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It's always nice to hear from clients and receive feedback on the work you have done.  Client feedback has played a big role in my development through the years and I am always grateful for constructive criticism and follow up stories about a clients reading experience.  If you have feedback you would like to leave, please e-mail:


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"When a friend passed Sherry's name and page to me at first I was sceptical but as soon as I came across her page I got a vibe straight away and knew that I was going to get a reading from Sherry and have continued to do so ever since. Totally amazed at how accurate Sherry's predictions are and  I've still to see many more come true just yet and I've told her nothing about me or my life so there you are!"

Geoff Williams, W. Yorkshire UK, Nov. 2012

"Sherry is the lady other Tarot readers go to! She is sensitive and empathic, yet she does not "carry" you; rather her readings are empowering and supportive, assisting you as you tread your sometimes cloudy path. Her clarity of vision and the knowledge of her guides is second to none; Sherry sees events that at the time seem "impossible!" ...until you end up eating your words when they come true ;) Her readings and spiritual guidance are worth every penny, and her friendship is priceless."

Tab, UK" beyond-within.com April 2009

That was a WONDERFUL reading you did for me, Sherry. Thank you SO much. As I said in my mail to you, it put together things that were completely disconnected before, and in the absence of that connection, were sad, lonely and made no sense.

As I was going through the readings, I was careful to let it all come in and do it's thing, and there were all sorts of sparks and energy shifts, some really dramatic taking place. At the end, a plan was starting to formulate in my mind as to what I have to do next, and what I have to do differently to get a new harmony.

Thank you SO much for your reading, and thank you to the fae who came forward with messages for me.

[Throws up shower of ultraviolet stars]

If you're sitting on the fence as to whether you should have a go and get a reading from Sherry, my recommendation is that it's ten quid superbly well spent indeed.

Dr. Silvia Hartmann, creator of Project Sanctuary starfields.org (2008)


When I have a block in my energy affecting my life (and ultimately health and prosperity get affected) I book a reading from Sherry. 

As important, is my use of her as an IMPORTANT TOOL in getting a picture of what is happening with my business. I can confirm my take on prospective partners, properties, & tenants. This is extremely VALUABLE. She can help you avoid costly mistakes for a very reasonable fee. She IS my "fly on the wall" in working with realtors, tenants and partners. I get the INSIDE SCOOP on a regular basis. I would wholeheartedly recommend that you give her a chance to show you how valuable a "fly on the wall" can be!!!!! 

She's a very talented "sensitive" and can tune into about anything that you ask her to tune into. She gave me a very accurate reading of my two cats, including the environments that they came from, and how they feel about living with me! From personal issues, to pets, and business, Sherry is the most accurate and the most reasonable in fees I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. 

When clients ask her to add a donation button because they feel that she doesn't ask enough for compensation for her services, that should tell you something. 

Carol from California

Shadowfae is truly a gifted lady! I have come to her for readings, for clearings, and just general advice! She has gone above and beyond and has a kind, caring and gentle heart. She is easy to communicate with. I always feel like I am talking to an old friend when I talk to her! 

I was sceptical at first about distance healing and e-mail readings but Sherry has proven to me time and time again that it is not only possible but accurate as well. I have had her do readings for many of my friends and family. I will recommend her to anyone. She is truly a star! 

Sharon Grieling, Manchester UK 

I've had two readings from Shadowfae and both times she's been accurate in what she has read for me. I will definitely be coming back to her again and would recommend her to anyone. You won't be disappointed! 

Mike Hamilton, Chesterfield 

I just have to say this lady has a good heart and a great gift. I've had 2 readings from Shadowfae and both times everything in them has been 100% accurate. I can't recommend her enough and you won't be disappointed. If I ever need a spiritual councillor she'd be the top of my list :) 

Mark McKone, Sheffield 

Hi, I bid for a reading on Ebay and it was amazing, even mentioning my Mum who died 6 years ago. I will be recommending your readings to everyone I know! 

Hazel Moore. Merseyside


Hi ShadowFae!! You did a reading for me at the psychic faire over the weekend that was smashing! Part of what you saw has already started happening and I feel more secure about the future. Thank you so much!! This is a wonderfully gifted lady and even better in person! 

Tara Canning, Notts


Sherry is brilliant and honest and very accurate. She lifted me up with my reading. 

Jay, Wales

Hi Sherry! You did a reading for me at the fair this past weekend! I just wanted to say how awsome you were and it was great to meet you. Will be back for more readings in the future Cath xx 

Cathy, Long Eaton Notts

Had a reading from Shadowfae last month and she was so spot on. .I still don't know how she does it! lol! Thank you for giving me a bit of sunshine at the end of a dark tunnel hon! 

Anthony Hibbert Co. Durham

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