The Ancient Art of Reiki and Energy Points

It's so important to take care of ourselves on all levels:  Mind, body, and spirit.  Just as we have our physical bodies, we also have an energy body.  Reiki and any type of energy work, referred to as a complimentary therapy, helps to balance and promote natural healing in our energy bodies.  This enhances the energy flow and corrects energy blocks on the human energy field or aura.  Improving the flow of energy in the energy field supports the self-healing capacity of the body. 

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Client Feedback

I am a certified Reiki Master.  I have seen some amazing things with the help of Reiki and energy work.  I have used it on myself, friends, family, pets, face to face and through distance work.  Because the energy of Reiki has no time or physical boundaries, it is possible to send this energy to any place and time.   I do this with the use of "Chi balls" - energy that is sent to a person to receive when they are ready.

**  Neither Reiki, nor any other complimentary therapy should be used in place of your physicians advice and help!  Energy work is meant to help your own body promote healing on an energy level.  It is not meant to be used as a cure all for major physical ailments.  It cannot stop death but may be used to comfort those who are passing. **

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Energy & Chakra scan - 5.00

This is a basic scan to see where energy blocks may be occurring in your energy body.  Some prefer to use this and then do their own energy work.  

Chi Ball - Energy Send - 7.00

Chi balls are something I have grown fond of to work with.  They are used for times when you want an energy boost for a person, situation, or event.  Using distance Reiki to focus on the area, the chi ball (energy ball) is sent and received at the time needed.  For example, you have a job interview and are nervous.  You want an extra boost for that time frame.  The Chi Ball gets sent and all you need to do is sit quietly and say "I am ready to receive" and the energy is yours.

Distance Reiki session - 25.00

The Distance Reiki session has no time limit.  I work as needed, and as the Reiki energy directs. I use Reiki and a technique called EmoTrance that I learned which helps to soften energy blockages so that they are able to flow out of the energy body or to wherever that energy is needed.  The Reiki will also help to rebalance chakras and clear the aura.

3 Sessions for 2 Distance Reiki/Energy Maintenance - 50.00

I have many clients who have a Reiki "maintenance" session done every few weeks or once a month.  So I am offering a reduction for those who use these services - Purchase 2 sessions and get the third free.  The sessions can be scheduled as and when you feel you need them but I do advise you leave at least 3 weeks between each to allow for your energy body to do it's work. 

NEW!  Home Energy Clearing/Feng Shui guidance - 30.00

The Home Energy Clearing is great for when you feel certain areas in the home are feeling stagnant or just "not right" and you want to bring a breath of fresh air and energy into your home.  I do a energy scan, clearing work, and use a bit of Feng Shui knowledge to help you get the chi flowing more freely in your home.  Once ordered we can discuss any "hot spots" in your home and go over your needs!