency to over idealize others can leave us open to a bit of disappointment where relationships are concerned though. We need to be really careful that we are not taken advantage of during this time. Other things can be exacerbated such as addictions and gambling. it’s definitely not a good time for investing because speculation of any kind could lead to heavy losses. Blind faith at this time means you are more likely to overlook important details which would otherwise make you wary.

Friday sees Saturn ending its two year visit in emotionally deep Scorpio as it shifts into Sagittarius. This is a good time for bringing those larger projects of ours into a more workable form. Whatever process Saturn in Scorpio wanted you to learn can’t be delayed any longer. Sagittarius searches for truth, focuses on our life values and our will. Some of the issues that will come to the forefront are economic recession and education. Issues around commitment can come to the surface too. We will be asked to re-evaluate our sense of freedom and personal boundaries. This means commitment, or a lack of it, will come into question.

Saturday sees the Moon joining Saturn in Sagittarius, making it a great time for those outdoor adventures and parties. We don’t want to know about the little details and rather than focusing inward, we now turn our focus outward to the world around us. Its a time for winging it with our plans. Sunday continues this optimistic and adventurous energy, so take advantage of it if you can and do something fun.

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, September 7th through Sunday, September 13th

  • Posted on September 6, 2015 at 9:27 am

Happy Sunday everyone! We have a pretty active day in the skies today. Venus is ending her retrograde cycle to start with. Since the later part of July we have reviewing our possessions and relationships to determine what kind of value they have in our lives at this time. Alot of us may have been experiencing a cash flow that has been sluggish too. I know I have! Now that Venus is starting to move forward again we will see an increase in actions regarding our inner decisions that were being made while Venus was retrograde. This may mean that some of us are going to (if not already) release possessions or people so that we can make room for something or someone new to come in. If you have already released what was needed, these next few weeks will be a great time for you to now push forward. Just make sure you leave some room to be flexible because mind-month we will have Mercury starting its retrograde cycle. We also have the Moon in watery Cancer starting Sunday evening, an energy that will be with us for the start of this week. Also adding to this is a nice little trine between the Sun and Pluto, turning out focus on progress and self improvement. Its a good day for clearing things out, whether its your over cluttered closet or your head. Let’s take a look at what the rest of the week has in store for us!

Monday is a quiet one in the skies with just the Cancer Moon to contend with. its the Labor Day weekend in the USA so this brings a great energy for those family barbecues. Some may find that they need some down time though by the late afternoon. On Tuesday we have a harmonious trine between Mars and Uranus, making us want to break out of our usual routines for a taste of something different. Its a high energy transit whose energy is unpredictable and our energy levels can come in spurts.

On Wednesday we have the Moon moving into Leo, where we tend to focus more on our inner child. It’s a heart opening energy to work with that can bring a cheery vibe that lifts us out of the doldrums. It may be a good idea to leave your day open and be a bit spontaneous. On Thursday we have a challenging square between verbal Mercury and obsessive Pluto. Try to avoid any hard headed people now because this energy can lead to stubborn communications about whose idea is the best. This transit often brings some level of mental stress and pressure. Avoid the tendency to read between the lines with a negative slant, as it is bound to only stir up trouble. Consider that some situations call for keeping silent if only for the time being.

As we wrap up our week on Friday we have the Moon entering Virgo, where she will be when we hit our New Moon this weekend. This New Moon also begins a series of eclipses taking place in Virgo and Pisces. Its something that hasn’t happened since the 2007-2008 period. Solar eclipses are believed to bring about new beginnings, and these will be coming from a deeper soul level. We have the Sun in an opposition with Chiron on Saturday as well, bringing us a challenge between our sense of personal purpose and those visions of possibilities that go beyond our sense of self. We can experience the effects in several areas of our life, such as our spirituality, career, our general life direction, or in the areas of emotional and physical healing. We may feel pulled in two directions between what we wish to achieve on a personal level and what we feel we are more capable of achieving on a much higher level.

It may be a good idea this weekend to take some time away from the busyness of life. With Virgo our priorities are focused on service, humility, organization, simplification, cleansing, purification and pets. We also get a dose of abundant help from Jupiter, which has been in Virgo for just over a year now. This will give us an added boost of assistance to get that work done that needs doing. Virgo also supports healing and, coupled with that New Moon energy, as well as being on the opposite side of the sky from Chiron, we get a nice blend of spiritual and traditional healing, an energy that can help bring balance to analytical thinking and intuitive receptivity.