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Earth Spirit Tarot’s August Newsletter

  • Posted on July 31, 2015 at 6:09 pm

I publish a newsletter each month that can be viewed in its entirety at http://earthspirittarot.com/webnews.htm

Below is just a snippet of June’s newsletter. If you subscribe or go to my website you will have access to the astrology section, monthly raffle and a variety of other goodies!

What’s New This Month

Blessed Lughnasadh everyone! The second half of the year is getting into full swing and I can’t believe how quickly it has all gone by so far! With this being a major time of year for going away, having the kids out of school, or having to pick up the slack at work while others are off, schedules can feel a bit out of balance as we re-adjust our routines to work around it all. Astrologically August looks like a fairly mellow month, especially the first half of it.

Now is a good time to reflect on the seeds we planted earlier this year and see if these have bourn the fruit we have hoped. From there you can determine if changes need to be made or if you can harvest what has grown and use that to grow something new or stronger in the coming months.

The special Lammas/Lughnasadh tarot reading is on offer in the Monthly Specials section this month along with a few other inspirational readings to help bring balance into your life.   Many of you will be travelling now so I have a special reading just for you as well! There is also a Spiritual Journey and the Fool’s Journey readings for those who are looking to start off in a new direction.  So be sure to stop by and have a look at the August Specials!

I have a new addition to my site, a custom Jewellery Section where I will have my Barefoot Sandals and bracelets available to buy now. So come check out the gallery and maybe treat your feet to something pretty!

In the Reiki/Energy Work section you can find reiki and energy work to help give you a bit of a boost. You can find Reiki sessions, Chakra Healing and Attunements, Violet Flame healing, and the Avalon Crown of Success healing. Reiki is great for flushing out the old energies that may be lingering both in our own energetic bodies and the environment around us.

If Astrology is your cup of tea be sure to stop by my Astrology section where you can order some insightful Natal charts, Compatibility reports and Transit reports to see what will be affecting you in the months ahead. Each persons Birth Chart can show how the positions of the planets and stars at the exact time of their birth can influence their life. Learn how each planetary position has determined your physical, personal, psychic and spiritual characteristics! These charts are a great gift for birthdays or just as a special way to treat someone to a bit of astrological insight.

Come and check out my Blog (which I promise if getting revamped this year!!) at http://earthspirittarot.com/wp/ I hope to be writing on a variety of topics from Tarot to general spirituality topics from this month. But for now you can catch my weekly Astrology updates there.
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And now to announce the July 2015 raffle winners:
D. Carr and S. Jacob
Congratulations to you both! For those who haven’t entered the raffle yet, each month I select 2 random people from entries submitted to win a reading of your choice worth up to £15.00 from any area of my site. For more details, and to enter August’s raffle, stop by and visit the Raffle Entry page! Good luck!

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, July 27th through Sunday, August 2nd

  • Posted on July 26, 2015 at 9:06 am

Happy Sunday everyone! Well, here we are at the last week of July and getting ready for a new month. Time really seems to be flying by lately. Today should be interesting because we have the Moon entering Sagittarius, who wants to get outdoors and explore and expand the mind on a philosophical level. And while that is happening we have explosive Uranus turning retrograde, where it will run its retrograde course until the end of December. Uranus wants to bring change, freedom and innovation. We can now look to our own lives and see what personal revolution we want to make happen by the end of this year. Also in play is a trine between Mars and Chiron, which focuses on asserting ourselves on our own healing journey. Let’s take a look a how this week will play out.

We have a quiet start to this week that will still be under Sagittarius’ influence until Tuesday, when the Moon shifts into hard working Capricorn. So we can use these next couple of days to accomplish useful and tangible projects. Wednesday is also a quiet one for us in the skies. So we are looking at an easier first half of this week where we can focus on getting things done.

By Thursday things start to shift when the Moon enters Aquarius, where we may feel like unplugging from the world a bit and playing on our own. Its a good time for those projects that require just yourself and your own imagination. On Friday the Moon enters it’s Full lunation. This is also called a Blue Moon, being the second Full Moon to occur in the same month. Keep in mind that Full Moons are a great time for releasing old and negative things and people in our lives. Aquarius can help us to look at those issues that involve us emotionally in a more detached way now. Venus Retrograde will be moving into Leo today as well, giving us the option to open our hearts and be with those whose company we enjoy, as opposed to unplugging. We have an emphasis on the fixed signs right now (Aquarius, Leo. Scorpio…Taurus is missing from this though). Fixed signs give us that boost that helps us to persevere so that we can get through practically anything. These are the survivors of the zodiac. They also bring with them some lessons about not being stubborn and knowing when to let go.

