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WEEK AHEAD – Monday, January 5th through Sunday, January 11th

  • Posted on January 4, 2015 at 3:30 pm

Happy Sunday everyone! We’re only 4 days into the New Year and many of us have been recuperating and organizing in order to get ready for the first full week of January 2015. Today sees Mercury entering Aquarius where it will be for nearly 9 weeks due to its upcoming retrograde cycle. Other planetary energies at play make Sunday a lazy, dreamy day where we may not feel like getting much done. This will change however, as the Moon begins its move into its Full lunation in the wee hours of Monday. Let’s have a look at what else this week has in store for us.

Monday brings us a complicated Full Moon where we seem to have action pulling in different directions, all of which want our attention. We have that Capricorn energy with the Sun that wants our life to feel secure and steady. The Cancer Full Moon is pulling towards nurturing and a desire to feel safe amongst loved ones. So right here we have a conflict between wanting what brings us comfort, like comfort food, and being reminded that we need to have some discipline. Then we throw that wild card, Uranus into the mix. Uranus tends to bring disruption into our lives that kind of forces us to look at our world in a very different light. Uranus wants us to strike out on a new path, create, invent, and meet new people! So here we are presented with this struggle between honouring our roots while trekking into some new territory. So here we are, us mere mortals, being pulled between extremes.

Fear not! This energy won’t last forever and it can be a good thing in some instances. We have a new energy that will be moving in that wants us to break apart those old patterns and build something new. So this “chaotic” Full moon energy can help with that. We get some helpful stabilizing energy with a Mercury/Saturn sextile. We also have a square between the Sun and the North Node at the start of the week which can also bring us feelings of conflict between our sense of identity and purpose with the lessons we are needing to learn in our lives. It can manifest through situations where we feel we are being forced off course or forced to take a detour that is not as direct as our chosen road. That tends to make people feel uncomfortable but there is usually more to those detours than we realize. If we were to stop panicking over the detour and take some time to really look beneath the surface (whether presently or in retrospect) we will probably discover that this detour is actually assisting our sense of Self. It can bring benefits our way that we would have otherwise passed up or missed had we not taken that detour.

Tuesday brings the Moon into Leo where we have a cheery, flirty and inspirational vibe to work with. Let your inner child out to play today and have a bit of fun. Wednesday is a quiet day in the skies for us and can be a good day to share with friends. Thursday brings the Moon into practical Virgo where we are more drawn towards keeping life simple. It can help us get those little tasks that need doing out of the way before the weekend hits.

Saturday is another quiet one and still under the influence of that practical Virgo Moon before moving into the balancing sign of Libra come Sunday. So we may feel drawn to getting out homes in order this weekend with this blend of practical and balancing energy to play with. Creating order is also the focus, not necessarily through tidying or organizing as was the case while the Moon was in Virgo, but rather through pleasing interactions with others and aesthetics in our environment. It’s a problem solving energy that craves peace and balance.