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WEEK AHEAD – Monday, October 27th through Sunday, November 2nd

  • Posted on October 26, 2014 at 10:13 am

REMINDER: UK’s clocks went back in the early hours of Sunday morning so make sure you have checked all your digital gadgets that don’t normally update automatically!

Here we are at the last week of October. Halloween/Samhain is on Friday and we have already started seeing adverts for the Yule season. It’s hard to believe another year is rapidly coming to a close. November is looking to be a bit more settled than October was, aside from some unsettled energy between November 9th and 13th, when we have a few planets challenging each other. Let’s have a look at what the rest of this week has in store for us.

Sunday sets our tone for the start of the week with an adventurous Sagittarius Moon. This means our focus turns from that inner searching of Scorpio to looking outward at the world around us. It’s a good day for doing new things, sharing time with friends and doing something a bit adventurous. I like taking walks in nature at this time because it tends to inspire me a bit more. We also Mars moving into builder Capricorn today, where it seems pretty much at home. It brings a persistent and deliberate energy to things which can help us to get our mojo and motivation back. Mars will be in Capricorn until December 4th so we can use this time and energy to work on our projects, goals and ambition and see some good results. Some may find this energy a bit hard to work with if they struggle against the qualities Mars in Capricorn brings to begin with; discipline, pacing oneself, focusing energy. It can make one feel rebellious if their personal freedom feels jeopardized in any way. It can make one feel uncomfortable and restricted with the limitations of this energy. Others may go a bit overboard and work too hard, or be too rigid where change is concerned. We need to avoid things like trying to dominate others when we really need to all work together.

Monday brings love and money planet Venus into a trine with Neptune, where we may find that we are more in tune when it comes to dealing with those around us, as well as with financial aspects of our lives. Our creativity levels get a boost under this transit but it can also make it hard to focus on any technical details. This is a good time for releasing worries and just letting ourselves feel the connections we have to others and to all kinds of life around us. Reconnect with Mother Earth!

Tuesday has the Moon joining Mars in Capricorn where we tend to be a bit more reserved. Some may feel a sense of the limitations of time which, when used in a positive way, can get our focus on what is important and get it done. For some this may feel a bit more stressful though. We also have the Sun in a trine with Neptune, where our imaginations are more stimulated. This is a great day for anyone who works in a creative field because it becomes easier to express ourselves more freely through our specific artistic outlet. We do need to be careful tough because there is that tendency to get lost in daydreaming and fantasizing, and those who feel put off by the structured energy of Capricorn may choose to retreat into the dream world altogether.

Wednesday is a quiet day for us so use this to regain some balance if needed. Thursday brings the Moon into Aquarius, adding to that dreamy energy we already have going on. This is a time when those who are more sensitive and intuitive may find their abilities and intuition ramped up even more. We are more drawn to what is unusual and can use this energy to break out of mundane routines for a bit. This Aquarius energy is with us for Halloween as well, which makes it a great energy for socializing. For those celebrating Samhain this Aquarius Moon can bring some heightened energies to work with and tune into.

The weekend starts the first couple of days of November with a Pisces Moon on Saturday that adds to that mystical energy we have been experiencing this week. Mercury joins Jupiter in a sextile which can stir the mind and brings us loads of ideas along with the words we need to express them. It’s a good energy for taking short trips this weekend. We also have a sextile between Venus and Pluto happening which adds a subtle but uplifting energy for romantic/sexual relationships. Our focus is on those close to us and this makes the weekend a good time for our one to one relationships. Mars will be sextile Neptune, adding the potential for inspired action. Here is where the rougher and blunter side of Mars’s anger becomes softer and soothed. Sunday is Daylight Savings time for the U.S so don’t forget to turn those clocks back!

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, October 20th through Sunday, October 26th

  • Posted on October 19, 2014 at 10:03 am

I can’t believe we are already into the second half of October. I’ve had some real challenges around Mercury Retrograde and am hearing from others that they too have had a bumpy ride. Thankfully this is the last week of Mercury’s retrograde cycle and things will start to slowly move forward for us when the weekend rolls around. We have the Moon entering Virgo today (Sunday) which makes this a good day for getting organized, cleaning up and just finding little ways to make our lives more efficient. Let’s see what the week ahead has for us.

Monday brings us two favourable transits. The first is a Venus/Mars sextile which brings us a change for taking a more balanced approach to any conflicts, problems, and goals that require a lot of effort. We need to blend a gentle approach with firm action for these situations and are more likely to find a solution that is fair for all sides. The other transit is a sextile between Mercury and Jupiter which tends to fill our heads with loads of ideas and gives us a sense of optimism in the process of bringing those ideas into reality. It’s much easier to see the bigger picture of our ideas and plans, but bear in mind that we are still under that Mercury retrograde influence now and planning will start to become even clearer in the weeks ahead.

