~Monthly Specials For May 2019 ~

Time to clear out the cobwebs and let new energy in!

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Beltaine Tarot Reading - £7.00

Why not begin this month with a special Beltaine reading to see where your creativity is taking you, where it may be blocked, and how expressing your creative self can bring changes to you?
Spring Cleaning Tarot Reading - £7.00
A fun yet insightful look what in your life needs nurturing, where there is potential for growth and transformation, and what is complete and now needs letting go of.
Spring Flower Tarot Reading - £20.00
A great reading that helps look at what is blooming in your life, the strengths you have, the ones that are growing in your life, and how you can tap into the 5 elements (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit) to get to your goals.

 Solar and Lunar Tarot Readings!


Tap in to the power of those special Eclipse days, New and Full Moon lunations.  These reading will show you how to best utilize these energies for anything new you wish to accomplish.

Faery Gifts Reading - 10.00

With this Faery reading you can ascertain what skills you may call upon to fulfill your destiny, or what trends and obstacles are preventing you from doing so.

The Faeries Oracle Reading - 15.00 

Do you have a specific problem or question that you really need some advice on?  This reading is for you!  A detailed look at those burning issues with some sage advice from the Faeries thrown in.

The Wildfolk Guides Reading - 15.00 

This is the Faery version of a Native American Totem reading.  Faeries to left, Faeries to the right - above and below....access the Faery energies that will help you throughout your life. 
Heart Of Faerie "The End Is The Beginning" Oracle Reading - 15.00

This reading will take you from the beginning of your quest, either with a specific question in mind or a general wish to know where (and how) the path might take you through seven stages along your journey.

Seekers Journey Faery Reading - £25.00

A more in-depth look at your journey, obstacles, helping hands, guidance forward, and what happens when you arrive at your destination!
Feng Shui Tarot Reading - £15.00
This reading uses a spread that represents the eight-sided octagon, used by Feng Shui practitioners, called a Bagua.  It helps to look at the connections between your home areas and your personal life.  It can be very helpful in seeing where energy blocks in your environment are creating blockages within.
Spiritual Journey  Reading - £10.00 
This reading looks at where you are on your own spiritual path.  It can show you your potential, obstacles, and the next step forward.
The Fool's Journey Tarot Reading  - £20.00

The Fool's Journey looks at your journey and helps to pinpoint where you may be blocked, what will help you along, and what the road ahead has in store for you.

The Fool's Choice Tarot Reading - £7.00
If you are facing a decision or have come to a fork in the road, one of your best resources may be The Fool tarot card. This reading can help you gain clarity as you begin or continue your journey.  
I-Ching Fortune Reading - £10.00
Using the ancient art of I-Ching to answer your question and give you your own unique personality profile.  You may ask one question with this reading or let the I-Ching speak to you.  I will need your name, date of birth, whether you are an only child or, if you have siblings, where you fall (1st son, 2nd daughter, etc.), and if you are a parent.  This is what helps to make up your profile and fortune reading.
Celtic Oracle - £10.00
Let the Ancient Oracles of the Celts shed light into your current situation for you!
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