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WEEK AHEAD – Monday, January 19th through Sunday, January 25th

  • Posted on January 18, 2015 at 12:51 pm

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s been quite the chilly and turbulent week for us so far, between crazy weather in the UK to even crazier happenings in the world. Not too long ago I wrote about these conflictive and turbulent (sometimes explosive) energies that want change. And it seems that we are still moving towards the head of changes both in our personal lives and globally. We are also in the last half of January already. I don’t know about you but I am ready for springtime! Let’s see what the week has in store for us now.

We have the Capricorn Moon energy with us at the start of the week, so the focus will be on work and getting things done. Monday also brings us an opposition between Venus and Jupiter which means that this is a time where we need to steer clear of any addictive bad habits. We can more easily focus on our ambitions during these energies though.

Tuesday brings us an Aquarius New Moon, and because it starts out in 1 degree Aquarius it is viewed as a double dose of energy for new beginnings. Aquarius is linked to friends, organizations, groups, innovations and inventions, computers and the internet. It’s an energy that supports any project that requires endurance. We do need to make sure that we remain flexible and open minded though. The Sun will be joining the Moon in Aquarius where mental agility and socializing are the keywords. This transit is a time for abandoning tradition and forging new techniques and perhaps new paradigms. We get all get the opportunity to explore our individuality and our rebellious side. We are more drawn to step beyond the status quo and explore our individual uniqueness. Mars will be in a conjunction with Neptune, both in Pisces now, where things tend to get a wee bit strange. Experiencing things such as lethargic confusion or uplifting inspiration, or even a swing between both is likely now. This can bring on a very creative and spiritual time too. Let’s add to this the alignment between the karmic South Node and freedom loving Uranus, an energy that has been slowly building up over the past few months. This addition with the New Moon can help us to detach ourselves form things that have already ended, allowing us to be more open minded to higher ideals. This is definitely a time for meeting new people and thinking outside of the box. Possibilities can seem endless if we have the courage to explore!

Wednesday is the day the Mercury starts its retrograde cycle until February 21st. It’s a time for rethinking our priorities and we need to make sure we keep those lines of communication open. Mercury tends to wreak havoc on plans, machinery, communication, electronics, and travel. Mercury will be retrograde for a little over 3 weeks. For nearly a week before and a week after today, Mercury is moving at its slowest, nearly stopped. So we may experience feelings of frustration, miscommunication, intensity, confusion, or just feeling like we are bogged down in general about our own progress.

On Thursday the Moon moves into that gentler sign of Pisces which can help us to relax and wind down for the weekend ahead. We are more focused on our comfort zone and doing things with people that bring that sense of comfort. Enjoy it now before the tone changes this weekend with that Aries Moon!

Friday brings us a sextile between the Sun and Saturn. Under the vibes of this transit we are more able to effectively take care of loose ends and attend to small details, especially the ones we dislike. We find a sense of satisfaction in following directions and playing by the rules. And because of this we have a better chance of tackling any serious issues in our lives and complete tasks that we have put off for some time. Commitments that we make now are more apt to last because of a more serious attitude and willingness to take on responsibilities. It’s a good time to prove to others that you can be dependable when it counts. Focusing on practical matters and getting organized are good things to focus on now, especially if you are laying the foundation for something positive to grow.

The weekend brings us an Aries Moon that brings out the restlessness in us. We want to be moving, doing something, and some may actually feel this shift from Pisces into Aries more than others. It can bring emotional vitality and the drive to act on our feelings. Many also feel restless during an Aries Moon, finding it hard to settle at night, being unable to sleep, or feeling like we can’t just sit for too long. Excess energy is best channelled into physical activity, so get up and move, go dancing, go to the gym, or do something creative that helps you burn that extra energy off!