My name is Sherry MacBeth, Ink Slinger and Content Writer.

My experience in writing has covered a variety of subjects and began when I was quite young. I've always had an interest in English Literature and Poetry and have had some published works of my own.  My journey in writing has taken me to many places.  In 2000 I joined a company that taught courses online for various technical and software programs. I began writing summaries of the various courses as well as updating and creating web content for their main and student sites. In 2006 I was picked up by a well know online Astrology site to write their weekly horoscopes and personal astrology reports. And, in 2010 I had the chance to write newsletters and promos for a popular Tarot SMS company.

Today I contribute to several companies who offer freelance writers to those who need good content for their blogs, articles, and websites. I cover a variety of topics and take the time to research those topics I am not familiar with.  All of my content is original but I use up to date plagiarism software to check my work regardless.  The internet is full of text and sometimes you can't avoid using similar phrases that may get picked up by a plagiarism checker.  I do this to offer the best material to my clients.

Here are some of the topics I write on:  

  • Astrology
  • Metaphysics
  • Parenting and Home Budgeting
  • Real Estate
  • Natural remedies
  • Home and Internet Business Start-up
  • Survival Preparedness
  • Computers and Gaming
  • Medical Texts
  • Crafts
  • Psychology
  • Health and Beauty
  • Animals
  • Esoteric Topics

Starting a new business can be a nerve wracking experience, especially where marketing and blogging is concerned.  I know this from experience.  I was lucky in that I have always been a writer.  Words come more easily for me.  Being a Gemini, I love to do research and communicating ideas is second nature to me too.  But not everyone finds writing easy.  I had a few friends, over time, who thought I could put my gift to use helping others.  I also wanted to provide a service that was affordable.  And that is where Faery Scribe was born.  I can work magic with rewrites or craft an original piece to your specifications.

Alongside working with sites such as Hirewriters, Upwork, Copify, and Fiverr, here are some of the websites I have written for:

Ask The Answer

Natural News

Getting Rid of Skin Tags

Darren Robertson Homes

Jules Of The Earth

Website Creation

Website Creation is another of my talents.  I keep it basic in order to keep costs down.  When I first had to have a website for an earlier business, I was shocked at how much it would cost.  And being a brand new business, I didn't have the cash flow to cover the overhead.  "But wait!" I thought...I know how to create web pages!  And so I taught myself the art of creating a website.  That was over 10 years ago.  I've created many sites since then and offered a service that was affordable.  I still do this today.  here are a couple of the sites I have created:

Hearthfire Property Investments LTD

Jules Of The Earth

Earth Spirit Tarot

So, if quality and affordable content is what you need, or a website to get your presence out there, let me magic up something brilliant for you!