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Lunar & Solar Tarot Readings

Solar Eclipse - £15.00
A Solar eclipse is a very special New Moon when the Moon passes between the sun and the earth. It brings a powerful impact to things that are begun between the eclipse and the following 2 weeks before a full moon. This reading will show you how to best utilize this energy for anything new you wish to accomplish.
Lunar Goddess - £15.00
Following the course of the Moon, this reading looks at any current projects or goals in your life and how they are faring for you.
New Moon - £20.00
The New Moon Tarot Reading looks at any one particular area in your life where new beginnings and changes are needed. Whether for life in general, love, or career, we will look at how to change old ways of thinking, feeling, and doing and find new ways to replace these to bring the growth necessary to your life. 
Full Moon - £20.00
This Full Moon reading is best done...you guessed it....near the full moon, a time for release!  It looks at various areas of your life that need to be developed such as relationships (of all kinds), decisions you need to make, actions needed to manifest goals, how to nurture your creativity, where you need to protect yourself or establish boundaries, your spiritual development, and what to celebrate at the time of this Full Moon.
Dark Moon - £20.00
The Dark Of The Moon reading is not intended for looking outward at a situation, or for readings with a specific question in mind. Its purpose is to look inward in order to give you insight into your own life. For example, a question like "Where is my life at this time and what needs changing?" You will see what to release and what to retain in order to help you move forward. 
Lunar Eclipse - £20.00
A Lunar eclipse is a very special Full Moon and can bring powerful energy to any decisions we make, things we choose to let go of, and anything that is ready to be finished during this waning cycle. Let this reading help you to see how you can replace the old with the new in any area of your life.

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