Saturday will still be under the influence of the Aquarius Moon until just before midnight, when it first enters its Void of Course lunation and then moves into Pisces. Pisces is a water sign so you may feel drawn to hanging out near some water, a beach, lake or pond will do. Some may feel drawn towards the arts, either to observe or to allow their own creativity to flow. Its a day for going with the flow.

On Sunday Saturn finally ends its retrograde cycle and goes direct. Keep in mind that up to a week prior and a week after this time frame, Saturn’s energy feels more intense and stronger than usual. Some will experience this as feeling physically or mentally “heavy” or sluggish at times. This is a time where karma and consequences rise to the surface with responsible Saturn moving forward once more. Getting real with our responsibilities needs focus and we may find we are faced with some difficult to make decisions now. There is an upside to this planetary shift though. It is a good time for making those long term commitments. It can be a turning point in any of those long term projects and goals that we have been trying to develop over the past few months. Some may suddenly find a way to deal with old limitations in a different way by either making peace with the issue or finding a way to move past it. Those of you who have been dealing with endings and closure in your lives, now is the time you start to feel you can finally release the past and move forward.

We also have a helpful trine between Mercury and Uranus. With this transit, expect unusual ideas, flashes of insight and seeing unexpected possibilities in old situations. We tend to be more open minded under this transits influence and can see beyond the usual horizon of perception. Its a good time for experimenting with something new or breaking out of old habits and restraints. Its a very liberating energy so put it to good use while it lasts!

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, July 20th through Sunday, July 26th

  • Posted on July 19, 2015 at 10:47 am

Happy Sunday all! I hope you have all been able to enjoy the good weather this weekend. We are now into the second half of July already and our coming week looks to start off with some positive and happy planetary energies. It makes a good time for enjoying the simple things in life now. Today the Moon moves into practical Virgo, where we tend to focus on organizing and doing practical things. So you may want to use today to write up your “To Do” list for this week. We also a challenging square between Mercury and Uranus going on, an energy that can give us both flashes of insight and scatter our thoughts. Its a time when tempers can flare when we feel our ideas or self expressions are not being received well, or understood. So remember to take deep breaths and try to be open minded. We are going to be getting some help from a trine between Mercury and Chiron however, so this will cultivate a more understanding mood at times too. Now, let’s take a look at the rest of this week!

Monday itself is a quiet one in our skies, but we do still have the Virgo Moon and the effects of Mercury, Uranus and Chiron to work with here. Focusing on those tasks that require paying attention to the little details, our health regimes and getting organized are things we are drawn to for the next couple of days.

As we move into Tuesday We have a balancing Libra Moon and a helpful trine between the Sun and Saturn (the Sun and Mercury are also making a harmonious trine with Saturn now). Saturn is great for structure building and this energy gives us what we need to set our long term plans in motion. Keep in mind that this is only the early, shaping part of the process though. This is a time to examine your habits, your home situation, your work, and everything else that is important to you. Determine how they work on a practical level. Begin organizing your life and making an overall plan. Even your relationships should be supportive now.

On Wednesday the Sun moves into fun and flirtatious Leo, where we feel more encouraged to make time for play. Just make sure you are also taking care of your responsibilities along the way. Its a great energy for those on holiday right now. Adding to this is a helpful Mercury/Saturn trine that can ease the burden of responsibilities a bit and helps us to find ways to bring closure to old plans so that we can make room for those new ideas.

On Thursday Mercury joins the Sun in colourful Leo, where our thinking, creativity, and self expression becomes more confident and grand. We want to express so much more than just mere facts and info…we want to tell a story! The way we perceive and experience life at this time can feel more vivid, fun, and somewhat dramatic. The focus is now on the goal–and the more grand a goal the better! The details may not be quite as important now but bold concepts and expressing those ideas are.  Mercury in Leo is a time for thinking positively and showing enthusiasm. By doing this we can inspire others around us to keep going even when the going gets tough. It’s a time for enjoying the playful delights that life has to offer us through games, humour, fun and children (or allowing ourselves to see through the eyes of children. The Sun and Mercury will also be in a conjunction, which compels us to communicate in many ways and can cause us to feel restless at times. 

As we wrap up the work week on Friday we have the Moon shifting into the more serious sign of Scorpio, which can add an extra dimension of emotional intensity to just about everything we do. This is a good time for those projects that require a deeper focus, but only those projects that we really feel enthusiastic about working on.

