Avalon Crown Of Success Healing

I am a certified Reiki Master & Teacher with 20+ years experience.  

Avalon is a dimension of light and love, the counterpart to our earthlier energies.  Avalon was in the south of England. It was at that time a place of battle and so many people under great harm, Avalon was becoming very weak by constant battle.

Merlin the great wizard knew that an angel would soon be sent down to earth to end the battle in Avalon and spread love and light. This incarnated angel soon became King Arthur and he and his knights of the round table went forward to finally end the battle and spread great love and light in Avalon. 

** Will be offering an Attunement Session in the near future **

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Avalon Crown Of Success Healing Session - 25.00 

This is a very gentle energy that works with King Arthur and the energies of Avalon.  These energies will help to clarify your thoughts and help you rediscover self love and pure love.  It can help to balance the ego.  

It is a very empowering energy to work with.  this is for a healing session only, not an attunement.  I will be offering attunements with certificates in the near future though so watch this space.

**  Neither Reiki, nor any other complimentary therapy should be used in place of your physicians advice and help!  Energy work is meant to help your own body promote healing on an energy level.  It is not meant to be used as a cure all for major physical ailments.  It cannot stop death but may be used to comfort those who are passing. **