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WEEK AHEAD – Monday, July 20th through Sunday, July 26th

  • Posted on July 19, 2015 at 10:47 am

Happy Sunday all! I hope you have all been able to enjoy the good weather this weekend. We are now into the second half of July already and our coming week looks to start off with some positive and happy planetary energies. It makes a good time for enjoying the simple things in life now. Today the Moon moves into practical Virgo, where we tend to focus on organizing and doing practical things. So you may want to use today to write up your “To Do” list for this week. We also a challenging square between Mercury and Uranus going on, an energy that can give us both flashes of insight and scatter our thoughts. Its a time when tempers can flare when we feel our ideas or self expressions are not being received well, or understood. So remember to take deep breaths and try to be open minded. We are going to be getting some help from a trine between Mercury and Chiron however, so this will cultivate a more understanding mood at times too. Now, let’s take a look at the rest of this week!

Monday itself is a quiet one in our skies, but we do still have the Virgo Moon and the effects of Mercury, Uranus and Chiron to work with here. Focusing on those tasks that require paying attention to the little details, our health regimes and getting organized are things we are drawn to for the next couple of days.

As we move into Tuesday We have a balancing Libra Moon and a helpful trine between the Sun and Saturn (the Sun and Mercury are also making a harmonious trine with Saturn now). Saturn is great for structure building and this energy gives us what we need to set our long term plans in motion. Keep in mind that this is only the early, shaping part of the process though. This is a time to examine your habits, your home situation, your work, and everything else that is important to you. Determine how they work on a practical level. Begin organizing your life and making an overall plan. Even your relationships should be supportive now.

On Wednesday the Sun moves into fun and flirtatious Leo, where we feel more encouraged to make time for play. Just make sure you are also taking care of your responsibilities along the way. Its a great energy for those on holiday right now. Adding to this is a helpful Mercury/Saturn trine that can ease the burden of responsibilities a bit and helps us to find ways to bring closure to old plans so that we can make room for those new ideas.

On Thursday Mercury joins the Sun in colourful Leo, where our thinking, creativity, and self expression becomes more confident and grand. We want to express so much more than just mere facts and info…we want to tell a story! The way we perceive and experience life at this time can feel more vivid, fun, and somewhat dramatic. The focus is now on the goal–and the more grand a goal the better! The details may not be quite as important now but bold concepts and expressing those ideas are.  Mercury in Leo is a time for thinking positively and showing enthusiasm. By doing this we can inspire others around us to keep going even when the going gets tough. It’s a time for enjoying the playful delights that life has to offer us through games, humour, fun and children (or allowing ourselves to see through the eyes of children. The Sun and Mercury will also be in a conjunction, which compels us to communicate in many ways and can cause us to feel restless at times. 

As we wrap up the work week on Friday we have the Moon shifting into the more serious sign of Scorpio, which can add an extra dimension of emotional intensity to just about everything we do. This is a good time for those projects that require a deeper focus, but only those projects that we really feel enthusiastic about working on.

On Saturday Venus will be going retrograde, something that only occurs every 18 months. So, how will this affect us you ask?  Venus rules the areas of love, money, art, beauty, marriage, and harmony.  When she starts off her backwards motion, she does so in Virgo. Love takes a practical turn as Venus moves into earthy Virgo. Be careful though, because relationships could suffer from nitpicking and self-worth may be diminished by being overly critical. However, this transit also represents opportunities to make the minor adjustments needed to put partnerships on a more productive track and to develop talents that increase one’s economic value. We have a troublesome transit as well on Saturday, A challenging square between impatient Mars and unpredictable and explosive Uranus, oh my! Some really erratic action and unpredictable impulses can surface under this transits energy. This is a disruptive combo that has been linked to earthquakes, accidents and revolutions, so keep your eyes open and be careful if you are out and about. Personally, I would stay away from the pubs and other areas that tend to be volatile all on their own.

Sunday brings the Moon into upbeat Sagittarius, which is a great vibe for a bit of adventuring. New experiences and adventures satisfy a deep emotional need for us now and with Sagittarius, spontaneity is the key. Just be careful that you don’t overdo and overstate too much. Mainly we turn our focus from inner soul searching to exploring the world around us. We also have Uranus starting its retrograde cycle today, in Aries. Uranus going retrograde is often a turning point in situations involving issues of spontaneity, freedom, breaking free of old patterns, rebellion and expressing your personal uniqueness. It could feel a bit chaotic or erratic at times, or spontaneous and exciting, for up to a week before and after this date as well. We do have a harmonious trine between Mars and Chiron going on as well, where we tend to be more assertive towards our own healing process. We can use this to get past any inhibitions that normally stops us from asserting ourselves, expressing our frustrations, or putting things into action. I would take it easy on Sunday, be a bit adventurous to ease the mind and then take time later in the day to look at those healing areas.