Frequently Asked Questions  

Here you will find a few questions I have come across so far. If you have a question you would like answered, please feel free to e-mail me and I will post it here!

What can a Reading do for me?
What a Reading won't do!
Why E-mail Readings?
Can you not read face to face?
E-mail Readers using info on the web to make them seem more believable??
How do I know when a reader is geniune?
What makes you different?
Are all Tarot Readers Pagan/Wiccan?
Isn't it wrong to accept payment for readings?
Why can't you do readings for health, legal, or financial issues?
Can your readings predict my future?
Can you tell me if my partner is cheating on me (can you tell me what someone else will do or think)?
Sometimes my readings seem to focus on other areas of my life that I did not ask about originally. Why is that?

What can a Reading do for me?
Readings can be a powerful tool in helping you chart your life's path. Sometimes we get so caught up in a situation that it's hard to see what choices we have before us. Readings (and that goes for any type; Tarot, Angel, Runes, etc) help lay out a picture or a map of our situation that can make the road ahead clearer. Sometimes it can just verify what we already knew in our heart and mind. It's not the just the reading itself though that can help. It's the connection with the person doing the reading for you that also benefits you. Readers are the people you can tell your secrets to, share emotions you can't share with others because they are too involved in the situation. I have had many clients who start a session by unloading and they feel better before the reading has even been started! 

What a Reading won't do!
Readings are not meant to make decisions for you. It won't automatically solve your problems. And it is not responsible for the choices you make in life. Readings are not meant to replace medical, legal, financial, or proper counseling. 

Why e-mail readings? How can you connect or get a decent reading by e-mail? Doesn't it work better face to face?
This really depends on the reader and their abilities. Even face to face readings are not always 100% guaranteed or accurate. The way I do my readings are simple really. I'm an empath, intuitive, and sensitive to the energies around me as well as to people I focus on from a distance. And sometimes someone from Spirit steps in to lend a hand too :)