Violet Flame Healing & Attuning

I am a certified Reiki Master & Teacher with 20+ years experience.  

The violet flame works by changing "vibrations" on a cellular level. It is said that the space between the nucleus and the electrons is where negative energy and karma can become stuck. This in turn can clog our bodies and auras, making them move slower as we begin to resonate more with negativity, and less with light. This is how our own vibrations are lowered and less spiritual.

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Violet Flame Healing Session - 25.00

Violet Flame healing is a branch of traditional Reiki healing.  The violet flame can transmute this negative energy. It does not simply surround and remove the energy, but transforms it into light. Because there is less density within the atom, the electrons whirl faster and faster, thereby raising your vibration!  When you have a higher vibration, there is more spiritual energy in your body. The violet flame frees up this energy and re-establishes harmony and equilibrium, propelling you into a more spiritual state of being.

St Germain is he Ascended Master who oversees the use of the violet flame.

**  Neither Reiki, nor any other complimentary therapy should be used in place of your physicians advice and help!  Energy work is meant to help your own body promote healing on an energy level.  It is not meant to be used as a cure all for major physical ailments.  It cannot stop death but may be used to comfort those who are passing. **