Tuesday brings us an early morning Void of Course Moon which will then shift into Libra by noon. This energy is enhanced by Monday’s transits in its ability to bring balance and fairness. It’s a good time for restoring that balance in relationships of all kinds. A Libra Moon also likes to focus on things of beauty that brings us a sense of inner balance and joy.

Wednesday is a quiet day and best used to either catch up on those little jobs and tasks that are still waiting to be finished, or spending some quality time with those close to us. We will be dealing with some Scorpio energy from Thursday.

Thursday is packed full of energies with the Sun, Moon and Venus all taking a dive into the murky depths of Scorpio. The Sun in Scorpio brings us a chance to explore our passions and delve into the depths of our secrets. Scorpio brings a certain intensity that challenges us to really look more closely at how this intensity is manifesting in our lives. Scorpio asks “What are you passionate about? What lights that fire in you?”
Use this period to look at the events in your life that have thrown you to the bottom as well as those which helped you to turn the tides and allow a new start. Look at the events, people, and causes in your life that mean everything to you. Take a deeper look at the secrets you hold within, even from your own self at times. But be very careful! We also run the risk of become too obsessed with our passions at this time, so much so that we may neglect what is practical and real. We could get stuck in our shadow self, the darker side of letting go and transforming, and not finish the cycle of death and rebirth. This is a time for celebrating the endings in your life, to honour the challenges and hard times, and to be passionate about the things that helped to pull you out of ruts and routines so that you could once again feel alive.

Venus in Scorpio is not very comfy because Venus likes the sweeter and prettier side of love, where Scorpio wants to dive deep into the inner workings of our relationship. Feelings of jealousy and mistrust can come to the surface during this time, but we also get a time of honest examination of what we need and what we are willing to give in exchange.

Let’s not forget that New Moon in Scorpio/Solar Eclipse on Thursday! This is going to be an interesting one because solar eclipses represent new beginnings and this one comes from a very deep level. It’s an emotionally intense Moon where endings and beginnings set the tone of things. Looking at all of the planets involved here, it looks like we are going to be realigning our values in order to help us in our relationships and our financial sector of life.

Friday is a quiet one thankfully and we will probably need this to regain that sense of balance and deal with all of those emotions being dredged up.

The weekend brings us the end of Mercury’s retrograde motion on Saturday in the sign of Libra. Keep in mind though that it can take up to 2 weeks before we feel things are actually back to normal. Sunday is Daylight Savings time for the UK! So don’t forget to turn those clocks back an hour! The Moon will be entering optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius on Sunday and assertive Mars shifts into the well-organized sign of Capricorn. Mars seems to be quite at home in this sign, highly creative, and brings with it a very deliberate, persistent energy. It may very well help you find that motivation or give that last little push to get things sorted. There are some downsides to this transit too however. If you tend to struggle with the above qualities or have a bit of a rebellious side where your personal freedom is concerned, you may feel restricted and uncomfortable with the limitations of this energy. If you bear in mind that your efforts will more than likely pay off now, it may help to get you through. Some signs may be affected in a way that has them going overboard and working too hard or being too rigid with changes, or trying to dominate those around them when really they all need to work as one. Try to be flexible, patient with others, and keep things in balance.

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, October 13th through Sunday, October 19th

  • Posted on October 12, 2014 at 12:01 pm

Well we’ve made it through the first week of October, hopefully unscathed for the most part. Sunday has a conjunction between the Sun and the North Node but for a few day prior and a few days after we can feel its effects. What we experience is a sharper focus on our sense of self and our purpose. We find the courage to let ourselves shine a little brighter and may find that we encounter more people who get who we truly are. The flip side is that this energy can make us feel challenged to find and fulfil our potential in a much broader context of our lives. Let see what the rest of the week ahead has for us.

Monday starts off under the effects of the Gemini Moon which means we will be moving often and quickly. This is a time when short projects work better than those that require deeper attention and focus.

On Tuesday the restlessness of the Gemini Moon gives way to that instinctive need for peace and quiet that we feel under the Cancer Moon. We also have Venus sextile Jupiter which draws us towards enjoying life’s pleasures. It a good energy that tends to be more cooperative with a happy influence on group tasks as we are more considerate of others as they are of us. Just be careful with the transit because we tend to overindulge in our pursuit for enjoying life’s little pleasures.

Wednesday we have a sextile between the Sun and Mars which tends to give us a sense of power, motivation, energy and enthusiasm that we can utilize towards fuelling our ambitions. It won’t just fall into our laps though…we will need to reach for what we want. Be careful though because our tolerance levels for obstacles is lower now. Venus will be conjunct the North Lunar Node as well, where our joy, love and beauty become more visible to others. We tend to feel more attractive inside and out under this transits influence. We tend to be magnets for what we want now so be careful what you wish for because you may just get it!

