Testimonials for Custom Oils & Sprays

It's always nice to hear from clients and receive feedback on the work you have done.  Client feedback has played a big role in my development through the years and I am always grateful for constructive criticism and follow up stories about a clients reading experience.  If you have feedback you would like to leave, please e-mail:


"I had Sherry make me one of her specially blended oils to help me lose weight. I have a very slow metabolism and diets and exercise weren't working. The oil smelled wonderful and so I wore a little on my wrist and throat every day. I began to notice I was feeling happier about my appearance, and feeling empowered and that I had a lot more energy and confidence. After 3 weeks I can see a noticeable difference and the scales tell me its 11lb worth of difference :D Sherry's oils are well worth the money, as you get the benefit of her healing talents along with a lovely, uniquely-blended perfume. I recommend Sherry's oils most highly, you will not be disappointed!"

Tabitha C., UK" Beyond-Within.com May 2009

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