On Saturday Venus will be going retrograde, something that only occurs every 18 months. So, how will this affect us you ask?  Venus rules the areas of love, money, art, beauty, marriage, and harmony.  When she starts off her backwards motion, she does so in Virgo. Love takes a practical turn as Venus moves into earthy Virgo. Be careful though, because relationships could suffer from nitpicking and self-worth may be diminished by being overly critical. However, this transit also represents opportunities to make the minor adjustments needed to put partnerships on a more productive track and to develop talents that increase one’s economic value. We have a troublesome transit as well on Saturday, A challenging square between impatient Mars and unpredictable and explosive Uranus, oh my! Some really erratic action and unpredictable impulses can surface under this transits energy. This is a disruptive combo that has been linked to earthquakes, accidents and revolutions, so keep your eyes open and be careful if you are out and about. Personally, I would stay away from the pubs and other areas that tend to be volatile all on their own.

Sunday brings the Moon into upbeat Sagittarius, which is a great vibe for a bit of adventuring. New experiences and adventures satisfy a deep emotional need for us now and with Sagittarius, spontaneity is the key. Just be careful that you don’t overdo and overstate too much. Mainly we turn our focus from inner soul searching to exploring the world around us. We also have Uranus starting its retrograde cycle today, in Aries. Uranus going retrograde is often a turning point in situations involving issues of spontaneity, freedom, breaking free of old patterns, rebellion and expressing your personal uniqueness. It could feel a bit chaotic or erratic at times, or spontaneous and exciting, for up to a week before and after this date as well. We do have a harmonious trine between Mars and Chiron going on as well, where we tend to be more assertive towards our own healing process. We can use this to get past any inhibitions that normally stops us from asserting ourselves, expressing our frustrations, or putting things into action. I would take it easy on Sunday, be a bit adventurous to ease the mind and then take time later in the day to look at those healing areas.

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, July 13th through Sunday, July 19th

  • Posted on July 12, 2015 at 10:35 am

Happy Sunday everyone! We are entering the halfway mark of July now with summer holidays well on their way. Sunday starts off with a Gemini Moon, which will be with us into the start of the work week. You can use this today for following your curiosity and doing things that intrigue the mind. Rest up while you can today though, because we have a busy start to this week. let’s take a look at what’s ahead.

Monday starts us off with a challenging square between the Sun and Uranus, which tends to cause shake-ups in order to make life a bit more interesting. But not all of us like shake-ups because they tend to make us re-examine something we have been trying to avoid. However, this energy can give us that push we need to untangle ourselves from any old and outdated habits that have kept us feeling stagnant. Be careful though of those who like to stir up trouble, especially if the situation has nothing to do with you. it can be all too easy to get sucked into other people’s drama right now. We also have a trine between Mercury and Neptune today bringing some harmonious energy to this chaotic mix. This can make it a great time for communicating our higher vision and ideals to others.

As we move into Tuesday we have the Moon entering Cancer. We also have some really strong fire and water elements at play and need to be careful of acting impulsively or getting caught up once more in the drama and emergencies of others. We have a trine between the Sun and Chiron as well today that will help us to see how our recent efforts toward healing those chronic struggles in our lives is panning out. New ways of approaching these issues can come to the fore now too. Add to all of this a challenging square between Venus and Saturn, where we may find we have a hard time relating to others. This can stem from an increased sensitivity to being rejected, where we feel unloved or unimportant. This is a transit best used for reflection though, so try not to read too much into situations because other people may be feeling the same as you are now.

On Wednesday we have an opposition between Mercury and “burn your bridges” Pluto. It would be best to avoid those individuals who are obsessive-compulsive, or at least give them a wider berth so they don’t go off on you. Mars and Pluto doing battle in the skies can create a very intense showdown! This is a time when tempers can flare, power struggles can emerge, and aggressive action could seem like the only way to handle a conflict. If you feel yourself becoming entangled in a mounting tension with someone, you might do well to back off a bit to let the adrenaline subside on both sides.

Thursday brings us a Cancer New Moon, where it would be wise to establish deadlines and goals at this time, as a way of preparing for a really busy spurt coming over the next two weeks. Otherwise you could find yourself spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. The point is to find balance between caring for others and caring for yourself now. We also have a conjunction between Mercury and Mars, bringing a time of quick wit and strong mental impulses. It can be an enthusiastic and productive time so use it to get things sorted out before you hit the weekend and to give you a head start on the coming week.