Thursday marks the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde cycle. During the first half of this cycle we focused on taking care of old business. But after today we start to plant the seeds for our future projects. The Moon will be entering Leo just before Noon which brings us a cheery and somewhat flirty vibe for the next couple of days. It’s a heart opening vibe that will be with us for part of the weekend too. The Sun will be conjunct Mercury as well, which shifts our awareness in a way that makes us see that some of our old perceptions or attitudes towards the areas of communication, exchanging ideas and using new info just don’t work for us anymore. Mercury will also be in a sextile with Mars where we find we have the potential to dig down and find the courage needed to speak our minds and stand up for ourselves and what we feel is right.

Friday brings a pleasant energy with an alignment between Mercury and Venus. If you have been wanting to say something in a relationship, now is a favourable time to do so. It’s a good energy for socializing because we tend to make more positive social connections under its influence. Both planets are in Libra which gives our diplomatic and negotiating skills an edge.

The first half of our weekend is great for getting out and connecting with others or just doing things pleasurable. Late on Saturday evening and into Sunday we have a Virgo Moon so we may feel like keeping things quiet and simple from that point on. Focusing on practical things, getting all your ducks in a row before we launch into the new week is a good way to use that Virgo energy on Sunday.

WEEK AHEAD – Monday, October 6th through Sunday, October 12th

  • Posted on October 5, 2014 at 9:44 am

As mentioned in my newsletter for October, astrologically this is going to be a wild month for us. Mercury has just gone retrograde and will be there until the 25th of October. Mercury will be going back and forth between the emotional sign of Scorpio and the balancing sign of Libra. This means communicating our deepest emotions at times. We also a lunar eclipse happening this week. Let’s take a look at what else is in store for us.

Use the earlier part of this week to rest up and replenish your energy because as we move through this week, things will start to get intense. The start of our week will be under that dreamy influence of the Aquarius Moon. Sunday makes a good day for just chilling out a bit.

As we start our work week we have the asteroid Vesta moving into the fiery sign of Sagittarius. In this sign she takes on the role of Goddess of the hunt, of truth, passion, knowledge and justice. She focuses on the bigger picture and this makes her energy good for tackling projects that need our enthusiasm and sense of adventure. She reminds us that growth is a constant in life and we never stop learning.

On Tuesday the Moon will move into Aries where we sometimes feel restless and full of energy. For some, this affects sleep patterns. It’s a good time for situations that require quick actions and for asserting yourself. We also have the Sun in an opposition with Uranus which can feel like a wakeup call for some. Keep your eyes open for situations that shake up your routines a bit and make sure you are being flexible enough to test out any new approaches to old issues. Another asteroid, Juno, will be shifting into Leo on Monday too. Juno in our charts shows the type of marriage partner we will draw to us. So the focus is on those relationships that are established and long term for the most part. Under this influence we tend to admire our other half and feel romance and creativity in our interactions. However, when under stress we may feel as if we are taken for granted and this can draw attention to issues that need to be sorted out.

Wednesday brings us a Full Moon in Aries and a Lunar Eclipse. A lunar eclipse signals change in the emotional areas of our lives. And those who naturally fear change can become more tense prior to an eclipse. This is more so if they are dealing with big emotional issues in their lives. Tensions continue to build as the eclipse approaches until finally it is released with the darkening of the moon. Many can feel a sense of relaxed fulfilment, feeling soothed and calmer. As the Moon reappears there comes a sense of freedom along with a fresh perspective. We have Venus in a challenging square with Pluto happening, which can bring on power games as passions run high. It can bring out feelings of possessiveness and jealousy, even in those who are not prone to these emotions. Venus wants partnerships and Uranus wants its freedom. Adding to this is a trine between Mars and Jupiter which can make us feel as though we have so many ideas in our heads that we need to get them out. Try keeping a pen and paper with you to write down some of those ideas so that you can better explore them later on.

On Thursday the Moon enters the comforting sign of Taurus where we will feel more like being a homebody and be drawn to those things in our lives that bring a sense of comfort and stability. It’s a good day for taking a bit of a break as we stop and smell the roses.

Friday brings retrograde Mercury into the balancing sign of Libra where it will remain for the rest of its retrograde cycle. We may find that we are meeting a lot of new people over the next few weeks, many of which will just be passing through our lives. It’s a good time for practising using diplomacy in our communication. The Sun will be in a sextile with Jupiter as well, where our ideas and plans become infused with clarity and optimism. Some may find that they can now take those next steps in a project, expand current projects, or take action that will really show progress. Some may feel a bit restless under this brief transit but finding activities to satisfy our wandering minds shouldn’t be too hard.

Our weekend starts off with an afternoon Gemini Moon where attention spans are short, curiosity runs high and we feel inclined to be adventurous to communicate. It’s also a good energy for tying up loose ends, which is a good idea now because the coming weeks will be chucking a lot at us. Sort out things while you can. Venus will be in an opposition to Uranus on Saturday which means our interactions with others may be full of surprises. Expect very sudden changes in agreements or erratic actions from those involved in a project. It a pleasure seeking transit. Enjoy it but use your better judgement as well along the way.