These readings utilize the Native American concept of reconnecting to the earth through the power of animals.

Ancient Wisdom of the Land

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The Moon Lodge Reading -  5.00

The Moon Lodge reading is a mirror of your own personal unconscious.  The world knows you outwardly, but only you can know the forces moving deep within yourself.  This reading is a tool to help you uncover that which is hidden making it possible to rip away the veil of lies and self-deceptions you have been using to thwart your growth. 

The Sun Lodge Reading -  5.00

The Sun Lodge is another type of medicine wheel spread but it determines how others see you.  It is the spread of outward relationships, and in using it you are asking the medicine powers to tell you how another person perceives you. 

The Butterfly Reading -  5.00

The Butterfly reading is used to determine the outcome of projects or group enterprises.  Each card drawn indicates the various phases your project or activity will move through towards its conclusion.

The Medicine Wheel  Reading -  10.00

The Medicine Wheel reading reveals certain things that you need to reflect upon in your personality.  It also discloses how you are learning from yourself, from others, and from the animals, and shows what is most important in your present.  (No Question Required For This Reading)

Pathways Reading -  10.00

The Pathway spread comes from an ancient Druidic system of divination.  This reading gives you overall information about your pathway in life. (No Question Required For This Reading)

Totem Animal Reading - 10.00

The Totem reading is a 9 card spread that shows you the 9 animal powers you carry with you on this earth walk. (No Question Required For This Reading)

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