Friday starts our weekend off with a fun loving Leo Moon that wants us to open up our hearts and play. Some of you may feel like bunking off of work early, but make sure you don’t leave any loose ends at work that will bite you on Monday. This fun energy will be with us for most of the weekend now.

Saturday sees Venus moving into purifying Virgo, the sign she will be turning retrograde in on the 25th. This marks the start of the slow down period where we will be revising our values around money and relationships over the next 2 months. Be careful with Venus in perfectionist Virgo though, or you could end up nit-picking a relationship or issue to death.

On Sunday the Moon joins Venus in Virgo, where we tend to gravitate towards activities that are practical. Its a good day for getting things ready for the week ahead, for taking care of yourself, and for doing a bit of re-organizing if the mood strikes us. Mercury is busy today as well. We have a challenging square between Mercury and Uranus to start with, and this can make us feel a bit scattered mentally, hence doing practical, non mental tasks today. Mercury will also be trine Chiron, which opens up the door of positive and healing communication with those around us. People are more willing to listen now and show understanding, so some heart to heart talks can do well at this time. This also supports that Virgo energy of healing, so maybe some meditation can be helpful as well.

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, July 6th through Sunday, July 12th

  • Posted on July 5, 2015 at 8:49 am

Happy Sunday all! I hope everyone in the USA had a safe and fun 4th of July celebration. We’ve had a nice vibe from the planets that made it great for getting together and celebrating. As we start off our Sunday and face the aftermath of our partying we have Mercury and Venus is a beneficial aspect that enhances our social connections, brings a more open state of awareness and boosts harmonious communication. As to this a bit of magical mysticism from the Pisces Moon later this afternoon, which changes that one of excitement to one that is more chilled out, and we get a pretty ok Sunday where we can relax, recuperate and enjoy some quality time with those close to us. Now, let’s see what the rest of our week looks like!

Monday starts off with the Sun opposite the obsessive planet Pluto. This can create a battle of wills, manipulative behaviour and power plays. This is the type of energy where, if someone feels wronged, standing up for themselves may not feel like enough and resort to revenge tactics. So we need to be really careful here. The best thing to do is to ease into our work week and take things slowly. Give yourself some extra distance from people and situations that look ready to go over the edge lest you end up being dragged along with them. Early Monday eve the Moon will be moving into Aries, which can add to that tense feeling and bring with it impulsiveness and tactlessness.

Tuesday is a fairly quiet one but we can use the motivation of the Aries Moon to burn off some of that extra energy with exercise or some form of physical activity as we move through the day. Many will notice a quickening of pace during the Aries Moon.

Wednesday brings intellectual Mercury into the emotional sign of Cancer where quick family get togethers’ and small home projects are favoured. Its about quality over quantity regarding the information we seek now. Mercury will be in Cancer till the end of September, so we can use this time for taking in info on a deeper level. We also have a trine aspect between Mars and Neptune, where our intuition seems to run high and we may find ourselves in the right place at the right time. This is a highly creative time and can make us feel as if our thoughts and ideas are flowing like magic through our heads. One thing to watch out for though is that it can be all too easy to allow ourselves to get caught up in fantasizing and yearning about our deepest, hidden wishes. We can use this energy to channel into a more creative expression and keep things in check by drawing firm and clear boundaries.

Thursday brings us an afternoon Void of Course Moon, but then gets a boost of down to earth energy later in the evening with the Moon entering Taurus. This is a really good time for tending to practical matters because we are more drawn to that kind of hands on work. We tend to be more in our body and less in our head now, so our senses crave stimulation. The grounded nature of Taurus allows us to be focused on one thing. It’s a fixed sign, that inspires us to go into something fully, to flesh it out.

Friday is a quiet one flowing along with that same Taurus energy. So it may be a good idea to start off our weekend with productive projects. We have Mercury square the North Lunar Node on Saturday, which can have the effect of having us feel a need to change our mind regarding where we are heading on our life’s path. A Gemini Moon comes to the rescue late Saturday night/early Sunday morning for a lighter vibe that turns on our inquisitive and adventurous side. The Moon is the instinctual side of life, so when there’s a lunar Gemini mood, the trickster is afoot. Humour becomes a way of defusing super serious situations. This can also be a period of emotional change: feeling two ways at once without getting too deep into either polarity is possible. Habits are in a cycle of change; variety satisfies a deep inner need. Being on the go and keeping a finger to the winds of change make you feel in touch. Perhaps not the best time for making any major decisions but a great vibe for being spontaneous with the simpler side of life.